March 28th Final Friday Events

Final Fridays are made possible by support from the Lawrence Arts Center, Downtown Lawrence Inc., and The City of Lawrence

Final Fridays began in August of 2010 through the cooperation of the Lawrence Arts Center, Downtown Lawrence Inc., The Lawrence Cultural Arts Commission and a wealth of artists, gallerists, art collectives and local businesses, all of whom saw the value of the arts in our city and an opportunity to bring them to a wider public through this monthly free arts festival. Lawrence has one of the highest percentages of working artists in the country per capita, and has long stood out in the Kansas landscape as a mecca for creative thought and energy. On the last Friday of every month (all year long!) from 5 until 9 pm, the streets of Downtown Lawrence erupt, storefronts convert into flash spaces, and performances and exhibits spill in and out of galleries and businesses. Activities for kids, exhibitions designed to challenge adults, music, dance and theater for all ages are all within walking distance of each other.

LAWRENCE ARTS CENTER (940 New Hampshire) Lawrence Arts Center Final Friday events are sponsored by Gould Evans.

34th Annual Art Auction Preview Join us for a Final Friday preview reception of the Benefit Art Auction exhibition and bid on works of art!

Tom Moore Solo Exhibition January 31 – March 30 Tom Moore's life has been filled with both the compulsion to create and obstacles that have forced him to devise alternative ways to fulfill that urge. He always wanted to become an artist (or, possibly a superhero, as his early inspiration was cartoons and comic books). Moore trained formally at the University of Kansas School of Fine Arts, where he honed his skills in painting and learned to silkscreen. In 1994, at the age of 50, Moore developed Parkinson's disease and serious health issues, and by 2003 he was forced to give up painting. Tom is still compelled to create, and his casual sketches on the backs of envelopes and scrap paper have continued to flow. Ironically, episodes in the hospital and rehabilitation settings have offered him uninterrupted blocks of time to focus on making these sketches. This exhibition will include a large variety of drawings and sketches in the Lawrence Arts Center's Antecedent Gallery curated by Roger Shimomura.

THE SUMMIT (9th and New Hamsphire)

Monthly exhibitions on the Climbing Wall Gallery

THE ELDRIDGE HOTEL (801 Massachusetts St.)

DYNAMITE SALOON (719 Massachusetts St.)

SIGNS OF LIFE GALLERY (722 Massachusetts St.)

Signs of Life Gallery is located at 722 Massachusetts St. in the heart of historic Lawrence, Kansas. We feature work by dozens of artists to suit a variety of tastes. Many are local, but we also represent artists of national and even international reputation. Our beautiful gallery overlooks picturesque downtown Lawrence and we are convinced you will find it a satisfying place to experience art and cultivate your own creativity. Come in and let us help you find artwork that is a perfect fit for your life and space.

THE BOTTLENECK (737 New Hampshire St.)

PACHAMAMAS (800 New Hampshire St.)

Recent Works by Marie McKenzie and Kate Larson Works can be viewed throughout the restaurant and Star Bar


//.Henry's CoffeeShop & Bar.\ Opening: March FF: March 28th 6-9 p.m.

||.Henry's CoffeeShop & Bar is proud to present some rad artists joining us this month based out of the Oklahoma City area. Stop by the opening, meet the artists and enjoy a glass of wine and feast your eyes on these enchanting works on paper.||

||.Double Date.||.Couple's*Skate.||

Tanner Frady/Ashley Smith:

Living by the motto, "C.R.E.A.M." (Cartoons Rule Everything Around Me), this OKC couple created an arrangement of vibrant wood cutout characters that are sure to bring a smile to your face. A series of vices as well as some familiar faces influenced by traditional sign painting, graffiti, retro cartoons and tattoo art to touch base on all levels of viewing pleasure.

The Holey Kids:

The Holey Kids are Katie Rake and Elijah Scott, a couple of chumps from OKC. Hiding out in a world of their own, surrounded by doe-eyed dopes and unsettling organisms. They have a hard time making friends, so they just hand make their friends instead. Mother and Father Holey have utilized scraps from the other two artists' pieces and, making collaborations by outcasts on cast out materials, as well as created a series of photo etchings for you to enjoy.

