First Final Friday of 2013

FINAL FRIDAY, January 25th, 2013 5 until 9 pm unless otherwise noted

Final Fridays are made possible by support from The Lawrence Arts Center, Downtown Lawrence Inc., The City Of Lawrence and CornerBank

LAWRENCE ARTS CENTER (940 New Hampshire)

Vim show. featuring new works by: Kent Michael Smith, Lisa Lala, Archie Scott Gobber, and Ben Ahlvers January 18 – March 2

This exhibit features works from four individual artists that culminate to create a dynamic experience for the viewer. Vim accentuates the distinctive qualities in materials, process and ideas and simultaneously presents relationships between the works on display.  Through the use of color and technique each of the artists in this exhibition inject a certain level of energy into their work. The artists in this exhibit have individually accomplished much in their careers thus far and their future promises for more.

John Chang. Solo Exhibition NOT SO BLACK AND WHITE

December 21 thru February 2 John Chang was born in Shanghai and came to the United States to study art. His work shows the influence of classical Chinese calligraphy, 20th century American art, and graphic design. Chinese students must devote many years to memorizing several thousand characters. Each character must be written flawlessly and must be both neat and pleasing to the eye, and such rote exercises condition one to submit to authority. In the public square and all walls everywhere in China, big calligraphic characters speak with a collective voice. In classical Chinese, the script, or shu, is so sacred that it is believed to be capable of affecting change in the natural order of things. By invoking calligraphic forms and pop culture, Chang comments on the distortion of language but also reclaims the energy of the written word. Tapping into his ancestral roots, he uses pigments for their symbolic power. For example, black and white are the colors of most ink painting but also represent yin and yang; red and yellow represent happiness, wealth, and health.


Visit the Lawrence Public Library in its new temporary location at 7th and New Hampshire!

SIGNS OF LIFE (722 Massachusetts St.)

Signs of Life Gallery is located at 722 Massachusetts St. in the heart of historic Lawrence, Kansas. We feature work by dozens of artists to suit a variety of tastes. Many are local, but we also represent artists of national and even international reputation. Our beautiful gallery overlooks picturesque downtown Lawrence and we are convinced you will find it a satisfying place to experience art and cultivate your own creativity. Come in and let us help you find artwork that is a perfect fit for your life and space.

THE LAWRENCE ART PARTY (718 New Hampshire St.)

Lawrence Art Party

We are going to have a HUGE Lawrence Art Party next Friday! We'll have awesome music by the Heebie Jeebies, amazing refreshments from the Free State Brewery, mouth-watering pizza from Papa Kenos, and wonderful art by 18 Lawrence and regional artists. 

And for the first time ever, we will open with poetry from over 25 of the most talented Kansas poets in Kansas! They will be reading from a wonderful new work - "To the Stars through Difficulties, A Kansas Renga in 150 Voices". These are beautiful 10 line poems that build on and riff off each other in surprising, amazing and wonderful ways.   If you can, please plan to attend this unique and fun cultural event, which will take place from 5:30 to 6:30.

We will also have a raffle for beautiful works of art. We'll have a great Dave DeHetre painting, and choice of a 10x20 metal print by photographer Julie Blichmann. Dave and Julie are very talented artists, and two lucky people will go home with outstanding works of art for $1. 

We'll also have fortune telling by performance artist Madam Go-Go!

And it's all for a great cause! Proceeds from the pizza, fortune telling, and the raffle will support the Lawrence Art Guild and Lawrence Community Workshop.

Artists include Julie Blichmann, Wes Casey, John Clayton, Dave DeHetre, LeAnne Doljac, Sandra Griffin, Leo Hayden, Brad Levy, Angie Logan, Bob Lynn, Kevin Mimms, Andrea Moskow, Jilli Nel, George Paley, Tony Peterson, Trae Rickford, and Sherrie Taylor, and Thomas Pecore Weso.   Poets include Denise Low, Shawn Pavey, Ronda Miller, Megan Kaminski, Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, Benjamin Cartwright, Lydia Lowe, James Benger, Elizabeth Schultz, Nancy Hubble, Dixie Lubin, Wyatt Townley, Roderick Townley, Craig Salvay, Chris McKinney, Anne Haehl, Elizabeth Black, Susan Kraus, Greg German, Jim McCrary , Al Ortolani, Christina Lux, Ken Lassman, Iris Wilkinson, Bill Hagman,Sandy Snook, Deb Altus, Tom Reynolds.

DYNAMITE SALOON (721 Massachusetts)

Vicki Vormehr will be showing "Original Oil paintings of dog portraits on Canvas" 5 - 8 pm

Vicki has done watercolor paintings her whole life. After taking oil painting classes at the Kansas City Art Institute 4 years ago, she developed a love for this new medium. Now Vicki paints mainly in oil paints on canvas. A variety of dog breeds will be on display Friday evening.

