Kick off the summer with Final Fridays!

FINAL FRIDAY, May 31st , 2013 5 until 9 pm unless otherwise noted

Final Fridays are made possible by support from the Lawrence Arts Center, Downtown Lawrence Inc., and The City Of Lawrence

LAWRENCE ARTS CENTER (940 New Hampshire) Lawrence Arts Center Final Friday events are sponsored by CornerBank

Art Tougeau, Art Car Parade Street Party. 5 to 9pm

It’s time once again for the annual Art Tougeau Art Car Parade festivities. Join the kick off festivities Friday, May 31 5-9pm on the 900 block of New Hampshire St. New Hampshire Street will be closed to car traffic between the 900 and 1000 blocks from 2PM until 10PM for the event. Parking access will still be available in the parking garage.

Several art cars and crazy rides will be on display. We’ll also have skateboarding demonstrations.

Children will have the opportunity to race cars dipped in paint down a ramp, and paint, decorate and bling-up fifty cardboard cars. Lawrence’s Chalk Board Cadillac will be there too! All are encouraged to participate in the Art Tougeau parade June 1st.

And if that’s not enough Biemers BBQ, Free State Brewing Company, Sylas and Maddy's Ice Cream will all be here for the street party.

Last but not least, a stellar line-up of live music on the street. The Hips Olassa Kansas City Bear Fighters

IN THE GALLERIES: NEWEST WORKS BY Lawrence Arts Center 2012-13 printmaking artist-in-residence PATRICK VINCENT will be on display through June 22. Created during his yearlong residency, carvings and books in the exhibition are the result of a project specific to his residency with the Arts Center.

Facilitated by MARGARET ROSE and DIANA DUNKLEY, STRING THEORY 13 is a collaborative installation that invites diverse and community-wide participation in the creation, engagement and experience of this artwork. At the Final Fridays reception Steven Ramberg will perform at 6:30 pm. Between 7 and 8 pm Paul Veerkamp will demonstrate his interactive String Theory 13 contribution, "Ballmaton." Paul will perform several brief, 1-2 minute demonstrations over the course of an hour that will appeal to all age groups.

CARLTON BRADFORD is exhibiting his newest sculptures this spring. Bradford's work is compelled by recognizable imagery (musical instruments, tools, furniture, & other objects). Carlton Bradford is currently Associate Professor and Chair of the 3D and Extended Media Division in the School of Art at the University of Arizona.


Visit the Lawrence Public Library in its new temporary location at 7th and New Hampshire!


BLUE DOT SALON (15 E. 7th)

Blue Dot salon presents: Jaime Hubert-Rovenstine color inspired abstract paintings Justin Kogl. Life affected photography

Friday May 31st- The Blue dot salon Palladium building 15 E. 7th. St 6:30-8:30pm


next to Astrokitty Comics and Blue Dot Salon Opening Reception for Matt Woodard :: Original Works :: 5 to 9 pm

Please join us for the opening reception for Matt Woodard on Friday, May 31st from 5 to 9 pm for Final Fridays in Downtown Lawrence. Essential Goods will be participating with their next door neighbor, Blue Dot Salon, for Final Fridays this month and will have live music by DJ (Sean Foust).

Matt is a local artist who was born, raised, lives and works in Lawrence. His art has been in hiding for some time, finally begging and pleading its way out of the cellar and onto the open wall spaces of Essential Goods. The bold lines and bright colors will grab your attention and the images run a full range of human emotion. They are mental snapshots from daily life now committed to canvas. The works for the show will all be originals. Thankfully, the old will be accompanied by new works and they won’t break the bank. They are reasonably priced to allow and encourage those who normally can’t afford the larger works to take one home with them... hopefully spreading the good word and these unique pieces around the area for more to see and enjoy. Out with the old/in with the new.

THE LAWRENCE ART PARTY (718 New Hampshire St.)

We'll enjoy a special spoken word performance by the amazing ChrisTopher Enneking from 5:30 to 6:30. His subject - Lawrence, Kansas and why it's such a special place. Do not miss this chance to hear Topher perform. This will be a special evening in Lawrence!!!