WONDER FAIR (803 1/2 Massachusetts St.) (above the Burger Stand)

Where I'm From, Where I Want to Be | New Work by Jonathan Metzger March 28–April 22, 2014 Opening with the artist Final Friday, March 28, 6:00-9:30pm

This Final Friday Wonder Fair returns to its regularly-scheduled exhibition programming with Jonathan Metzger: printmaker, cabinet-maker, black-coffee-drinker, above-average bowler. Inspired by his farm-boy upbringing, Metzger’s work most often features monolithic, inanimate tools set within highly-detailed midwestern landscapes. Anthropomorphized hammers and tea cups borrowed from memories of his father’s work shed or his mother’s kitchen become compelling portrait subjects in Metzgers’ work. In the artist’s hands, however, they no longer seem so perfectly suited to their traditional masculine or feminine purpose.

Join us at Wonder Fair Final Friday, 6:00-9:30 pm to meet the artist, and have first chance at his newest screenprint edition created for Where I’m From, Where I Want to Be.

Artist’s biography:

Working in various media, Jonathan Metzger is a young, mid-western man searching for a place. Growing up on the bluffs near the Mississippi River in southern Minnesota, Metzger spent his youth on his parent’s farm. Memories of building fences, raising pole sheds, and completing household chores inspire his current work. Jonathan Metzger received his MFA with honors from University of Kansas in spring of 2013. Currently, Metzger is a visiting assistant professor at Millsaps College in Jackson, MS.

LOVE GARDEN SOUNDS (822 Massachusetts St.)

“Taco ‘Bout It” a show inspired by the taco Artists: Clint Ricketts, Jason Barr, Valueshock, Jeff Eaton, Leslie Kuluva, Emily Parker, Adam Lott, Grace D. Chin, Solace Naeymi, Cameron Lamontagne, Meredith Moore, Wonder Fair, Aaron Marable, Amanda Graham, Patrick Giroux, Becky Harpstrite, Sarah Swyers, Jeff McKee and Eric Dobbins

DOWNTOWN UPSTAIRS (824 1/2 Massachusetts St.)

PHOENIX GALLERY (825 Massachusetts St.)

For the March Final Friday Art Walk, we will be featuring artists Robbin Loomas, Wendy Droge-Malm, and Steve and Shelby Wendland. Dorian’s Wheel will be providing music and we will have food and beverages.

Robbin Loomas, a working photographer for over 25 years, has her own photo studio, Sterling Image, in Lawrence, KS. Her images are each created differently using a combination of photography, painting, and technology. After enhancing the photographs digitally, using a variety of computer programs, she prints the images on canvas and applies natural acrylics or oil paints.

Wendy Droge-Malm is a self-taught polymer clay artist, and has been working with this medium for about six years. She has been a resident of Kansas all her life. She earned both her bachelors and masters degrees in Social Work at KSU and KU respectively. In addition to being an artist, Wendy is a stay-at-home mom with two beautiful, creative little girls.

Steve and Shelby Wendland of Custom Fabrication, LLC will be in the New Hampshire St. entrance. They realized that it was challenging to find high quality metal works in the construction field and started to take on part-time metal projects using basic knowledge and tooling. To them, taking a piece of raw steel and manipulating it into a piece that speaks of beauty, strength, and longevity is rewarding.

Dorian's Wheel is a traditional Irish band from Lawrence, Kansas, made up of three multi-talented, professional musicians: Kelly Bohling (fiddle, vocals), Chris Bohling (bodhrán, vocals, mandolin), and Leslie Jabara (harp, vocals, bouzouki, tin whistle). The band performs driving instrumental jigs and reels, stirring ballads, and rollicking songs.


Join us for the March Final Friday Art Walk in Phoenix Underground featuring artist Rick Wright. Rick is a graduate of the University of Kansas with a B.F.A in Design/Illustration and an M.A. in art education. He lives in midtown Kansas City, Missouri with his wife and young daughter. He routinely exhibits work in the greater Kansas City metropolitan area and travels regionally to art festivals in Minneapolis, Denver, Dallas, St Louis, Chicago, Memphis, and Des Moines. In addition to his personal work, he has been an art educator in both private and public schools and currently teaches art at Van-Go Inc., an arts based non-profit job training program in Lawrence, KS. His work is composed primarily of acrylic paints through an aggressive use of brushwork, mark-making, and color exploration to capture the essence of a pose. Rick seeks to maintain a rawness and energy in the completed image, but with a believability of form. The majority of his work is rooted in direct observation of a model. Burlesque performers, dancers, and acrobats are of particular interest to his current body of work. Rick typically creates a number of charcoal sketches and then utilizes them in the studio as reference for larger paintings where his own direction and color sensibilities develop independently from the model.

