May 25th Final Friday Events and Street Party

FINAL FRIDAY, MAY 25TH, 2012 5 until 9 pm unless otherwise noted


LAWRENCE ARTS CENTER (940 New Hampshire)

Art Tougeau Pre-Parade Party

5 to 6:30 p.m. Kid's Dance!

Prairie Acre Truckstop Honeymoon

7 to 7:45p.m. The Ukesters. 15 piece Ukulele band

8 to 9 p.m. Arthur Dodge and the Horsefeathers

Ice Cream from Sylas & Maddy's $5 Purchase a beautiful handmade ceramic bowl with ice cream for $8 while supplies last!

Art car cardboard cars for kids to festoon, decorate and otherwise prepare for Art Tougeau Parade!

Cash bar from the Free State Brewing Company & popcorn

IN THE GALLERIES: “Body of Work” curated by Karen Matheis: Studies and Interpretations of the Live Model.

Mark Hennessy & Friends Poetry Installation

Art Tougeau Exhibit. Featuring photographs by Ann Dean from past parade entries, Bicycle from Farnsworth Bicycle laboratories, and trophies

Exhibits by Ann Dean’s Intermediate Photography & Darkroom students

Tj Tangpuz will be creating an on sight installation piece this week in the main gallery of the Arts Center. It will be debut this Friday at the Body of Work show.

VAN GO! MOBILE ARTS (showing at The Lawrence Art Party in Hobbs Taylor Lofts)

​BLUE DOT SALON (15 E. 7th St.)

Steph Pugh Pet portraits, Animal advocacy art. Ian Stuart Out-of-sight recycled pulp and paper constructions. Rome Hines handmade folk art bags. Sue Malloy 3d constructions. Blue Dot Salon Friday the 25th 5:30-8:30pm

THE ELDRIDGE HOTEL (701 Massachusetts St.)


Between the Lines Mixed Media by Jim Sallenbach

Jim Sallenbach takes ordinary and often discarded objects and turns them into thought-provoking individual pieces of art. By deconstructing the past and then reconstructing pieces to suit his concepts, he elevates each object and presents a work that speaks of his experiences, influences and ideas for the future.

Location: Gallery

Copper Trees Mixed Media by Kathy Horniman

Kathy Horniman has always felt that "pull" towards trees... the way they decorate the world.  It's hard to beat a unique tree in a great setting. Choosing the flexibility and beauty of different types of copper wire, she's able to create the trees she sees in her mind, as well as the ones around her.

Location: Cases

Mixed Media by Matthew Jarmer

Matthew Jarmer, from Garden City, KS., graduated from Kansas State University, with a BFA in Graphic Design. Matthew currently works as a graphic designer for Skyline Displays Heartland and lives in Lawrence, KS. Using found objects and reclaimed wood, Matthew creates three-dimensional collages that focus on the ideas of transformation, contrast and chance. Matthew's inspiration stems from the materials he finds and his goal is to repurpose these items into new visually interesting work, telling a story and provoking thought. Location: East Entrance

Retrospective Collage, Mixed Media, Prints by Bar Geyer

Bar Gayer hales from Kickapoo, Kansas. She grew up riding horses and herding cattle with her dogs. All she ever wanted to do was to make stuff with her hands. She draws her spirituality and inspiration from nature. Her work is shaped by the look and feel of the materials with which she works.

Location: Lower Level

SIGNS OF LIFE (722 Massachusetts St.)

Signs of Life Gallery is located at 722 Massachusetts St. in the heart of historic Lawrence, Kansas. We feature work by dozens of artists to suit a variety of tastes. Many are local, but we also represent artists of national and even international reputation. Our beautiful gallery overlooks picturesque downtown Lawrence and we are convinced you will find it a satisfying place to experience art and cultivate your own creativity. Come in and let us help you find artwork that is a perfect fit for your life and space. Open on Final Fridays.

THE LAWRENCE ART PARTY (718 New Hampshire St.)

The Hobbs Taylor Gallery from 5 until 9:30 pm

The Lawrence Art Party is held every Final Friday on the ground floor of the Hobbs Taylor Lofts in Lawrence Kansas,

We'll have music by BRC Sounds, and a huge selection of art.

Lawrence and regional artists will show their work, including paintings, sculpture, photography, and mixed media art. Last month's show was AMAZING, and we hope to top it this month!  

The Final Friday Lawrence Art Party will be held at 718 New Hampshire Street on the ground floor of the Hobbs Taylor Lofts from 5 to 9:30 pm on Final Friday, May 25.