At 6:30, we'll bring in fabulous hot pizza by Papa Kenos Pizzeria, with ice cold refreshments from the Free State Brewery, and open our art gallery, with wonderful painters, sculptors, photographers, and mixed media art.

At 7:30, the incomparable John Lomas and his Amazing Music Machine will take the stage to amaze and delight you! John is one of the most talented, creative, and versatile musicians in Lawrence.

This month's artists include the following sculptors, painters, photographers, and other talented creators!

Mary Brooks Genevieve Casey Wes Casey John Clayton Dave DeHetre Jill English ChrisTopher Enneking Leo Hayden Jan Fellers Rose Kopf Kevin Mimms Ursula Minor George Paley Wyatt Rogers Corey Sievers Madonna Sophia Shala Stevenson Jen Unekis Lesa Weller Tammy Meade West

Plus, we'll have a display hosted by the Myelin Project, with several works of art to be sold at a benefit auction on Saturday, June 1.


Alycia Christine Futrelle: SURROGATES Opens Tuesday, May 28th 6-8 Tellers third floor art space 746 Massachusetts st.

Surrogates is a series of experimental drawings inspired by both natural and unnatural elements. These drawings are substituted into National Geographic magazine photographs collected from early 1960’s to late 1980’s issues. Within the photograph, the surrogate form creates an unexpected and unusual relationship with the photograph’s subject matter, allowing the viewer to develop a conversation between the two separate images. Alycia Futrelle, a Kansas Native, graduated from the University of Kansas in 2010 with a degree in Art History and currently lives in Lawrence. Her body of work is produced and inspired by a variety of media and styles including ink, paint, photography, found object, photojournalism, graphic design, collage, and doodles. Her interest in nature, simplicity, and form are often reflected in her work. When beginning a piece or series, a particular direction or end goal is never fully established. This casual approach allows for more freedom and range of experimentation in each project.


F.D. Brown is a self taught artist from Lawrence, Kansas who began his professional painting career in 1997.

He paints southwestern, Native American, western art and recently began a series called “High Contrast” that brings to life iconic images.

Mr. Brown is inspired by the rustic lifestyles of the cowboy, the proud heritage of the Native American and the beautiful colors of the southwest and now, the images of cinema and sport in dramatic color.

PLAINS GALLERY 935 Iowa Suite B-1 (by appointment only) Lawrence, KS 66044 785-766-9355

PACHAMAMAS (800 New Hampshire St.)

Works by Lori Hanson, Meighan Davisson, and Matthew Obrakta Lori Hanson, age 27, is a painter and art advocate, living and working in Lawrence, KS. She graduated with a bachelor of fine arts degree from the University of Kansas (KU) in 2009. Beginning at the age of 12, Lori was initially trained to draw and paint as a photorealist during her private studies through the school of Lee Hammond (an Overland Park based artist and mentor). Lori's training extended throughout high school, until she began attending the Fine Arts program at the University of Central Missouri (UCM) between 2003-2007. Her photorealistic style of painting was constantly challenged during critique and private lesson interventions. Between her studies at UCM, and her studies at KU, Lori eventually learned to break free of traditional photorealism and expand her palette of skills and content to a level that deters from conventional shapes and colors. Her style of acrylic painting now exceeds beyond what the camera can capture. Lori's painterly style stems from the fact that she has broken free of photorealism and converted to the extreme approaches of abstraction. Criticized for being an artist who "can only paint what the camera can see," Lori has taken certain measures to free her work from the boundaries of perfectionism. Rather than taking sole control of the painting process, and striving to create an exact replica of a certain vision, Lori has removed her egotistical mindset from her work by accepting her new role as a medium between music and painting. Much of her work is created on stage with musicians and friends who "feed" the paintings with their unique sounds and musical vibrations. Lori does not step on stage with a preconceived notion of ideas for her work. She feels that as a medium, she will gather the information she needs as the music plays. Her palette of color follows suit to the rhythm and flow of the music. The cohesiveness of her body of work is not particularly seen within the surface, shapes, or colors. Rather, the connection can be found within the process of converting music into a painting. Sound has created this work. Not pictures.

