July 27th Final Friday Events

FINAL FRIDAY, JULY 27th, 2012 5 until 9 pm unless otherwise noted www.finalfridayslawrence.wordpress.com


It is HOT HOT HOT out there, Lawrence, Kansas, and this Final Friday turns up the heat even more with some hot art in cool places. With ever-expanding offerings and opportunities on Final Friday, this guide will help you find something perfect for you and your family including cold drinks, cold AC and an ice cream social to help keep you cool throughout the evening.

This month, the new Warehouse Arts District makes its official launch onto the Lawrence arts scene with six events within one block. The sudden explosion of arts in this East Lawrence neighborhood is due to the collected work of Poehler Lofts developer, Tony Krsnich, The Invisisble Hand Gallery owner, Adam Smith, SeedCo Studios' collective group of artists, The Fresh Produce Art Collective, along with a number of individual artists and curators, community members, The East Lawrence Neighborhood Association, The Lawrence Arts Center and many others.

LAWRENCE ARTS CENTER (940 New Hampshire) www.lawrenceartscenter.org

        Monica Vidal

Tumor & Temple on exhibit through August 18 Vidal’s art calls attention to human’s distorted perceptions of individual experiences. She drops boundaries between the viewer and the work with familiar mediums, like paper and cloth. Vidal says it is her goal to connect to the viewers on a personal level, for the work to feel intimate and identifiable. Her drawings and paintings tell stories of abstract characters that take place in unreal environments. Her work (Tumor & Temple) consists of two large tent-like structures that fill the gallery space, and several two dimensional works displayed on the wall.

bio Monica Vidal was born in 1973 in Erie, Pennsylvania. She received a BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art and a MFA from Tyler School of Art of Temple University. After graduate school she moved to Houston, TX and had her first solo exhibition of works on paper at Lawndale Art Center in 2001. In 2009, Vidal began a series of room-sized sculptures. These structures of wood, fiberglass and fabric enclose the viewers in my ideas and tell personal stories in a surreptitious manner. The first work in the series, Tumor Hive, was shown at Lawndale Art Center in 2009. The second sculpture, Temple Hive, was shown at Box13 Artspace in 2011. The Lawrence Art Center will be the first place that the works are shown together. She continues to live and work in Houston where she keeps a space at Winter Street Studios.

Amy Kligman Special Runs through September 2

Artist’s Statement: This work celebrates the disruption, however small, of the expected. There is a certain symmetry, a prevailing banality and stillness, only occasionally interrupted by some half noticeable absurdity. One could argue that this is a parallel to our routine lives, primarily spent in some automatic mode of everyday activity, begging for the details that separate one day or hour from the next so as to make it stand out, make it special. You could even argue that desire for "specialness" leads individuals that are otherwise functioning as part of the societal hive to act out, to call attention...to get that crazy haircut or shiny car that disrupts a sea of gray sedans.

There is the tension of what appears "normal" but is in fact slightly adjacent to normal. The colors, the method and application of paint, the shiny resin surface: all are employed to take away from any indication of "reality.” Certain details are off, skewed, indicative of an interference, disorder, or imperfect pattern. This world is the world you and I know, but it also is not. It is a made up world, comprised of bits and pieces of the familiar and the familiar desire to be something else, something more than that, something different. Special.

Mike Hoffman New Works by Mike Hoffman Runs through August 18

Mike Hoffman holds a BFA from Oklahoma State University. Mike resides in Oklahoma. His art typically creates images on and out of re-purposed materials like barn wood and landscape paintings found at thrift stores. His images are largely figural and refer to historical popular culture characters. His current exhibition at the Lawrence Arts Center focuses on American musicians such as Woody Guthrie and Hank Williams.