BLUE FLAME GALLERY (745 New Hampshire, Suite 5)

IDENTITY: portraits by Cade Cranston Blue Flame Gallery 6-9pm

Lonnie Ray Blues Band @ 7pm


Sarah Swyers “Keeping It Together”

Sarah makes prints and drawings, often combining the two to make her work. Through the layering of transparent ink and patterns in her prints, in the layering of transparent papers and sewn/drawn material in her drawings, she plays with what information to reveal and what information to keep hidden. Tiny marks and layers of repetitive phrases overlap to create worked surfaces. The ritualistic act of making these marks or writing phrases over and over again, serves as a meditation. However, when repeated and layered several times, the work becomes obsessive, not calming. The process of making the work becomes the most essential part of the work. When creating patterns, Sarah strives for perfection and precision, but with being handmade, human error occurs and mistakes are evident. The works reveal an attempt at trying to keep it together, but sometimes getting caught in that process.

Sarah Swyers received her BFA in Printmaking from the University of Kansas this past year.


Join us next Friday, January 25th in downtown Lawrence to celebrate the naming our our retail space - Essential Goods - and the variety of work we carry by talented local artisans! Music by dj - Sean Foust. Please come celebrate with us!

Works by: The 34th Star= Ann Dean Photo Awava b.e. inspired candles and perfumes Bare Roots Jewelry Fauna Designs filthEdesign Jeannette Bryant Kitty Reese Lillymoon Designs New Flight Nurture Botanicals Recrudescence Studio Rural Pearl Sustainable Papercraft Studio WilleWorks

PACHAMAMAS (800 New Hampshire St.)

Transplant // Jasmine McCaffrey

Intuitive and raw, this collection of artwork expresses Jasmine's experience with relocating. In returning to her roots, after a few years in Chicago, she has been exposed to a backward shift regarding gender roles, cliques and the constant clucking of gossip in the grain. Influenced by her work as a Floral Designer, wedding rituals and Hallmark holiday's often highlight these embedded treads. Always reaching for healing, she aims to transform traditional ideals with bold color and collage, mixing frustration and humor (rocks in one hand, seeds in the other). Aha!

COPT/FEIDEN GALLERY (800 Massachusetts St.)

5:00 PM until 9:00 PM—as part of Lawrence's Final Fridays. Refreshments provided.

WONDER FAIR (803 Massachusetts St.)

Wonder Fair presents Shawn Bitters: Yes, Yes, Yes, Now, Now, Now.

Come celebrate our New Show, New Shop, and the New Year, 6:00-10:00pm, Friday, January 25th.

Linguistics lovers, code breakers, and nature nerds, REJOICE! Beginning this Final Friday, Wonder Fair will be home to Shawn Bitters' epic paper sculpture, "Yes, Yes, Yes, Now, Now, Now." Tumbling paper rock forms spill in a ten foot flood onto the gallery floor, but there is order to their chaos; each stone is screenprinted with one of 26 faceted patterns corresponding to the letters of the alphabet. Read carefully, (with the aid of Bitters' key,) and there is a message in the mountain...

Bitters' stone sculptures are visually stunning, a harmony of robust color, complex texture, and sensitivity to scale--but the work's conceptual underpinning is perhaps their most compelling draw. Bitters explains his inspiration for the land & language series:

"In the short story Signs & Symbols by Vladimir Nabokov, there is a striking example of assigning a language to nature. In this story, a character believes that nature is communicating directly to him through the arrangement of clouds, a network of branches: in everything he sees. Mankind has a long history of reading nature, whether through soothsayers, prophets, or scientists. It is a short step from understanding how a certain environment works to thinking that the environment is communicating with us. By assigning nature a voice and a language, we are lending it human characteristics or, in other words, personifying nature. I am fascinated with the transition between understanding nature and personifying nature. The urge to lend our own thoughts and characteristics to the physical phenomena that shape our environments is irresistible because the result is to render them understandable."

We hear you Shawn, and we can't wait to see Wonder Fair! In addition to celebrating the opening of "Yes, Yes, Yes...", Wonder Fair will host a Christening for our newly designed and built shop design at 7:00pm. Our new layout, inspired by the organic curving forms of topographical maps, was designed and built by KU professor Tom Huang's Industrial Design Materials students. Join us this Final Friday for a toast to the New Show, New Shop, and a New Year!

FOXTROT (823 Massachusetts St.)

LOVE GARDEN SOUNDS (822 Massachusetts St.)

DOWNTOWN UPSTAIRS (824 1/2 Massachusetts St.)

PHOENIX GALLERY (825 Massachusetts St.)