Phoetry is a collaboration of typewritten poetry and alternative photography by Meighan Davisson (Poet) and Matthew Obrakta (Photographer). Every handmade piece is unique and one of a kind.

COPT/FEIDEN GALLERY (800 Massachusetts St.)

5:00 PM until 9:00 PM—as part of Lawrence's Final Fridays. Refreshments provided.

WONDER FAIR (803 Massachusetts St.)

Josh Winkler: The Best of All Possible Worlds

This May, Wonder Fair is proud to present the winner of the 2012 Wonder Fair Print Invitational, Josh Winkler. Winkler currently lives in northwest Indiana where he is building a stone cabin and creating new works on paper. Dedicated to the art of living efficiently alongside nature, Winkler's prints and drawings "satirize human excess, western empowerment of the American landscape, historical contradictions, and masculine impulses". In his solo Wonder Fair exhibition, The Best of All Possible Worlds, Winkler examines the ways in which meaningless adjectives like 'the best,' 'the most,' and 'the only' catalyze mass pilgrimages to nature’s hot spots.

About the Artist: After receiving an MFA from the University of Minnesota, Josh coordinated exhibitions and ran the Artist Cooperative at Highpoint Center for Printmaking in Minneapolis while teaching printmaking classes at the University of Minnesota. Josh’s prints can be found in collections including the Yale University Gallery of Art, the Hennepin County Public Library Special Collections, and the Northern Arizona University Art Museum.

LOVE GARDEN SOUNDS (822 Massachusetts St.)

Art! Music! My Birthday! New work by Liberty Mae Hollis. Come celebrate Lawrence friends!

FOXTROT (823 Massachusetts St.)

Monthly window installations and art shows, along with a wide selection of artisan shoes

DOWNTOWN UPSTAIRS (825 1/2 Massachusetts St.)

PHOENIX GALLERY (825 Massachusetts St.)

This month for final Friday we are featuring artists Dave Van Hee and Elle Binder of Elle Silverworks. Rena Detrixhe will be in the New Hampshire St. entrance. Jennifer’s Maude & Mary Cookie Café will be here with food, and DJ Zippy will be providing music. From Dave Van Hee: “Dave Van Hee lives and works in Lawrence, Kansas. He comes from Kansas City, Mo. He thinks frozen waffles are really pretty good. The drought is making studio drainage much easier. We got natural gas forced air heating in the studio last year. Thank you for being involved in the consumption of my work. My supply of perfectly malleable aluminum litho plates is getting low. I sure could use some nice used flat files, but they take up so much space. Is there anything as good as a good pear? My parents were not Brazilian acrobats. Should that be Brazilian? Have you tried Mi-Del ginger snaps? As always, I feel compelled to remind you that my work is a whole lot better than it looks. Again, I want to THANK YOU for being involved in the process of taking my work off my hands.” Elle Binder creates unexpected turquoise, pearls, coral, and other stones together or paired with bubbles made of silver. Who doesn't love bubbles? All are set in funky handmade settings for rings, necklaces, and earrings that really stand out. These unique pieces are for a unique you. Your jewelry should be art; it doesn't have to match your outfit, and it can also speak to you through pieces designed with words and quotes. These pieces are feelings, hopes, and experiences that you can wear. Elle believes that words are one of the most powerful forces in the world—amazingly crafted clutches of words that can summarize a feeling, an experience, even a life—and they are made even more powerful and amazing when they can be shared. Her work is her way of celebrating and sharing these words while incorporating her love of shiny things. These words speak with wisdom, inspiration, silliness, memories, experiences, and much more with a voice you can wear every day. Youngest of three children, Rena Detrixhe was born and raised in western Kansas where she spent her childhood exploring the world surrounding her family’s limestone home outside of Russell. Currently studying at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, she creates drawings, sculptures, and installations combining found materials with repetitive processes. Her work is strongly influenced by the act of gathering, collecting, and observing. Working in and with nature, as a way of understanding self and environment, has become a recurring theme in her practice. Detrixhe is expected to receive her BFA in Expanded Media and in Art History from KU in 2013. She has received numerous fine art scholarships and awards including a scholarship to attend the prestigious art school at Hongik University in Seoul, South Korea. Detrixhe currently lives and works in Lawrence, KS Jennifer, of Jennifer's Maude & Mary Cookie Café, creates artisan specialty cookies using local, organic ingredients, sprouted grains and also offers gluten free and vegan varieties. Please come by to enjoy a Dark Chocolate Almond with Smoked Sea Salt Cookie and many other tasty creations on Final Friday. The name of her business was inspired by the women in her family who came before her. Maude is her great-great grandmother who was a writer and poet. Mary is her mother. Mary is an inspiring business woman who has worked for Douglas County Bank for 40 years and her integrity and honesty is exceptional.