ESSENTIAL GOODS (825 Massachusetts St.)

Opening Reception for The Craftivists::Commotion Please join us Friday, March 28th at the opening reception for The Craftivists out of Topeka. We are thrilled to represent them this month in our gallery! It will be a fantastic evening and we look forward to seeing you there!

TEN THOUSAND VILLAGES (835 Massachusetts St.)

Roura Young is a watercolorist. Inspired by color, she plays with the paint to create her expressive works.

Roura grew up in Prairie Village, Kansas where she studied art in a private studio with Bess Carter. She graduated with an art history degree from the University of Kansas and currently lives and works in rural Douglas County.

“The variety of color found in our lives fascinates me. I love to push the limits on color as I explore the world through my watercolors. My subjects are those that I experience; the Flint Hills, the woods, even a patch of clover in my backyard.” ~ Roura Young


Bio/Statement: The visually symbolic images in my work each represent text, and as such, represent a certain amount of implied secrecy. Each piece can be interpreted purely as visual imagery or decoded to include their textual denotations. The choice lies squarely with the viewer. The duality of my work as both as visual images and as secret coded text is representative for me of the dual experience of the homosexual individual existing in the World. Society perceives you as gay or straight.

All individuals have the same rights or they do not. Your marriage is legal or it is not. A middle ground is apparently absent from the conversation.

Each piece is a limited group of textually referenced images in close proximity that represent words, phrases, or simply individual letters.

My work contains religious textual references, which intentionally juxtaposes the military semiotic tradition with the textural traditions of organized religion. This blended approach, of religion and government is intended to provoke the viewer to remember that the semiotics of religion is so inherent to our lives that we forget that the original intent of this imagery was to control.

As a gay artist, I explore the connection between religion and government, illuminating some of the most relevant issues present in our society today.

Jeremy Scott Eaton is from Missouri. Jeremy has created paintings, music compositions for the piano, a ‘drag’ persona, and mixed media sculptures including set design. After being denied the same marriage rights as other Americans for the second time in California, he turned his artistic scope towards the political spectrum.

Jeremy uses the semaphore language and text to create a dialogue about the communication and transparency between religion and government. Much like the coded and decorative ways politicians speak, his work begs to communicate with you by aesthetics alone. Jeremy is currently living and working in Saint Joseph, MO.

LAWRENCE PERCOLATOR (in the alley behind Lawrence Arts Center on 9th St.) *look for the green awnings

Hard Rain: Living with Bombs in Laos Opening Final Friday, March 28, 5-9 pm One plane load of Bombs, every 8 minutes, 24 hours a day..... for 9 years. This is what rained down on the small Southeast Asian country of Laos, mostly in secret, during the time of the American involvement in the Vietnam war. Approximately 1/3 of these bombs failed to explode upon impact, & today, over 40 years since the end of the war, they continue to maim and kill people.

Hard Rain is an exhibit of photos, prints, textiles, artifacts, posters, historic and contemporary, exploring the continued unexploded ordnance contamination of Laos. Included are items on loan from the Legacies of War foundation. Legacies of War was founded with the mission to advocate for UXO clearance, to raise awareness, provide a space for healing and create hope for peace.

The show will open with a blessing and prayer for peace by the monks of the Lao Buddhist Association of Olathe Ks. at 6:00 pm on March 28.

The Lawrence Percolator is located behind 913 Rhode Island, in the Alley just east of the Lawrence Arts Center. All are invited and welcome!

-- Lawrence Percolator ::

Location: look for the green awnings in the alley behind 913 Rhode Island

DO’S DELUXE (416 E. 9th St.)

Featuring oil paintings by Kim Kern 6-8 pm 416 East 9th

CORE:FORM (512 E. 9th St.)

“Random Expressions” Photography by Marciana Derrico Vequist

THE ROOST (920 Massachusetts St.)