Join us for the first Final Friday of 2013, January 25th, 5-9 p.m. Lawrence artist Liza MacKinnon will be here with Valentine’s Day themed art. Come and try samples from Mass St. Sweet Shoppe. This would be a good time to pick out special valentine treats. We will also have local live music.   For this opening, Liza has created romantic, sweetheart valentines and vintage inspired hair confections. In other seasons, she works in 2D, mostly with paper and fabric, and often with a Boston Terrier and/or a historical costume theme. Liza loves Lawrence, works at the LPL, and can be found volunteering at the Percolator or the Lawrence Art Guild.  Come by and meet Liza, see her work that is always available in Phoenix Gallery, and ask her about her 5th annual valentine making party.   Mass St. Sweet Shoppe is a candy store that appeals to everyone from the small child to the grown adult who loves to indulge in sweets. They offer a variety of chocolate, bulk candy, fresh baked goods, and a large assortment of nostalgia candy. Other items that are on their menu include ice cream, malts, shakes, and smoothies. They offer custom packaging for chocolate and candy. Very soon they will be adding gourmet popcorn to their collection of sweets.  The flavors will include cheese, cinnamon, and caramel. Mass St. Sweet Shoppe is open daily from 10-9 p.m., M-TH, and until 10 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. 

LOST ART SPACE (825 Massachusetts St.)


However many words are supposedly in a picture, however many sentences add up to a brushstroke, at some point the difference between the two becomes immaterial. Isn't a word just a picture composed of pictures? And what about Wayne White? Try telling Paul Reubens that his $#!+ ain't art. When reduced to their most elemental states, word and image become interchangeable-black ink on white paper, characters, scenes, compositions; point, line, square, cube, spiral, explosion, dripping down the wall. Some like to say it's not that black and white, but maybe it is, maybe black and white just aren't what you thought they were-not opposites, but parallels- primordial companions, dream creatures that you see only when your eyes are closed.

Fresh Produce Art Collective and resident artists from SeedCo Studios present: "BLANDSCAPE," a Blk/ Wht Show at the Lost Art Sp_ce starring black and white, whether lurking in the shadows of a building, disguised as a forgotten landscape, or hidden in plain sight. The show opens Friday, January 25th.


DARIN WHITE: works from Overflow opening reception from 6 until 9 pm Darin M. White is a 1997 BFA graduate from the University of Kansas with an emphasis in sculpture. White is an artist, independent curator and art consultant based in Lawrence, Kansas. With his wife Shannon White, a painter and arts advocate, they founded b.a.l.m. | beauty, art & life movement in 2007. His hope and desire is to continue to work as a catalysis on art productions, curations and events to encourage and promote art and artists as well as his own work, searching for ways of exploring and communicating about life and important revelations through art.

White equates his artwork to digging in the field, looking for treasures and mysteries to uncover and reveal. White's current work is related to healing from the loss of his son to childhood cancer, visions and dreams, and pertains to cycles of life; which he hopes will raise questions for the viewer about the life they are living.

OVERFLOW work statement: Overflow conjures thoughts of farmland, barns and brimming silos. Seeds are important and are traded as a commodity. Cycles of life happen whether we understand the process or choose to bury our head. Our land, resources and life are laid out in front of us, one moment at a time. What will we do with what we are given?

BEAR HEART work statement: A naturally peaceful bear protrudes from the wall with arms extended in a kind gesture, paws touching. The negative shape of the arms creates a simple but powerful message, and encourages the viewer to wrestle with larger issues of life.

THE FIX SALON (845 New Hampshire St.)

DO'S DELUXE (416 E. 9th St.)

LAWRENCE PERCOLATOR (in the alley behind Lawrence Arts Center on 9th St.) *look for the green awnings

MAKE LOVE at the Percolator Friday, January 25 5-9pm

Join us in an exploration of this crazy little thing called LOVE.

There are countless ways to experience it and countless ways to express it and each one of us has a story.

Performances by Walt Babbit, Mel Smith, Heartscape Landbreak, and Baby Jessica, a photobooth and love potions by Kelly Kearns, and artful responses to love by all types of people.

Our upcoming MAKE LOVE events: Saturday, Jan. 26 7 pm Ardys Ramberg sings songs on love with the sun, my heart Sunday, Feb. 3, 2-4 pm Valentine Making Party with Liza MacKinnon Saturday, Feb. 9, 2-4 pm Paper Flower Making workshop with Irene Tsuneta Thursday, Feb. 14, 7 pm Pot O' Honey: a night of musical performances

FIVE BAR / INGREDIENT (947 Massachusetts St.)

Five Bar (just to the north of Ingredient) on Final Friday for live music all night

THE GRANADA (1020 Massachusetts St.)

AIMEE'S CAFE' & COFFEE SHOP (1025 Massachusetts St.)

WATKINS COMMUNITY MUSEUM (1047 Massachusetts St.)

