March 30th, Final Friday Events

FINAL FRIDAY, MARCH 30th, 2012 5 until 9 pm unless otherwise noted

Final Fridays are supported by The Lawrence Arts Center, Downtown Lawrence Inc. and The Lawrence Cultural Arts Commission.

for information on Final Fridays contact: Molly Murphy, Coordinator

VENUES & EVENT LISTINGS (in order from 6th St. to 12th St. in Downtown Lawrence)


"Little Boxes, New Work from Ron Hinton" New work from former Lawrence metal artist, Ron Hinton.

2. VAN GO! MOBILE ARTS (see Lawrence Art Party)

3. THE ELDRIDGE HOTEL (701 Massachusetts St.)


*5 until 7 pm

Backroads, Images of Rural Kansas Photography by Kansascapes Photo Alliance

Entrances, Media Room and Gallery

Native Kansans Brad Neff, Scott Bean and Roger Spohn have banded together to form the Kansascapes Photo Alliance. Their collective and individual goals are to capture and share the subtle beauty of Kansas through their photography. Each member has had work published in Kansas Magazine and other regional publications, and the group strives to inspire others with their images as well as to document, preserve and protect the fragile and vanishing lands.

“Eclectic Muses: Photography by Constance Whiston” Lower Level

Constance Whiston has a background in sculpture, painting, drawing and calligraphy. This continuously informs her photography. She began photographing with a “Brownie,” then proceeded to employ an instamatic, waterproof 35 MM Pentax, digital Pentax, 35 MM Canon FTB, Nikon SLR and Canon SLR.

Exhibits: Texas, Missouri, Nebraska and Kansas

Influences: Everyone that expresses art, whether with brush, typewriter, clay, camera, computer, voice, feet, or simply in breathing.

5. SIGNS OF LIFE (722 Massachusetts St.)

Signs of Life Gallery is located at 722 Massachusetts St. in the heart of historic Lawrence, Kansas. We feature work by dozens of artists to suit a variety of tastes. Many are local, but we also represent artists of national and even international reputation. Our beautiful gallery overlooks picturesque downtown Lawrence and we are convinced you will find it a satisfying place to experience art and cultivate your own creativity. Come in and let us help you find artwork that is a perfect fit for your life and space. Open on Final Fridays.

6. THE LAWRENCE ART PARTY (718 New Hampshire St.)

The Hobbs Taylor Gallery from 5 until 9:30 pm

The Lawrence Art Party showcases a collection of several local and regional artists who actively show and sell their work. This gives patrons the exceptional opportunity to meet the artists themselves, which yields an added value to the art they buy. The show is a fantastic social event that offers an enriched environment to spend an evening out. The Lawrence Art Party typically includes 25-30 artists, live performances by local talents, and is attended by 500-800 guests monthly, largely dependent on the weather.

Musical Entertainment by John Lomas

Author of “River Memoir and other Stories,” David Hann , will do a book reading and signing.

7. TELLER'S RESTAURANT UPSTAIRS (746 Massachusetts St.)

Jonathan Metzger: Keep Busy Opens Tuesday March 27th 6-8 pm Open on Final Friday

From the artist:

Growing up in a conservative farming community within a family of boys, I have come to question my American, specifically male, experience. In creating delicate works on paper, I strive to explore male identities and the transition from boyhood to manhood. My work is about vulnerability and place, exploring the potential for these figures to discover themselves both as nurturing domestic creatures as well as untamed masculine beings. Creating community and ritualistic customs, these young men are questioning this complex world in which they live. It is my purpose to create a world where they are not judged for performing traditionally gender specific activities such as sewing, cooking, ironing.

Drawing from my own past, I seek to give these figures a context in reference to their clothes, hair, and the way they move about in the world. In showing these details, I am making a statement about the seclusion of the rural place I was raised and the aesthetic I find myself drawn to. This directly ties into my relationship with the men I grew up with and around.

It is not my intent to recreate reality, but to use abstraction to capture the essence of these men as they explore, build, and act out ritualistic activities. In doing so, I am inspired to create my own relevant vernacular to explore these characters.

8. PACHAMAMAS (800 New Hampshire St.)

Closing night:

New Works by Justin Marable Justin Marable was raised in Robinson, a northeastern Kansas farm town. Throughout his life, Justin has learned and wandered within the boundaries of his Midwestern homeland, observing the landscape and landmarks of the surrounding region. Printmaking, drawing, and music have become his main methods of artistic expression. Justin graduated from the University of Kansas in May 2005 with a B.F.A. in printmaking. He currently resides in the Kenwood neighborhood of Topeka with his wife and daughters. He works full time at his home as an artist, husband, and father.

