KU grad Nikki Glaser performs on 'Conan'

Nikki Glaser, a 2006 Kansas University graduate, took the stage on "Conan" Tuesday night, performing a stand-up routine that hit on all the big topics: the perils of living at home, the perils of pregnancy scares and the perils of being broke.


A few years removed from appearing on NBC's "Last Comic Standing," she's set to debut a new show on MTV in January with fellow comedienne Sara Schaefer called "The Nikki and Sara Show."

The pair has a popular podcast called "You Had to Be There." The MTV program is said to be part stand-up, part sketch comedy and part interviews.

They hit it big when they released a video last year imploring Justin Timberlake to make music again.


The New York Times described "You Had to Be There" thusly:

Most podcasts, it’s true, are hosted by people who at least vaguely know each other. But when “You Had to Be There” made its debut in early 2011, Glaser and Schaefer’s burgeoning relationship became a big part of the draw. And they got to know each other quickly. They filled episodes with conversations about the death of Schaefer’s mother, Glaser’s treatment for an eating disorder, various relationship woes and their love of Beyoncé. Talking about the gritty truth allowed them to be earnest and hilarious, and it made the podcast intimate. Now each “You Had to Be There” episode starts with Schaefer and Glaser catching each other up on their lives before welcoming a guest, usually one of their comedian friends, to comment on the duo’s recent adventures.


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