Exhibition on Lawrence’s “Riverkings” Opens with Final Friday Reception

The “Riverkings”, generations of fishermen who made their livings and supported their families on the Kansas River, are the subjects of a new exhibit at the Watkins Community Museum. “Riverkings of Kansas: Life on the Kaw” pairs artifacts and stories from those whose lives depended on the daily catch. The exhibit opens with a Final Friday reception on Friday, January 25, 2013 from 6-8 PM.

Guest curator Barbara Higgins-Dover says of the exhibit, “It represents a piece of important Lawrence history when ‘living off the land’ meant providing sustenance for oneself and for the community. It is a history that reminds us of cultural difference, hard work, determination, and survival.”

The exhibit’s opening will be celebrated with a special collaboration with the University of Kansas Natural History Museum. Visitors will have the chance to try their hand at gyotaku, a Japanese printmaking method traditionally used by fishermen to record their catches. To create gyotaku prints, a fish is painted by hand, then covered with paper or fabric so the paint is transferred and a printed image of the fish is created. The public is invited to view the exhibit and make a gyotaku print during the event.

For more information on the exhibition, visit the Watkins Museum website at, or call the museum at 785-841-4109.

1109 GALLERY (1109 Massachusetts St.)

Would you like something "sweet" for your sweethearts? Then join the Lawrence Art Guild and 1109 Gallery for the opening reception of "Sweethearts"! Beautiful and affordable gifts and artwork for that special someone. Our Final Friday reception will be held January 25 from 5-9pm at 1109 Gallery, 1109 Massachusetts. For more information on this show please visit


313 STUDIOS (313 E. 8th)


Nick Satinover Ξ Nineteen, Thirteen

Opens Final Friday, January 25th 5-9pm Runs through February 19th

Nick Satinover presents “Nineteen, Thirteen,” opening on January 25, 2013 at the Invisible Hand Gallery, 846 Pennsylvania, Lawrence, Kansas. The show consist of a small body of printed works, seven color woodcuts and one monotype, all completed in the latter half of 2012. In addition to printmaking, Satinover also writes; a collection of connected prose poetry under the same title will be released early this year. Both the book and the exhibition inhabit Satinover’s subjective Dayton, Ohio, and both fill with the floodwaters that washed over that city in 1913. The bodies, debris, and ideas swept up are converted into Satinover’s ruggedly abstracted woodcuts and lithographs. Each piece adapts, manipulates and presents Satinover’s language, pulling viewers into the personal space of readership. Satinover says he enjoys “the possibilities of ‘reading artworks’ … a private, singular activity, presented within a public exhibition.” “Nineteen, Thirteen” is texturized by tragedy and suffused with sprawling, generous binaries: past and present, wealth and poverty, worry and reverie. At its core, it’s a portrait of place, a consideration of space, and a hand guiding the lines one could draw between. (Justin Runge)

Nick Satinover grew up on the suburban fringes of Dayton, Ohio where he spent his formative years working retail and hanging out at Bill’s Donut Shop. He received his BFA degree from Wright State University in Dayton in Printmaking, where he was a talent scholar and a Dayton Art Institute Yeck fellow. Nick currently teaches at the University of Dayton.

SeedCo STUDIOS (826 Pennsylvania St.)

MARLA'S QUILTS (720 E. 9th St. #2)

Marla Jackson Quilter Textile Historian Opens Studio and Gallery in New Lawrence Arts District Get ready to take a journey into the creative mind of nationally renowned Lawrence artist Marla Jackson.  Her artistic medium is not paint, acrylic, or pen and ink; not glass, stone or plaster but the vibrant and soul touching colors and textures of cloth.  With one of her art creations already accepted at the Smithsonian, and many others featured in books, displayed at the Spencer Museum at the University of Kansas and in private collections, quilter textile historian and creative artistic story teller Marla Jackson is a new anchor in the new Warehouse Arts District in East Lawrence at 720 # 2 East 9th Street.

Not your typical on-the-prairie quilter, Ms. Jackson brings her African American heritage and historical creative poignancy to her quilts.  Her primary goal with her work is to echo the untold stories of heroes that history has overlooked, forgotten, or hidden. But it is not until you know the raw emotion of Ms. Jackson's personal story, that you see the joy and pain of her own life intertwined with her African American culture playing out in the brilliant color and texture in her “story” quilts.

Many of her quilts will be on display, along with her amazing dolls some of which are created with rare African cloths from Ghana and Mali. Her gallery will soon become a teaching laboratory where she will begin to teach the art of creative story quilting, doll making, fabric design and printing, handbags and accessory creations. For more information and to sign up for Ms. Jackson’s future creative classes email or call 785-371-6682 



Paintings by Emily Parker

FRANK'S NORTH STAR TAVERN (508 Locust) *official FF after-party 8 pm until 2 am


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