9. SMILING MAD DESIGNS & INKELLO LETTERPRESS (801.5, suite 3 Massachusetts St.)

Join Margo Holland of Smiling Mad Designs and Christy Schneider of Inkello Letterpress for Final Fridays on March 30, 2012. Located above Esquina in a playful studio space, the two women create a variety of handmade items. Margo, an arts-inspired mother of three, creates colorful, eclectic jewelry, textiles and home decor objects. Christy designs and prints on an antique letterpress, making a variety of paper goods, including greeting cards, journals, bookplates, and more. She is also a mother and a children’s illustrator, who owns Yellow Pencil Studio, Inc. This month, Margo and Christy will each feature a “catch-of-the-day” special item that can be customized for individual customers. Come visit the studio and watch Margo create a one-of-a kind bracelet made especially for you using vintage African wedding beads. Or, have your initials letterpressed on a colorful paper notepad on the spot. Christy will be setting vintage metal type and printing on her press while you wait – hot off the press!

10. THE INVISIBLE HAND GALLERY (801 1/2 Massachusetts St.)

Kristin Morland: Youthful Perception Opens Final Friday March 30th 6-9pm From the Artist: I personally hand sew each sequin and bead onto the fabric using a needle and thread. My technique was adapted from the Haitian textile art form of Drapo. My work reflects a fascination with time, people, places and objects. I aim to show the beauty in driving by a seemingly endless field of wheat, the calming blue of the Caribbean, or the fleeting light of the sun setting in the city. In my work, I like to show contrast and color, or just the pure texture of a subject while recording the stillness in ordinary moments. My work is often an abstract expression of my perception of experiences of my everyday life. The subject matter develops in my memory. The work may begin through sketches on the fabric itself or, at times on paper. Utilizing the traditional method of hand sewing the sequin and bead to the fabric, felt or cotton, I allow imagination to take over. Most pieces require a minimum of 20 hours and some have required over 200. Each piece is then pinned to foam core board and framed by my husband Timothy, using pine, poplar, or oak, depending on the colors of the piece. I have been making art since I can remember, but I had always been looking for a medium that expressed the brilliance of life's experiences. While I enjoy painting and weaving, for which I have a degree, neither in their own were able to express the richness and joy I wish to instill in my art. I have been using this adapted Drapo technique for seven years now, and believe that I have found a medium that emphasizes life.

11. WONDER FAIR (803 Massachusetts St.)

Cats: They’re Not Just For The Internet Anymore

Final Friday, March 30th, Wonder Fair presents CAT PEOPLE, a group exhibition featuring original art, zines, and installations by Faye Moorhouse (UK), Gemma Correll (UK), Liz Prince (Boston), and Nicole Georges (Portland OR). In their diverse narrative works, these artists take the ubiquitous and banal subject of cat fancying to unexpected, unsettling, or absurd new places. Destinations range from Correll’s comical interpretation of a doting cat lady’s altar, to Moorhouse’s haunting artist book The Cat Ladies of Czecheslovakia, a modern folk tale rendered in soft ink washes. Affordable original artworks and limited print editions from all participating artists (including a few local favorites) will be available for purchase through the Gallery.

To celebrate the unveiling of CAT PEOPLE, a reception will be held Final Friday, March 30th, from 6-10pm. During the opening event and throughout the month of April, the Wonder Fair pop-up cantina will return as a Milk Bar and YouTube cat video theater.

The Wonder Fair is open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday 12-6, and Saturday 10-7, with completely random extended hours when we happen to be there.

12. FOXTROT (823 Massachusetts St.)

"Paintings for Spring" Christine Mercer Kraft 6 until 9 pm

13. LOVE GARDEN SOUNDS (822 Massachusetts St.)

14. DOWNTOWN UPSTAIRS (824 1/2 Massachusetts St.)

Eclectic artwork mixed with the eclectic Downtown Upstairs Studio is eye candy for the soul and promises to please. Trip the light fantastic upstairs to view the artwork by Traci Bunkers, Mike Wallace, and Uncle Andy. This venue is open late to give everyone a chance to visit. Traci Bunkers, mixed-media artist and published author, has a little something for everyone, including quirky pin-back buttons & pocket mirrors, ponytail dreadlocks, mixed-media paintings, photographs, and handmade books. She will also have both of her books “The Art Journal Workshop” and “Print & Stamp Lab” available. See her website at for more information. Mike Wallace is a Lawrence area artist who is showing again after many years. He is currently producing portraits and animal portraits in oil, as well as mixed-media pieces. For more information, contact Mike at Andy, fondly known as Uncle Andy, is a prolific artist who specializes in squished acrylics on found objects.

