Where are my games, puzzles and comics?!

In our haste to make what we thought was a minor change - changing the Arts and Entertainment link on LJWorld.com to take readers to Lawrence.com - we failed to properly account for several items that readers are now asking about, namely games and puzzles, and comics.

Don't worry! They haven't gone away. They're just in a new place. You can now find our games and puzzles here, and comics can be found here. They're also part of the "Latest" tab on the navigation bar above; just hover over that, and you'll see the links near the bottom of the menu.

And if you don't want to hang out on Lawrence.com, you can still visit the old A&E page. It just won't be updated frequently. But we hope you'll join us over here in Lcom Land, where we'll be putting a greater focus on arts and entertainment coverage.


costello 10 years ago

Thanks! I've been wondering what happened to my pic-a-pix. A day without pic-a-pix is like a day without sunshine. ;-)

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