LOST ART SPACE (825 Massachusetts St.)

Listless wandering eyes accumulate: a swarm of gazes, sideways glances, rough patches, square dances, and escape hatches. The lazy eyes graze the floor, calculating the movements of shoes, while white walls go unnoticed, blank stares, apostrophes, parenthesis. As points of view fill the head room the dots connect, tight knots unwind, the eyes adjust and re-focus, attune themselves to subtle frequencies. Suddenly, the more you look, the more you see, amorphous substances, concrete blocks, dreams as real and deadly as vinyl siding. The aperture's ellipses, folded neatly into the pocket of your blue blazer, disappears into the sheer multitude. The veils become too numerous, it becomes less easy to locate things such as your hand among the vast array of other equally interesting objects; it becomes easier to shift the blame. The wild piles, the whack stacks, the tough crowds, the easy listening elevator to the moon, all gathered together to make the fake imperceptible within the reality, like a mask that reveals, rather than conceals your identity, every thing in its own way true.

TEN THOUSAND VILLAGES (835 Massachusetts St.)

Art Quilts by Marge Banks My original designs are based upon Seminole patchwork strips. However, they are assembled in non-traditional ways with non-traditional batik fabrics. My painting background has prompted me to "paint with fabric" to make both wall hangings and table pieces. They vary in size between 12" squares to 4' x 6'.


Surreal Fields A series of stencil-based wilderness works by Matt Kuhlman

As with many things, our idea of the wilderness is skewed by non-contact. We catch small glimpses of the wilderness all the time – we see it all the time in our parks, out in our yards, in the vast fields stretched out along the highway and in the thickets of trees lining the creeks and rivers. We see pictures of wildlife and landscapes in books, magazines and newspapers, and we see footage of it in the movies and on TV. We take in a huge amount of information about the natural world and its creatures while rarely, if ever, coming face to face with true untamed wilderness. All this second-hand information contributes toward creating an over-idealized image in our minds, and as a result most of our ideas about the wilderness probably share much more in common with a Disney movie than the real thing.

This series of paintings is about embracing that over-idealized image. It’s not important how “real” our understanding of the wilderness is, and more often than not our idea of what something is like is far better than the reality anyway. I chose to make these paintings as spray paint stencils because the sharp, graphic lines and bright, saturated colors push the subject in a direction that hopefully excites the viewer into creating an even more unrealistic wilderness; one that they wish existed so they could explore, and even get lost in

Biography Matt Kuhlman is an artist and journalist from Lawrence, Kansas. He received a BFA from the University of Kansas in 2008, and a Master’s in Journalism from the University of Kansas in 2011. His artwork has appeared in dozens of exhibits since 2002, and he has also contributed to several arts publications. Most recently he has contributed as a writer and podcast producer to the Boston-based arts website Big Red & Shiny. Currently living in Chicago, he has also lived in Milwaukee, Albuquerque, New York City, the north shore of Massachusetts, and rural Kentucky. @mattkuhlman

THE SUMMIT (901 New Hampshire St.)