15. PHOENIX GALLERY (825 Massachusetts St.)

Demonstrating artist: Laura Ramberg

Join us on March 30 from 5-9 pm for an all bee inspired spring Final Friday. Laura Ramberg will be our demonstrating artist with her nature and bee inspired art. Food will be catered by Sugar Pie, Honey Buns and it will all be made with honey, including honey bee cookies. Richard Bean will be here with his local honey and honey products, and Wes Samms will be providing music.

Laura Ramberg has been a practicing artist working in the Lawrence area for over thirty years. Laura's art emerges organically from the rhythms of a life grounded deeply in nature. She often draws inspiration for her creations from her dreams as well as the dreams of others. She works primarily with organic materials such as stone, wood, clay, and bronze.

She considers the larger purpose of her art to be serving and creating community. To that end, Laura has had work commissioned by a number of schools, churches, businesses, and private homes. Her major local projects include the restoration of the Douglas County courthouse, the crucifix of St. John's church, and the restoration of the State Capitol building in Topeka.

She holds a B.F.A. in Sculpture from the University of Kansas. In 2007 she was awarded the Imagination & Place Environmental Award. In addition to being a full-time practicing artist, Laura has taught art at the Douglas County Youth Services for over twelve years. She is also a beekeeper, gardener, naturalist, mother, yoga instructor, and dancer.

Don't miss this honey bee inspired spring Final Friday at Phoenix Gallery!

16. LOST ART SPACE (845 Massachusetts St.)

17. THE BOURGEOIS PIG (6 E. 9th St.)

~99 Bottles~ Jesse Gray 3.30-4.26 opening reception, Final Friday, 6 until 9 pm

This show was conceived as a counterpoint to the setting of the Bourgeois Pig, purveyor of spirits, coffee, and beverages of all kinds, as well as a chance to capture the inherent beauty and iconic symbolism of the vessels that carry the elixirs that quench our passing thirst. Glass bottles have been used in countless works because of the material's ability capture shape and light and evoke immediate associations. This series is in that vein, with the bottles playing the central role, with the elements of a simple sketch, captured in the moment, left intact. The imagery also has ties to the language of advertising that appeals, at some level, to our personal identity. Mostly, though, this show supposed to be a fun way to connect some of the dots between places, people, objects, and the art of intoxication.

Artist Bio: Jesse Gray

Originally from central Texas, I have lived in Lawrence for the past 5 years, showing art incorporating a variety of media and subjects. This work is a continuation of a theme I have worked on intermittently over the last few years, starting with jars and glasses of water, now bottles, next maybe cups of soup? I am also currently a resident artist at the Lost Art Space, a studio/gallery located in downtown Lawrence, and actively working on projects bringing art to non- traditional and public spaces.


19. BDC TATTOO (938 Massachusetts St.)

20. LAWRENCE PERCOLATOR (in the alley behind Lawrence Arts Center on 9th St.) *look for the green awnings

The Story of Chickens - A Revolution by Amber Hansen Lawrence Percolator - in the alley behind 913 Rhode Island just north of the Lawrence Arts Center

"Through this project, I made a commitment to unveil what I have found to be the abstracted and passive experience of our disengagement with the animals we consume. “The Story of Chickens'” intent is to provide an opportunity for this engagement. The average American's interaction with food is at best a passive one. By this I mean that consuming is often reduced to a purely aesthetic experience abstracted from the reality of life and death. I believe our current reliance on factory-farmed animals to be a parasitic relationship. By urging a closer relationship between the consumer and the consumed, I hope to promote a more conscientious and tangible relationship."

Amber Hansen has been involved in numerous community based projects and has experience painting murals, film-making, caring for farm animals. It is from her childhood experience, being surrounded by animals, that this project was inspired.

21. LAWRENCE ARTS CENTER (940 New Hampshire)

The 2012 Lawrence Art Center Benefit Art Auction is on display & the bidding has begun.