Willy Chyr Visiting artist Willy Chyr has created a site-specific aerial sculpture for the Arts Center lobby. Willy Chyr is interested in generative art, storytelling, and the intersection between art and science. He holds a B.A. degree in physics and economics from the University of Chicago. While in college, Willy joined Le Vorris & Vox Circus and performed as a juggler, unicyclist, and magician. He also learned to twist balloons. Chyr's art, which also uses the element of light, has been displayed in Millennium Park for Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry's LabFest! at the University of Chicago's Biological Sciences Learning Center, and as part of the university's Festival of the Arts, in which he created a women's line of balloon fashion. He has been an artist-in-residence at the Bemis Center in Omaha and has exhibited in numerous other venues around the country.

Art Tougeau Photographs by Ann Dean Intermediate & Darkroom Photography student work. Instructor, Ann Dean.

Cabaret by Kander & Ebb Directed by Diana Dresser Choreography by Barbara Wasson Musical Direction by Mary Baker Orchestra Conducted by Ric Averill Come to the Cabaret! The decadence of Berlin in the late 1920’s and early ‘30’s serve as the backdrop for this Broadway classic. Tickets: Tickets, $9.50 adults $6.50 students/seniors 7:30PM

Ice Cream Social, inside at the Lawrence Arts Center, we are selling scoops of ice cream and ceramic ice cream bowls to benefit our visual arts education programming. For $5.00, you can get a generous scoop of delicious Sylas and Maddie’s ice cream. For $8.00 you can get a generous scoop of delicious Sylas and Maddie’s ice cream and a handmade ceramic bowl to take home with you.

Hot Summer’s Night Raku is coming to the Lawrence Arts Center on July 27th, 2012 from 5:00pm-9:00pm! Bracker’s Good Earth Clays is bringing their equipment to the Lawrence Arts Center for July’s Final Friday! Please There is no cost, just a need to raise interest about the raku process and possibly provide future raku opportunities for the Lawrence Arts Center. There will be room for about 36-40 tea bowl/small vase/ bowl sized pieces to be fired in the 4 rounds of firing during Final Friday.

WAREHOUSE ARTS DISTRICT LAUNCH PARTY IN EAST LAWRENCE (a full map of the new area is attached at the bottom)

  1. Grand Opening The Poehler Lofts 619 E. 8th Street Ribbon cutting ceremony from 5:00-6:00pm

  2. Intuitive Nature Invisible Hand Gallery 846 Pennsylvania works by Clare Doveton and Molly Murphy Join the invisible hand as it opens it's new doors for the first time!

Doveton and Murphy The Invisible Hand Gallery opens its new doors this month with an exhibition of paintings by Lawrence artists and friends Molly Murphy and Clare Doveton. Intuitive Nature pairs Murphy’s subtly elaborate abstractions with Doveton’s somber, sometimes-murky abstract landscapes. The exhibition will mark the 4th time the artists have shown together. Murphy says that she and Doveton, who have been friends for years, share some common ground creatively. “Though our work is very different, we often find inspiration in the same things and our palettes and imagery tend to work together because of this,” Murphy says. Murphy’s works in the exhibition are a continuation of ideas she developed during her time as artist-in-residence of a fellowship project in Seaside, Fla., earlier this year. The project focused on the neuroscience of memory and creativity in relation to abstract art. She says this new series of paintings places more emphasis on intuition and self-awareness. The natural world serves as a source of inspiration for both artists, though Doveton’s exposure to unnatural practices in large-scale agriculture may account for some of the darkness in her work. “I live in the country, and I do believe that, for me, where I live is the largest influence over my work,” Doveton says. “Specifically now, I am very much influenced by where we call home and the endless sky out here. My family raises chickens and we grow our own food using sustainable farming practices. But my home is also surrounded by endless row crop, which I have learned a lot about in the last few years.” Intuitive Nature will be the first exhibition to open at the new location of The Invisible Hand Gallery, 846 Pennsylvania St., in the developing east Lawrence Warehouse Arts District.

  1. Dinner Party 830 Pennsylvania

A collaborative exhibition featuringover 20 artists from across the country,curated by Emily Kate Johnson.

With no specific theme, the work spans all different mediums and styles while still maintaining an interesting and stimulating juxtaposition. This open-ended compilation creates conversations between different works and artists that require them and their viewers to look beyond just a specific piece or concept.