Maggie Stubbs, a Summit member a future graduate of The University of Kansas

Maggie will be doing a live acrylic painting then displaying and selling different works

bio: My name is Maggie Stubbs and I am graduating this year from KU with a degree in Elementary Education and a certification in Arts Engagement. I have been painting and drawing for my entire life, and I am passionate about keeping the arts in schools and using them as a tool in the regular curriculum. I enjoy creating bright, colorful paintings with a lot of movement. My paintings represent positive emotions and have a unique style.

DO'S DELUXE (416 E. 9th St.)

LAWRENCE PERCOLATOR (in the alley behind Lawrence Arts Center on 9th St.) *look for the green awnings

EXTRA VIRGIN (937 Massachusetts St.)

Local Artwork Exhibition

FIVE BAR / INGREDIENT (947 Massachusetts St.)

Five Bar (just to the north of Ingredient) on Final Friday for live music all night

THE GRANADA (1020 Massachusetts St.)

AIMEE'S CAFE' & COFFEE SHOP (1025 Massachusetts St.)

Art Exhibitions and Entertainment every month on Final Fridays


Open House and Ribbon Cutting for our New Offices

5 until 8 pm Ribbon Cutting at 5:15 pm

Employees of Treanor Architects will display artwork, and information and materials will be available on some of Treanor's projects.

WATKINS COMMUNITY MUSEUM (1047 Massachusetts St.)

Local Crime and Punishment the Focus of New Exhibit at the Watkins Museum

Crime and punishment have long been serious matters in Lawrence. The new exhibit “Occasional Mayhem” at the Watkins Museum, will open to the public on Friday, May 31, as part of the monthly Final Fridays celebration. The public is invited to view the exhibition and enjoy a reception and live musical entertainment from 6-8 PM.

The exhibit examines ideas of what is criminal, and how crimes should be handled as society determines what is “right” and “wrong.” The exhibit looks at how crime—and punishments for those crimes—in Douglas County and the United States have changed from the time of Lawrence’s founding to the present day. Artifacts from the museum’s collection and loans from the Lawrence Police department are featured. The exhibit was developed and produced by a team of four graduate students in the Museum Studies Program at the University of Kansas.

For more information on the Final Friday event, contact the Watkins Museum at 785-841-4109, or visit the museum online at The Watkins Museum is located at 1047 Massachusetts Street in downtown Lawrence.


LOCAL COLOR: 313 STUDIOS (313 E. 8th)

Grace Peterson’s Local Color will be previewing all of the amazing cars that were made at its May 26th Wire Car Workshop. Come see these wonderful little cars made by kids and adults to be driven by their creators in the Art TougeauParade. Local Color is located at 313 Studios, 313 East 8thSt. (On the corner of 8th and NY) in Lawrence’s Cultural District. Drinks and appetizers provided.

CIDER GALLERY ( 810 Pennsylvania St.)

Geo Sipp: Graphite Works on Paper and Grained Glass

Sipp's work is intuitive and stunning, drawing from the codification of meaning and emotion by the media. He seeks to reevaluate the visual narrative to which we have become conditioned. Widely published images and archetypes are deconstructed to become a more accessible "visual vocabulary" for historical record.

Geo Sipp is an Associate Professor at Missouri Western State University where he teaches Drawing, Painting, Printmaking and Illustration. His paintings and prints are in the permanent collections of the Coca-Cola Corporation, the Los Angeles Times, Sony Music, The Sharjah Museum of Art, and the Vero Beach Museum of Art, among others.

The week following the opening, Cider Gallery Fine Art is pleased to also announce an artist talk and reception for Geo Sipp, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm on June 6, 2013.

For more information about the event contact or visit

Gallery hours: 1-5pm Tuesday through Friday and by appointment or chance.