“Brick and Mortar” by Matt Kuhlman 6:00 – 9:00 pm Coffee counter and bar will be open

Human development is a fascinating yet frequently overlooked force. The buildings we construct and the cities we establish are very intentional efforts at shaping the world as we desire it, yet we are so closely entwined with this process that it is easy to overlook what an unbelievable phenomenon it is. I make pieces that try to offer perspectives that highlight different qualities of the man-made world and addresses some of the larger questions: Why do organic creatures choose to create such a geometric environment for themselves? Is it really best to cover acres of land with grids of neutral-colored, cheaply constructed, inefficient homes? If it’s not the best thing to do, why does this happen, and why do so many people find nothing unusual about the practice? What causes us to regard a building either impressive or ugly? What does the style and structure of our buildings say about our society? Considering questions like this, I try to balance the extremes and come up with results that express the organic, geometric, beautiful, ugly, practical, and impractical qualities of the world that we choose to create.

Matt Kuhlman is a Chicago-based artist and writer originally from Lawrence, Kansas. He earned a BFA in printmaking from the University of Kansas in 2008, and a Master’s in Journalism, also from the University of Kansas, in 2011. His artwork has appeared in dozens of shows through the last ten years, and is currently a podcast contributor to the Boston-based arts and culture website Big Red & Shiny.

AU MARCHE (931 Massachusetts St.)

EXTRA VIRGIN (937 Massachusetts St.)

"SPRING FORWARD", Artwork by Kathleen Anderson, Laurie Culling, Dian Hauser, Leta Strom Opens March 28 Final Friday, Reception 5-9pm. Show runs through April 22, 2014

Kathleen Anderson is a Lawrence resident who has been painting in watercolor and oil for the past 14 years. She loves color in all its brilliance and subtleties with subject matter that includes landscapes, city scenes, seascapes, flowers and animals. She is a member of the Lawrence Art Guild, the Greater Kansas City Art Association, and the Missouri Valley Impressionist Society. Her work hangs in private and corporate collections and has been displayed in 1109 Gallery in Lawrence, SouthWind Gallery in Topeka, and Images Gallery, Buttonwood Gallery, and ARTichokes Gallery in the Kansas City area., Laurie Culling is a visual artist and active visual artists' advocate, living in Lawrence. Ranging in style from realistic to abstract, her art explorations feature a variety of mediums including acrylic on canvas, mixed media on gypsum, monotypes, watercolor, pastels, hand-made paper collage, fabric and beads. Her artwork has been exhibited locally, regionally and nationally and she has received numerous awards including Lawrence's prestigious Phoenix Award in Visual Arts (2002). Her works are in many private, public and corporate collections. Laurie is a former Lawrence Art Guild co-president and vice-president, the co-founder of the Phoenix Gallery (1982), a founding member of the F.A.N. Club (1987) and Artist for the Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center (1988). Laurie volunteered as art exhibit coordinator on behalf of the Lawrence Art Guild for the Lawrence Public Library for 20 years. She was the volunteer Assistant Director of the Lawrence Art Guild's 1109 Gallery in Downtown Lawrence.,,

Dian Hauser is a mixed media artist living in Oskaloosa, Kansas with her husband and 14 turkeys (among other animals). She received her MFA from the University of Kansas in 2000 and has been happily making art ever since. Her artwork references stories, verbal and written, that have a metaphysical basis. Dian uses metal and wood as a ground for her collage/ drawing/ painting explorations. She has exhibited her work locally and regionally. Dian’s art hangs in corporate and private collections. Dian was the Lawrence Public Library Art Liaison until 2013 and has had the pleasure of working with many Lawrence artists. LETA STROM BACKDOOR PHOTOS During her travels with her husband Steve, Leta Strom utilized traditional and modern photographic techniques to create canvas pieces that capture the charm and distinctiveness of various locales in Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, and Slovakia. Her photo company, “Backdoor Photo,” takes its name from the approach that Steve and Leta chose in planning their European adventure. Rather than visiting a great many large cities, they chose to enter the countries through the ‘backdoor,’ wandering along winding cobblestone streets, becoming lost in the centuries-old charm of the villages and falling in step with the daily lives of locals. It is Leta’s hope that as you view her photos, you may become lost in the enchanting appeal of these European spots. Leta Strom has been involved in the Arts and working with young people for over twenty-five years. She taught high school drama and students with special needs. Leta resides in Lawrence, Kansas with her husband, Steve, and enjoys spending time with her daughters, Lauren and Kristin.