Emily Kate Johnson is a local Lawrence artist recently turned curator. She spent the last year in Boston, Massachusetts studying photography and city life, but decided to return home to pursue her interest in curating, as well as her own art. Emily grew up in Lawrence and has been active in the art community for many years. She began showing her work at La Prima Tazza Coffee shop as a young high school student and eventually branched out to be involved in Final Fridays, have a solo exhibition at the Hobbs Taylor Lofts, and now curates a show called Dinner Party that features 20 different artists from all over the country in the new Lawrence Warehouse Arts District.

  1. Dataclysm Blue Room Gallery 720 Delaware #1 Featuring works by the Fresh Produce Art Collective in a vast warehouse flash space. Curated by Yuri Zupancic and Jeremy Rockwell

5.GLORY, GLORY Office Party Gallery 720 Delaware #1 Featuring works by Justin Bergin in a flash space comprised of several mini galleries.

“What binds us together as people are our faults and flaws; many and varied as we are, what we have in common are absurd and human things: emotions, body issues, questions of gender and sexuality, petty greeds and jealousies. We exist, at a very base level, to propagate our species, and somehow along the way we developed the ability to cogitate, which created those very same issues that connect us. Our complex emotional interplays seem to me, then, to be tantamount to a cosmic joke. This is what I believe. My intent then is to build tableaux and narratives of absurd human endeavors, and to concentrate on making the media I use as “human” as possible, that is to say, evocative of our flaws and fleshiness; in this way, my paintings and sculptures become didactic displays of these issues that interest me. Drawing upon Surreal and Dada-inspired techniques of automatism and irrational juxtaposition, I allow the imagery to ebb and flow and finally coalesce into finished compositions. My process involves quasi-gestural applications of paint and charcoal, applying these in recurring layers as the image appears and asserts itself. My work in sculpture is an attempt to make three-dimensional the imagery I create in two dimensions, and is often used to emphasize surface texture and material application in a work. I allow the rough or ragged edges, and imperfect surfaces to further my investigations into humans as creatures of flaw and folly, the observations of a rather cynical or skeptical comedian.” www.justinbergin.com

  1. F-BOMB SeedCo Studios 826 Pennsylvania Check out the Fresh Product Art Collective’s new studio space. Featuring music by Olassa, Owl People and Cloud Dog. Music starts at 7.


VAN GO! MOBILE ARTS (715 New Jersey) www.van-go.org

20 Van Go teens created art benches for local clients. The 2012 Benches will be on view for Final Friday.

Van Go is a year-round job-training program for 14-21 year old at-risk teens and young adults in Douglas County. Using art as the vehicle to effect change, Van Go employees create artwork that is sold in our gallery, or is commissioned by area businesses and organizations. Van Go is devoted to the whole person, intertwining mental health services, academic support, healthy living and life skill lessons into the broader structure of the job-training program.

STAR STRUCK CLOTHING (16 E. 8th St.) www.starstruckclothing.com

BLUE DOT SALON (15 E. 7th St.)

THE ELDRIDGE HOTEL (701 Massachusetts St.) www.eldridgehotel.com

LAWRENCE PUBLIC LIBRARY (707 Vermont St.) www.lawrencepubliclibrary.com

Final Fridays: Dream Rocket Project July 27 5-7pm Kids from Lawrence and around the world have created artwork to wrap around a real rocket! Up to 8,000 artworks will eventually be connected side by side to wrap the 365′ Saturn V Moon Rocket at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama. Stop by the library during Final Fridays on July 27 to see the Lawrence debut of this international exhibit!

SIGNS OF LIFE (722 Massachusetts St.) www.signsoflifegallery.com

Signs of Life Gallery is located at 722 Massachusetts St. in the heart of historic Lawrence, Kansas. We feature work by dozens of artists to suit a variety of tastes. Many are local, but we also represent artists of national and even international reputation. Our beautiful gallery overlooks picturesque downtown Lawrence and we are convinced you will find it a satisfying place to experience art and cultivate your own creativity. Come in and let us help you find artwork that is a perfect fit for your life and space. Open on Final Fridays.