Confirmed artists include:

Julie Blichmann

Traci Bunkers

Megan Burke

John Clayton

Dave DeHetre

DW Gates

Diane Lehmann

Krista Mustain

Jilli Nell,

George Paley

Tony Peterson

Jennifer Unekis

Alex Skorija

Will Soriano

Ty Walsh

Lauran Walt

Terri wheeler

To our artist friends - We had another wonderful party last month and sold a lot of art! If you would like to join us this month, please email and attach images of some or all of the work you plan to show. We filled up last month, and had to turn artists away, so please let us know as soon as you can!

The Lawrence Art Party is here to serve the community. KU class, group, and other shows are always welcome, as are art exhibits by non-profit organizations!

Eric Kirkendall, Trae Rickford, and Dan Dishman Science, Technology, and Art (STArt) Alliance

LUCKY PAWS BAKERY & UNIQUE BARKtique (729 1/2 Massachusetts St., Ste. 202) (above Francis Sporting Goods)

I.Love.Dogs. It's a simple fact: 'paws' down, I've loved dogs my entire life!

I.Love.Good.Health. It's no secret that good nutrition and the use of organics is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle...not just for people, but for our dogs, too! I believe that our Dogs deserve healthy treats that are designed to nourish and support their bodies - every batch of Lucky Paws treats is hand-mixed, rolled, cut and baked with that in mind. I have been baking for dogs since 1990, and the Bakery portion of the shop will carry fresh-baked treats for dogs, ranging from Peamutt Butter Puppies, to Apple-Cinnamon Fat Cats, to a variety of grain-free treats. I'm also happy to bake custom orders for dogs, and do bake BARKday cakes and Pupcakes upon request!

I.Love.My.Pack. I have 6 amazing furkids - Gretta, Durga, Hanuman (Commander of Woof),Tonka, Legal (Runnin' Buddy) and Shakti, the CEO (Chief Eating Officer) and Lucky Paws logo girl. Shakti will grace the shop with her pawsitive greeting skills!

I.Love.Art. The Unique BARKtique will carry a variety of fun, eclectic, one-of-a-kind dog related items from artisans both far and wide, supporting their talents and whimsical gifts. The BARKtique will feature various artists and their work each month, and will also have some fun vintage dog-related items!This is THE place for DOGS and the people who love them!

LIGHTLYRE FILMS (731 New Hampshire)

LightLyre Films is moving to 731 New Hampshire in Lawrence, Kansas. There will be a large studio, with huge green screen cyclorama, a classroom with 10 computer seats for digital animation, filmmaking, editing, and special effects classes, and a professional editing suite for clients and LightLyre's own production projects.

Take a tour and get information on Light Lyre's art programs on Final Friday, and view the historical film equipment and film-themed art on display.


Nathan Hoffman ~ In Bloom Opens Tuesday May 29th 6-8pm Tellers third floor art space 746 Massachusetts

With an academic background in science and an eye for exotic ecosystems, Lawrence artist Nathan Hoffman presents a new exhibition of paintings that reflect the hidden beauty of nature. In Bloom consists of several encaustic paintings, mostly ranging in size from 3x3 to 6x6 inches. Though small, the pieces reward scrupulous viewers with an opportunity to immerse themselves in elements unseen from across the gallery. Much like a specimen under a microscope, close examination of the paintings can reveal small worlds in the details. “You make these little tiny landscapes, and if you look close enough they can be as big as anything,” Hoffman says. Hoffman’s paintings capture the mystique of the natural world. This is partly inspired by time he spent in Arizona as an undergraduate. Hoffman, who grew up in the rural Midwest, says he was struck by the strange nature of the desert. “I think in the Midwest you kind of know what’s around every turn; you get used to your environment,” Hoffman says. “I really like going to places that take you away from that, that bring you into this magical, mysterious, enigmatic place. I really gravitate towards places like that.” Using bee’s wax and oil pigment, Hoffman is able to create intricately textured works that are rich with bright color while still feeling organic, some of them seemingly grown in a forest or — given their size — a Petri dish. “I really like the fact that I can make pieces that look like they just happened on their own,” Hoffman says.

PACHAMAMAS (800 New Hampshire St.)

Closing night:

Matthew Obrakta: Distilled Inspiration

"Distilled Inspiration is about observing natural processes and it's techniques in shaping our world. This work has been created through the use of these natural elements; water, air, Earth, and sunlight. These elements will always play a part in our lives whether we are aware of them or not. The Earth will always give us inspiration, I've just distilled it."

