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The service of the Christian religion and my own faith in essential Christianity would not be diminished one iota if it should in some way be discovered that no such individual as Jesus existed. - Nobel Prize-winning physicist Robert A. Millikan_Best Choice Soymilk only uses specially selected Organic beans which have a superior, clean taste, resulting in a finished Soymilk that has all the natural goodness of Soy. Other brands of Soymilk are made with a process that throws out the naturally occurring dietary fiber and other nutrients which results in a Soymilk that does not deliver all the "health goodies" nature has put into the soybean._ - Best Choice Soymilk cartonTwo local residents reported to Breaking News with an air of incredulity that they received open container citations for drinking beer on the street before a recent KU football game. According to the residents, who were both of legal drinking age, they were drinking cans of beer as they walked from a tailgate near Memorial Stadium to Cork & Barrel at 901 Mississippi St., when a police officer stopped them and wrote citations.As the residents were recounting the incident-while drinking in a legal manner at a pregame tailgate-another resident who was preparing to walk to a liquor store poured his beer into a red plastic cup and insisted, "The cops don't care as long as you drink it in a cup."To find out if this is indeed a rule, or at least a rule of thumb, the Breaking News Watchdog Unit posed the question to the Lawrence Police Department and received the following response from Sgt. Bill Cory:"The Lawrence Police Department enforces all city ordinances related to alcohol offenses. It does not matter what type of container the alcoholic beverage is in. It is illegal to possess/Consume an open container of alcohol on public streets, alleys, sidewalks, roads, highways, or public parking lots. For more information you can refer to city code 4-105 or 4-203."Thus proving that, even if the cops may be cool with something for practicality's sake, they're not gonna come right out and tell you so. Got a question for The Man but too low on the totem poll to reach him? Summon the Breaking News Watchdog Unit by sending email to In other crime-related news, the following was reported in the newspaper:SHOOTING KILLS SENIOR AT KU*A Kansas University senior died this morning as a result of a gunshot wound and one person is a patient at Lawrence Memorial Hospital, receiving treatment for a gunshot wound in the shoulder.*Dead is Bruce A. Douglas, 21, of 2430 Ousdahl and Texarkana, Tex. He was pronounced dead on arrival this morning at LMH, where he and the wounded person were taken shortly after 10:30 a.m., according to County Attorney-elect Mike Elwell.Douglas died as a result of multiple rifle wounds. He was a Negro.Published Nov. 4, 1970, in the Lawrence Daily Journal-World__The Breaking News motto: Much is fascinating.


Jill Ensley 13 years, 7 months ago

I semi-successfully biked home with a cup full of beer the other night.I don't think I'll ever get used to go-cups.

lazz 13 years, 7 months ago

The awkwardly stated racial reference was pertinent because of the racial tensions (among other types of tensions) that existed in Lawrence at the time, since a young black man named Rick Dowdell was killed by police in June of that year, leading to all sorts of hell. Lawrence was already on the edge of anarchy at the time, and Dowdell's killing by police lit the fuse. Read the interview with George Kimball and, just on a quick search for Rick Dowdell, this story from the UDK: fact that a black man was killed in lawrence with multiple rifle shots would have been huge news, and race would have been relevant. Granted, the way it's presented in this example is clumsy and wouldn't work today ...This from the UDK story I linked:"When Dowdell was shot, it really sparked an outrage," Sailor said. "It turned peaceful demonstrations into violent demonstrations."Sailor said the shooting occurred at a time when racial tensions ran deep in Lawrence. The Black Power movement and the Black Panther party, Sailor said, were extremely prevalent in the Kansas City area and Lawrence at that time. "This was a time when African Americans were furious with the government," he said.Lawrence erupted into a guerilla war zone for days as sniper attacks on police cars and random fire bombings became a common occurrence. The night after the incident, police officers responded to a shooting at 10th and Pennsylvania streets where they found themselves in a heated gun battle against 45 armed African Americans, according to This Week in KU History. Unknown militants firebombed several buildings, including District Court Judge Frank Gray's house.

frankt 13 years, 7 months ago

Excellent points, lazz. Race would have been an important element of the story, given what happened that summer. md_pinks, since you just have to know, here's the rest of the story, although I think there may have been more that I didn't copy down because my wrist was getting sore. The shootings apparently occurred in Douglas' apartment, where police were called by a neighbor, Elwell said.The wounded person is Miss Paula George, 21, of 1117 Ky., a Caucasian. Her condition is not believed to be serious. She was admitted to LMH following treatment.

md_pinks 13 years, 7 months ago

Did it really say "He was a Negro" in the newspaper? And what of this wounded person? I'm confused...what the hell happened!In dealing with the beer situation, I've seen (and been a part of) several run-ins with the LPD with open containers on public streets and never been ticketed. Most of the time its a wave and a smile, then back to patrolling the streets. Or a quick talk about staying safe and not drinking "openly" in public (whatever that means). Perhaps someone felt the need to make a quota that day.Or just someone being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

md_pinks 13 years, 7 months ago

I thought this story sounded familiar. I read about it on the walls of the Gaslight. Thanks for clearing that up. to frank- I have this thing about having to get the whole story, otherwise my mind starts racing and wondering what happened next. Seems like the reporter didn't have much time (or maybe reason) to get the whole story of Paula George and why she was there in the first place...and how she stayed alive while Douglas was brutally murdered.I'd imagine the racial tension made that whole story much more complicated and hard to report without causing a backlash towards the LJW at the time.

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