REPLAY LOUNGE (945 Massachusetts St.)

6 pm: Clay Hughes & Friends 10 pm: Spirits and Melchizedek Children / Karma Vision

FIVE BAR / INGREDIENT (947 Massachusetts St.)

Five Bar (just to the north of Ingredient) on Final Friday for live music all night

GREENHOUSE CULTURE (1001 Massachusetts St.)

The Greenhouse Culture Final Friday Art Show 6:00-9:00pm March 28th Featuring Artwork by Spencer Chapin Live Jazz music during Final Friday. Refreshments provided.

Spencer Chapin is an artist working in the realms of graphic design, photography, painting and illustration from Lee’s Summit, Missouri. In 2001 he graduated from the University of Missouri Kansas City with a degree in studio art with an emphasis in graphic design and photography. Spencer has 13 years experience as a graphic designer and is currently a Graphic Design Coordinator at Metropolitan Community College in Kansas City. Spencer is also a freelance artist working in an array of areas including music, automotive, education, oil, religious, social, nonprofit, apparel and more.

Under the pseudonym, Nalubuff, Spencer creates acrylic paintings, composite photography and vector-based illustrations. His pieces incorporate subject matter including animals, portraits and Christian messages brought to life through the mixture of saturated color palettes, gritty textures and aggressive strokes. These images meld the influences of Japanese wood block prints, graffiti, 80’s cartoons, rock music, zoology, nature, fantasy film cinematography and Hieroglyphic ancient writing.

Whether it is drawing a viewer in to a story told through composite photography or allowing the viewer to just pause and focus on the beautiful creation in the lines and structure of animals, Spencer strives to create images that will inspire, motivate and bring hope.

AIMEE'S CAFE' & COFFEE SHOP (1025 Massachusetts St.)

WATKINS MUSEUM of HISTORY (1047 Massachusetts St.)

ECOBOUTIQUO (1101 1/2 Masschusetts St.)

ECOBOUTIQUO earth friendly fashion gallery NOW OPEN!! 1101 1/2 massachusetts st. upstairs OPEN SATURDAYS: 10:00-6:00 and by appointment- 785.979.6929 offering: ecocouture, recycled, upcycled, handmade, art. jewelry, accessories, some vintage, some thrift, and some things unexpected.


CIDER GALLERY (810 Pennsylvania St.)

Cider Gallery Fine Art, in the Warehouse Arts District of Lawrence, Kansas, to host the work of Jeromy Morris and Jeremy Rockwell. March 21, 2014 (Lawrence, KS) Cider Gallery Fine Art is pleased to announce a reception for artists Jeromy Morris and Jeremy Rockwell taking place on Final Friday, from 5:00 to 9:00 pm on March 28, 2014. The exhibition will be located at the Cider Gallery on 810 Pennsylvania Street. JEROMY MORRIS Born in Denver, CO, now living and producing in Lawrence, KS, Jeromy Morris has a bachelor's degree in Visual Communications and Graphic Design from the University of Kansas. He is a founding member of Fresh Produce Art Collective and Director at SeedCo Studios. Morris is constantly finding new techniques to express his creativity through multiple mediums. He "builds moods" using acrylic, toner transfers, spray paint on wood panel and re-purposed/found objects. Inspired by chaos and the mundane, he seeks out subtleties and embraces the accidental. JEREMY ROCKWELL Born in Santa Maria, CA, Jeremy Rockwell is a Mixed media artist who explores painting, sculpture, photography, drawing and design. Currently working in Exhibitions at The Lawrence Arts Center, Rockwell also manages (and is a founding member) of SeedCo Studios in the Warehouse Arts District, an open concept artist studio and gallery housing over 20 artists and musicians. Rockwell lives and works in Lawrence, KS. For more information, please contact or visit Cider Gallery Fine Art hours: 1-5 pm, Tuesday through Friday and by appointment or chance.

SeedCo STUDIOS (826 Pennsylvania St.)