THE LAWRENCE ART PARTY (718 New Hampshire St.)

Final Friday Lawrence Art Party with Darrell Lea
July 27, 5-9:30 at 718 New Hampshire Street, Hobbs Taylor Loft Building

Please make plans to enjoy the Lawrence Art Party on this Final Friday, July 27! We will have a special performance by Lawrence’s own amazing singer, songwriter, and guitarist Darrell Lea. Over 20 local and regional artists will show and sell paintings, photographs, sculptures, pottery, mixed media art, and more.

We are showcasing a wonderful group of artists this month, including:

• Julie Blichmann • Traci Bunkers • Wesley Casey • Caitlin Crawford • Dave DeHetre • Sandra Griffin • Wes Landis • Skyla McCollum • Jilli Nell • George Paley • Tony Peterson • Trae Rickford • Michael Strickland • Ty Walsh • Lesa Weller

The Lawrence Art Party has been held every month since the beginning of Final Fridays. Our goals are to host a free, fun party for the community; provide a venue for both the performing and visual arts, and give visual artists an opportunity to show, share, and sell their art.

The Lawrence Art Party is sponsored by the Science, Art, and Technology (STArt) Alliance. The STArt Alliance is dedicated to increasing the Lawrence and regional focus on creativity, innovation, and the arts; and contributing to local economic and community development.

This month we are proud to announce that selected work from the Lawrence Art Party will be displayed and available for sale throughout the month at Papa Kenos Pizzeria, at 1035 Massachusetts Street in Lawrence.

We offer our heartfelt thanks to Capital City Bank, Sabatini Architects, and all of the residents of the Hobbs Taylor Lofts for allowing us to hold this event in their wonderful building, and to Brandon Graham for providing beautiful wall space at Papa Kenos Pizzeria for us to showcase selected works throughout the month.

We are eternally grateful to the Lawrence community for supporting us and our artists. It only because of the participation and generous donations by 500 to 1000 people every month that the Lawrence Art Party is possible.

LUCKY PAWS BAKERY & UNIQUE BARKtique (729 1/2 Massachusetts St., Ste. 202) (above Francis Sporting Goods)

I.Love.Dogs. It's a simple fact: 'paws' down, I've loved dogs my entire life!

I.Love.Art. The Unique BARKtique will carry a variety of fun, eclectic, one-of-a-kind dog related items from artisans both far and wide, supporting their talents and whimsical gifts. The BARKtique will feature various artists and their work each month, and will also have some fun vintage dog-related items!This is THE place for DOGS and the people who love them!

TELLER'S RESTAURANT UPSTAIRS (746 Massachusetts St.) www.tellerslawrence.com

PACHAMAMAS (800 New Hampshire St.) www.pachamamas.com

Works by Sally Piller showing throughout the restaurant and Star Bar on Final Friday

ATOMIC PHOTOGRAPHY (313 E. 8th St. Studio B)

Atomic is a collaborative effort between Racheal Major, Jen young, and Jamie Haverkamp. Specializing in graphic design, pin up portraiture, and Americana photography. The photography services include retro makeovers equipped with professional hair and make up, wardrobe and prop selection, and personalized pose guidance. Now located right in the heart of east Lawrence! Atomic shares a split studio space at 8th and New York. The space is split up into several art studios ranging from ceramics, to fine art.

SMILING MAD DESIGNS & INKELLO LETTERPRESS (801.5, suite 3 Massachusetts St.)

WONDER FAIR (803 Massachusetts St.) www.wonderfair.com Hooooooo Boy, it’s a HOT ONE! This Final Friday, Wonder Fair will feature twenty hot-blooded, inky-finger’d, muscly-armed American Printmakers in our first annual Print Invitational. Curated with solemn gravity by Mr Michael Krueger (Head of KU department of printmaking), the Print Invitational is a manifestation of Wonder Fair's foundational purpose--to establish Lawrence as a preeminent center for creative print culture in the United States. Come early to hear remarks from Krueger on his selections for the show; Come late to hear remarks from everyone after enjoying our signature Print Invitational Cocktail-- the squid ink martini.