The Lawrence Arts Center Benefit Art Auction serves as the primary funding source for the Exhibitions Program at the Lawrence Arts Center and features approximately 150 artworks generously donated by artists. This spectacular event is also made possible by corporate and private sponsors, volunteers, and hundreds of art patrons. The Exhibitions Director and Auction Committee strive to include artwork in a diversity of mediums and styles and representing a wide range of retail value.

April 14, 2012 Doors open | 5:30 pm Live auction begins | 7:30 pm Tickets | $40 in advance, $50 at the door

22. KANSAS SAMPLER (921 Massachusetts St.)

a2z Photography will be the featured artist for Final Friday on March 30th, 2012.

23. THE GRANADA (1020 Massachusetts St.)

Pre-party for Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 show on Final Friday, March 30th from 5 until 9 pm The Granada will host local drum group ADEKU (The African Drum Ensemble at KU) as well as the artists below. This event will be open air outside and alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase. (Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 doors at 8:30 pm)

"Street ILL-egal"

-Making live art in the street influenced by music to spread the love.

Granada parking lot - 1040 Mass. st. 5p.m. - 9pm

Artists: Jordan Tarrant - The art of Jordan Tarrant reflects the powers of ones self to manifest freedom, happiness, Love, and inner peace culturally and independently.

Brendan Martinez - If i become the man I want to be, I will change the world... My passions and love will spread throughout this land. My doings and grace will inspire and give hope. My presence will forever be in the name of peace and love.

Brooke Henderson- Mid-west live artist using paints, spray paint, water color, colored pencils, ink pens, drawing, forming things due to creativity, also paper mache.

Erok Johanssen--Buy me a whiskey if you really wanna find out about me.

24. AIMEE'S CAFE' & COFFEE SHOP (1025 Massachusetts St.) FINAL FRIDAY MARCH: This month the UnderStory Arts crew is focusing on the topic of "Home." We chose this topic because March is a time when so many students come home and have a chance to evaluate what it really means to them. Come out and join us to talk about home. Tell a story about it, write a poem about how you feel, sing a song about what your home means to you. Tell us where, what, who, when. Join us for a theatrical exploration of "Home." We love it when our audience joins the group. UnderStory poetry is about giving the community an opportunity to spend time creating art together. Join us at "Home." Also join us for the amazing art of Wyatt Rogers. (

25. WATKINS COMMUNITY MUSEUM (1047 Massachusetts St.)

More Than a Game: Basketball and Community Spirit 6 until 8 pm

Photos and artifacts in the exhibition illustrate James Naismith's and Forrest "Phog" Allen's roles in shaping the game we know today and its influence in the community. The exhibition examines basketball as a source of community pride and a force for social change in Lawrence.

The Final Friday event will be held from 6-8 PM. Visitors are invited to view the exhibit, enjoy refreshments and live music.

26. 1109 GALLERY (1109 Massachusetts St.)

Final Friday at 1109 Gallery's "Contemporaries" show features Artist, Marty Olson in the large gallery. He has said of his work "I see each new piece as a physically and thematic blank canvas,ripe with potential and a host of challenges. Each stroke of the hand presents a new stage in the process of composing the piece. Granted, I frequently engage in serial themes, embracing an “umbrella” or “arc” for the series. Having established said theme does not mean that a cookie-cutter approach is appropriate or possible in the way my mind and heart function in that serial process. Each piece, in other words, must bring its own angle or personality to the table to enrich the series.

Last fall (2011), I chose to divorce myself from painting on canvas for the ensuing winter. I have delved into re-energizing my watercolor and drawing techniques. The results have been a rewarding reconnection with a sense of detail and sensitivity to recognizable imagery that has not been with me for decades. The responses have been most rewarding. The joy I derive from this change is palpable. The imagery in my new work is tangible, yet, I’m enjoying playing with the surface space in an abstract form."

The following artists have their artwork throughout the rest of the gallery exhibit spaces: Kathleen Anderson, Linda Baranski, Marci Blank, Susan Buchanan, Sophia Compton, Laurie Culling, Stephanie Freeman, D.W. Gates, Bar Geyer, Mary Jane Grinter, Shakura Jackson, Patricia Kahn, Ryan Moran, Anita Markley, Crystal Nederman, Liz Spencer, Sue Suhler, Jill Tichenor, Marcianna Vequist, Michelle Wade, Shanna Wagner, Constance Whiston and D. White.

Join us for this amazing show. Final Friday Hours: 5-9pm March 30th.


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