Dana Nichole Peters Ξ Hibernaculum Opens Final Friday, May 31st 6-9pm The Invisible Hand Gallery 846 Pennsylvania st

About the artist:

The boundaries between body and landscape will blur when Lawrence native Dana Peters returns to present a new exhibition of works, Hibernaculum, at The Invisible Hand Gallery. Peters, who recently received her MFA in printmaking from the University of Georgia, is a multidisciplinary artist who works primarily with cut paper to create costumes, installations, sculptures and two-dimensional pieces. Like much of the work Peters has created over the past 6 years, the two-dimensional, cut paper pieces that comprise Hibernaculum explore the internal and external spaces of the body, combining physiological and geographical elements to make forms that can seem at once elemental and incredibly elaborate. Throughout, Peters’ use of soft, nuanced color gives her work a fantastical air that adds mystery and depth. “The patterns and textures I create often hint at corporeal matter like hair, fluid, and tissue,” Peters says. “My palette of florescent pastels transforms these bodily substances into dreamlike objects that ignore the reality of the body in preference of a cleaner, idealized perception of its inner workings.” The exhibition’s centerpiece is a site-specific sculpture, which Peters will build into the gallery’s skylight. Hibernaculum opens at The Invisible Gallery on May 31.

SeedCo STUDIOS (826 Pennsylvania St.)

:::SEEDCO STUDIOS::: Open Studios 6:00-9:00pm After Hours 9:00-Midnight

Music 9:00pm: :::PSYCHIC HEAT::: :::GUY FOX::: :::KARMA VISION:::

Resident Artists: Kanzas Anthony Michaela Carmen Daniel Coonfield Jessica Dietrich Paul Flinders Jesse Gray Erok Johanssen Alicia Kelly Kate Larson Brandon Mateer Jeromy Morris Jeremy Rockwell Angela Wright

Foxy By Proxy Red Light Photography Whatever Forever Tapes

About SeedCo Studios: Located within the Warehouse Arts District at 826 Pennsylvania in a monolithic brick warehouse, this space is ideal for making, showing and engaging in all aspects of contemporary fine art. With studios on the lower level and event space in the main hall, the potential for creating and collaborating on projects at all scales is practically limitless. SeedCo is envisioned as a creative factory/lalaboratory with each of the resident artists bringing their singular artistic identity and prowess to expand and delve deeper into conception and production. At the heart of this project is a conscious intent to transform post-industrial space into a fluent medium all its own, specifically designed to transcend temporal and spatial values and condense them to create a heightened sensory experience. A multi-disciplinary approach emphasizing cooperation, collaboration, and community involvement and encompassing elements from fine art, sculpture, graphic design and production, fashion, construction, digital media, and street art, the scope of this endeavor is far-reaching, but the flavor is distinctly home-grown. With its placement in the center of historic redevelopment, directly behind the monumental Poehler building, SeedCo Studios has the chance to act as a catalyst for creative growth, not only in Lawrence proper, but radiating outward into the surrounding regional area and beyond.

MARLA'S QUILTS (720 E. 9th St. #2)

Marla Jackson Quilter Textile Historian Opens Studio and Gallery in New Lawrence Arts District Get ready to take a journey into the creative mind of nationally renowned Lawrence artist Marla Jackson.  Her artistic medium is not paint, acrylic, or pen and ink; not glass, stone or plaster but the vibrant and soul touching colors and textures of cloth.  With one of her art creations already accepted at the Smithsonian, and many others featured in books, displayed at the Spencer Museum at the University of Kansas and in private collections, quilter textile historian and creative artistic story teller Marla Jackson is a new anchor in the new Warehouse Arts District in East Lawrence at 720 # 2 East 9th Street.

Not your typical on-the-prairie quilter, Ms. Jackson brings her African American heritage and historical creative poignancy to her quilts.  Her primary goal with her work is to echo the untold stories of heroes that history has overlooked, forgotten, or hidden. But it is not until you know the raw emotion of Ms. Jackson's personal story, that you see the joy and pain of her own life intertwined with her African American culture playing out in the brilliant color and texture in her “story” quilts.

Many of her quilts will be on display, along with her amazing dolls some of which are created with rare African cloths from Ghana and Mali. Her gallery will soon become a teaching laboratory where she will begin to teach the art of creative story quilting, doll making, fabric design and printing, handbags and accessory creations. For more information and to sign up for Ms. Jackson’s future creative classes email or call 785-371-6682 


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