ATOMIC PHOTOGRAPHY (313 E. 8th St. Studio B)

Atomic is a collaborative effort between Racheal Major, Jen young, and Jamie Haverkamp. Specializing in graphic design, pin up portraiture, and Americana photography. The photography services include retro makeovers equipped with professional hair and make up, wardrobe and prop selection, and personalized pose guidance. Now located right in the heart of east Lawrence! Atomic shares a split studio space at 8th and New York. The space is split up into several art studios ranging from ceramics, to fine art.

SMILING MAD DESIGNS & INKELLO LETTERPRESS (801.5, suite 3 Massachusetts St.)

THE INVISIBLE HAND GALLERY (801 1/2 Massachusetts St.)

Henry Schneidernan ~ I don't feel like it Opens Final Friday May 25th 6-9pm The Invisible Hand Gallery 801.5 Massachusetts

Earlier this year, Lawrence artist Henry Schneiderman’s thesis exhibition at the University of Kansas Art and Design Gallery used shadow play to show viewers that every situation can be seen differently from another point of view. Now Schneiderman will present a re-engineered second iteration of his thesis show in a new exhibition, I Don’t Feel Like It, at The Invisible Hand Gallery.

I Don’t Feel Like It is an installation-based exhibition that finds the artist searching through his past and wanting more details.

“It’s almost being hopeful about the past and trying to recuperate things,” Schneiderman say. “I’m thinking of experiences I’ve had and looking back at them and trying to read more into them than what happened the first time around. I see that as a strategy for growing and learning and realizing there was more potential in that moment than maybe I had realized.”

The new exhibition will see Schneiderman using the same haunting figures — made of aluminum mesh and hand-sewn with sinew — in a different configuration. While the original exhibition had the figures physically isolated from one another, I Don’t Feel Like It brings them together, showing that detachment can exist even in the most closely night groups.

Though the exhibition is founded in the artist’s personal experiences, it can also be read sociologically. Schneiderman, who studied philosophy and critical theory as an undergrad at Macalester College in Minnesota before moving on to study printmaking at KU, sees the figures as having individual identities despite being physically combined. And as people within a community all have separate lives, minds and thoughts, what exists in some people’s worlds does not always exist in another’s.

“It’s not just what could have changed, but also what other things could I have payed attention to so that I would remember them differently,’ Schneiderman says.

WONDER FAIR (803 Massachusetts St.)

Exciting and Strange Images Done with Grace and Precision

Final Friday, May 25, Wonder Fair presents The Sundowners featuring new prints by Clinton Ricketts and Andrew Burkitt. The two printmakers and long time collaborators plan to knock the viewers’ socks completely off with a masterful display of technique and skill.

Ricketts and Burkitt both create prints combining etching, to produce images including, but not limited to: floating Babe Ruth heads, pretty ladies drawn in scary ways, painterly expressions and ugly men in funny hats. Watch the walls of the Wonder Fair explode with shape and color.

This exhibition marks the return of Burkitt to his native Lawrence after receiving an MFA in printmaking at the University of Georgia this year. In the meantime Ricketts, a 2010 MFA grad from KU, has been living in Lawrence making babies and art.

The Wonder Fair is open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday noon to 6 p.m., and Saturday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., with completely random extended hours when we happen to be there.

GLOBAL CAFE (820 Massachusetts St.)

FOXTROT (823 Massachusetts St.)

LOVE GARDEN SOUNDS (822 Massachusetts St.)

Ceramic and Print works by Christa Dalien

DOWNTOWN UPSTAIRS (824 1/2 Massachusetts St.)

PHOENIX GALLERY (825 Massachusetts St.)

Demonstrating artist:Brian J. Horsch

Brian Horsch has been creating hand built and thrown ceramic sculpture since 2008. His work tends to focus on human and animal forms, both real and imagined. Many of his pieces are functional with human or animal accents, while others are purely decorative. Prior to his interest in clay, he was carving sculpture from various hard woods. Brian currently lives close to nature near Stull, Kansas.

Food will be provided by Hurtz Donut. You may have seen Hurtz Donut at the Lawrence Farmers' Market with their handmade custom donuts. Wes Samms will be providing live music.

LOST ART SPACE (845 Massachusetts St.)

The Lost Supper

The Fresh Produce Art Collective will end its residency of the Lost Art Space at 845 Mass at the end of May, but not without one final opening in the former candy shoppe turned studio/gallery. The Lost Supper will be a culmination of seven months in the space, with a continuing emphasis on process-driven surface activation and contemporary craft distilled to its most elemental qualities. Friday, May 25, Resident artists Jeromy Morris, Paul Flinders, Erok Johannsen, Jesse Gray, and Jeremy Rockwell will be showcasing new solo and collaborative works, along with many local guest artists, including Matt Ridgway and microchip miniatures by Yuri Zupancic. Please come enjoy one last evening in this uniquely beautiful setting before it all disappears, and check out to find out where we will be found next.