Exhibiting artists:

Sue Ashline | Benjamin Davis Brockman | Grace D. Chin | Ali Dalsing | Benjy Davies | Andrew DeCaen | Anya Dikareva | Olivia Gibb | Brian Hawkins | Lauren Rose Kinney | Andrew Kosten | Joseph A. Lupo | Joshua Calvin Meier | Jon Redd | Linda Lucia Santana | Brett Schieszer | Hye Young Shin | Christopher Wallace | Michael Weigman | Josh K. Winkler

GLOBAL CAFE (820 Massachusetts St.)

FOXTROT (823 Massachusetts St.)

LOVE GARDEN SOUNDS (822 Massachusetts St.)


DOWNTOWN UPSTAIRS (824 1/2 Massachusetts St.)

PHOENIX GALLERY (825 Massachusetts St.) www.phoenixgalleryks.com

Demonstrating artist: Dave Van Hee We are excited to have Dave Van Hee as our demonstrating artist for July’s Final Friday Art Walk.Dave is a well-known local artist whose works include masks, ceramics and other creative pieces of art. Many of you know Dave or own some of his art, so don't miss this opportunity to visit with him. From Dave: “Now lives between two fertilizer factories on the edge of Lawrence, KS. Wears sensible shoes with good arch supports. A fallen away vegetarian, Mr. Van Hee has participated in numerous artistic and educational situations, like the time he spray painted a log orange, and some little kids were watching. His career goal is to win the lottery and buy one of those four-door pickup trucks with four tires in back.”

We will have music from local Lawrence singer and songwriter Glen Thomas of E100. Glen will perform in the gallery beginning after 6:00. Our food this month will be lemonade and cookies.

LOST ART SPACE (825 Massachusetts St.) * New Location! www.dotdotdotartspace.com

Flow Lines The resident artists of Lost Art Space present a mixed-media painting exhibition which celebrates dynamic lines of motion and connection. Over 50 original works will lead the viewer around the gallery on an undulating path through diverse mediums and subjects. Its a whimsical dance through surreal cityscapes, natural beauty, and calculated chaos. Going with the ever-changing flow, Jeromy Morris, Jesse Gray, Erok Johanssen, Jeremy Rockwell, Paul Flinders, and Yuri Zupancic invite you to follow their lines of inspiration.


Jan Morris Nitcher Outside the Screen Door Watercolor paintings on paper from my 2008-2012 painting journal July 27 - August 30, 2012

The subject of these current paintings is the natural world ‹ primarily my neighborhood, the rolling, rumpled hills of Vinland Valley, south of Lawrence.

My intention as a painter is to convey the excitement I feel about this subject poetically, rather than literally. I usually make a drawing but sometimes just start painting. I approach a subject as a colorist. I often paint from memory, abstracting and changing colors to express a mood.

EDUCATION: MFA, Painting, School of the Art Institute of Chicago BFA, Painting and Printmaking, BAE, Art Education, The University of Kansas

DO'S DELUXE (416 E. 9th St.)

Of Inspirations and Interpretation Solo and collaborative Work of D. S. Dunlap Do's Deluxe 416 E. 9th Street 6:00-8:00 pm

BDC TATTOO (938 Massachusetts St.) www.bdctattoo.com

LAWRENCE PERCOLATOR (in the alley behind Lawrence Arts Center on 9th St.) *look for the green awnings www.lawrence-percolator.blogspot.com

The Percolator's July Final Friday show is the Fourth Annual Dimebag Benefit. This show features art made from Social Service League material. Artists paid $10 to the League and filled a bag with whatever they could find in the local thrift store. The resulting masterpieces are displayed at the Percolator in an explosion of color and unusual materials. Come check out a bicycle made out of an ironing board, an underwater kingdom of babydolls, and other precariously balanced items. There are materials on hand to create your own work of art, so enjoy yourself; bring the whole family. Featuring a performance by Richards Music's Rock Camp veterans Hotel Coffee. 5-9 pm.