We will continue to be open as a working studio and gallery throughout the month weekdays noon-5 and most evenings, so feel free to drop by. The artists would like to thank Paley Properties and all the people who have supported Lost Art during our stay at 845 Massachusetts.

Musical Guests: OWL PEOPLE 1,000,000 LIGHT YEARS


Turning Back The C(l)ock: works by Ashley Laird Statement: What year is it? Judging from the work of the Kansas Legislature, in regards to the rights of women, it could be 1960. This body of work was motivated (in part) by the ridiculous and absurd but deathly serious attempts of our elected officials to turn back the clock. Bio: Ashley Jane Laird is a professional muralist who’s most recent work, “Reanimating the Arts in Topeka” can be seen at the Great Mural Wall of Topeka. She is currently organizing a mural on the contributions and issues of women in Kansas. Her recent studio work has focused on portrayals of the body seen through a web of desire and conflict. Laird’s drawings grow intuitively out of her interest in the human form and organic structures relating to systems of roots, synapses, and circulation. Laird is the 2012 recipient of the Arts Advocate award from the YWCA Center for Safety and Empowerment, an organization that helps victims of domestic and sexual violence.


DO'S DELUXE (416 E. 9th St.)

“Mandalas and Mirages,” a Spiritual Examination Jennifer Joie Webster and Marty Olson

Most work is Watercolor and Ink, plus some scratchboard, pen & ink, linocut, and Joie's handmade Malas (meditation beads). Final Friday Reception from 6-8 pm on May 25 at Do's Deluxe, 416 East 9th

BDC TATTOO (938 Massachusetts St.)

LAWRENCE PERCOLATOR (in the alley behind Lawrence Arts Center on 9th St.) *look for the green awnings

KANSAS SAMPLER (921 Massachusetts St.)

THE GRANADA (1020 Massachusetts St.)

AIMEE'S CAFE' & COFFEE SHOP (1025 Massachusetts St.)

South Mass Art Guild presents: Brownback Poster Contest and Exhibition

WATKINS COMMUNITY MUSEUM (1047 Massachusetts St.)

The Watkins Museum opens two new exhibitions curated by graduate students in the Museum Studies Program at the University of Kansas, on Friday, May 25, 2012, with a reception and live music.

The exhibit The Day After: Living in Fear? looks at the impact of the made-for TV movie “The Day After” on Lawrence and around the world. Filmed on location in Lawrence and surrounding areas, the movie responded to prevailing fears of the threat of nuclear war by examining its potential aftermath. Controversial and sensational, the film became known around the world.

The exhibit Get Connected: Sustainable Energy in Douglas County, explores the past, present and future of energy use in Douglas County. Artifacts from the museum’s collection highlight the history of alternative energy usage in the community, from the trolley cars that once ran down Massachusetts Street to the hydroelectric Bowersock Dam, which is still operating today, and examines the social, economic and environmental aspects of energy use.

Local musical ensemble Ardys & Bradford will perform in the adjoining Japanese Friendship Garden from 6:30-8:30 PM.

For more information on The Day After: Living in Fear? and Get Connected: Sustainable Energy in Douglas County, contact the Watkins Museum at (785) 841-4109.

1109 GALLERY (1109 Massachusetts St.)

“Pulp Fiction” – Works using paper May 22nd-June 24th

Final Friday, May 25th, 5-9pm -- Meet our artists and join us for our opening reception for the "Pulp Fiction" show.

Featured Artist Barbara Reid: Barbara has been painting with watercolors for 14 years. She likes to record sight. and feeling interpretations with her watercolors, pastels, and acrylics. She especially enjoys painting landscapes, flowers, birds and animals. She has taken drawing classes with Janet Owezarhak in Overland Park, Ks; watercolor classes with Susan Minteer and Jack O'Neal at Merriam Comm. Center; acrylic workshops and watercolor classes with Jim Ryon of Independence, Mo., and classes in Open Studio at the Lawrence Art Center with Louis Copt. The years of workshops, classes and Art friends create wonderful memories. Barbara has exhibited in the Florida Keys, Overland Park, Prairie Village, Merriam, Ks, and now in Lawrence. She is a member of the Sr. Arts Council in Roeland Park, Ks. and the Art Guild in Lawrence. She welcomes commissioned artworks and hopes you enjoy viewing this exhibit.


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