We are still accepting Dimebag art submissions through July 26. Here's how to submit...Go to The Social Service League, 905 Rhode Island, (Wed, Thurs, Fri open 9 to 4 or Sat open 9 to 2), donate $10 & fill a big bag with stuff. Make anything out of the stuff & bring it to the Percolator Artspace July 26, 5-9. Collage, assemblages, fabric, poems, videos , a song, a dance, anything- young and old- have some fun. Art sold will benefit the Percolator programs. Don't have the cash flow to donate $10? Check out the League dumpster for art making supplies.

KANSAS SAMPLER (921 Massachusetts St.) www.kansassampler.com

THE GRANADA (1020 Massachusetts St.) www.thegranada.com

AIMEE'S CAFE' & COFFEE SHOP (1025 Massachusetts St.) www.aimeescoffeehouse.com

WATKINS COMMUNITY MUSEUM (1047 Massachusetts St.) www.watkinsmuseum.org

Watkins Museum Opens Two Summer Exhibitions

The Watkins Community Museum of History will open two new exhibitions exploring the 1850s and 1860s at a reception on Friday, July 27, 6-8 PM. The celebration will feature a readers’ theater presentation, Guerilla Warfare: Bushwhackers and Jayhawkers, facilitated by Missouri State University history professor Jeremy Neeley at 7 PM. The event is free and open to the public.

Drawn from the museum’s collection, the exhibition Terror and Triumph: Quantrill’s Raid and the Rebirth of Lawrence, tells the story of this epic Civil War event and how memories of it shaped the community. On the morning of August 21, 1863, 400 raiders, led by William Quantrill, attacked Lawrence, killing about 200 men and leaving downtown in ruins. Featuring paintings and prints created to capture the devastation of the raid, the exhibition details survivors’ recollections and their determination to rebuild the city. A confederate flag, allegedly belonging to Quantrill, and artifacts that survived the raid will be on display.

John Brown Photo Chronology, a traveling exhibition organized by Jean Libby and Allies for Freedom Publishers, includes 14 images reproduced from period daguerreotype portraits of the notorious abolitionist. The exhibition examines the impact of significant pre-Civil War events on Brown’s increasingly militant abolitionist activities.

Both exhibitions are supported in part by a grant from the Ethel and Raymond F. Rice Foundation. Support for the Shared Stories of the Civil War readers’ theater presentation is provided by the Kansas Humanities Council.

For more information on these exhibitions contact the Watkins Museum at (785) 841-4109.

1109 GALLERY (1109 Massachusetts St.) www.lawrenceartguild.org

Artwork by Cindy Oliver

Join the Lawrence Art Guild and 1109 Gallery for the opening reception of "Upcycled" - A Recyled Art Show on July 27, 2012. Over 25 artists including Featured Artist Cindy Oliver. Reception from 5-9pm with demonstrations by Cindy Oliver, musicians, Food and Fun. Be sure not to miss our grand unveiling of "Art in the Alley" a creation by Summer of Service students. 1109 Gallery is located at 1109 Massachusetts in beautiful downtown Lawrence, Kansas. "Upcycled" may be seen at the gallery from July 25th-August 26th. Our hours are: Wednesday-Saturday, 11am-5pm and Sunday, 1-5pm.


8 FLAVORS (2210 Iowa)

We at 8 Flavors proudly welcome our next FF artist Matthew Obrakta.

"This body of work is about observing natural processes and how they shape our world. This work has been created through the use of these natural elements. Water, air, earth, and sunlight and superimposed w/ organic and natural images. These elements will always play a part in our lives whether we are aware of them or not. The Earth is always here to draw inspiration from." See the difference. Hear the difference. Taste the difference @ 8 Flavors (2210 Iowa) where every FF BEER is $1.5 choose from bud light, amstel light, tsing tao and 33 export. ARTISTS WANTED for future Final Fridays!


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