Atomic Photography presents: The Ballad of Freyja. At long last another collaboration with Atomic and Foxy By Proxy Revue ! This stunning photo series will be opening at SeedCo Studios this final friday.

"White were the moorlands And frozen, before her; Green were the moorlands And blooming, behind her. Out of her gold locks Shaking the spring flowers, Out of her garments Shaking the south wind, Around in the birches Awaking the throstles, Beautiful Freyja came." — Kingsley.

Open Studios 5:00-9:00pm Resident Artists: Felt Show Foxy by Proxy Fart Lyfe Jason Barr Michaela Carmen Jesse Gray Erok Johanssen Alicia Kelly Kate Larson Brandon Mateer Marie McKenzie Landon Merrill Jeromy Morris Dani Ramirez Catherine Reed Jeremy Rockwell Jessica Rold Ryan Storck Naomi Welch Ben Welch Angela Wright Aaron Youngstrom

THE LAWRENCE ART PARTY (Lawrence Creates Makerspace 9th and New Jersey)

Final Friday Lawrence Art Party Lawrence Creates Makerspace 9th and New Jersey (NW Corner) Friday, March 28, 5:30 - 9:30

We are going to have a fabulous Final Friday Lawrence Art Party! We offer all of this and more:

--The incomparable Darrell Lea will provide musical entertainment,

--We'll have grilled Italian Sausage sandwiches and liquid refreshments,

--Our Brain Hacking team will provide an opportunity for you to learn more about your brain, see a live image of your brainwaves, and take home a print if you would like.

--We have a GREAT group of makers and artists showing this month, including:

  • Donna Dennis, with beautiful paintings
  • Cindy Kerr and her fabulous jewelry
  • Nick Schmiedeler's amazing sculptures
  • Garret Tufte, with wonderful sculptures and creative ideas
  • Lesa Weller,with unique and colorful geometric creations

  • We'll have a home automation demonstration, and preview of a FREE DIY home automation class we will hold on Saturday, March 29.

  • We'll have a sneak preview of the LED lighting we are planning on installing in the Makerspace!

The Lawrence Art Party, a production of Lawrence Creates and the Lawrence Art Guild, is held every Final Friday at the Lawrence Creates Makerspace at 512 E. 9th Street (9th and NJ), Lawrence KS. We welcome new artists. To apply for a Lawrence Art Party event, simply email a few images of the work you would like to show to

For information on our modest fees, set up times, and much more, check out the Lawrence Art Party Artist Information Guide.

901 PENN GALLERY (901 Pennsylvania St.)

"Birthing Each Other" Autumn Estrella Brighid One Night Solo Exhibition

Autumn Estrella Brighid is an an artist, a scientist, and alternative healing practitioner. She has apprenticed under esteemed teachers from around the world, delving into a vigorous engagement with permaculture, interpersonal communication, midwifery, and shamanism. At the University of Kansas, Autumn studied fine art and biological sciences and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. During a 9-month adventure in California, she began training which led her to begin offering workshops and life coaching based in transformational self-compassion. A health crisis in 2013 led her back to art, this time as a therapeutic tool to process the emotional challenges and spiritual questions that emerged during the low point of her illness. Exploring ideas around birth and gestation, “Birthing Each Other” features the sculptures which she calls Womb Eggs, pieces fired in KU's wood-fire anagama kiln. This work is inspired by the womb-like cavern of the kiln itself, and the symbolic significance of the unavoidable unpredictability of this technique. Concurrent with her work as an artist in ceramics and other media, Autumn also plans to pursue graduate studies in pre- and perinatal psychology. She was born in Winfield, Kansas, and has resided in Lawrence since 2004.

ART EMERGENCY (721 E. 9th St.)

Brand new Art Gallery in the heart of the East Lawrence Art District. This is a big warehouse undergoing an awesome transformation to become one of the next great galleries in town. Come visit us to see the tremendous talents of many local artisans displaying their fine art, street art and sculptures. We are the giant green warehouse on the corner of 9th and Delaware, next to Star Signs. Free entry, live music, adult beverages, and no dress code, see you on Friday!




“Earth's Ever-Changing Surface” Meet one of Lawrence's treasured artists, Marie McKenzie while seeing some of her unique original paintings on display for the evening.

Marie McKenzie Bio: A graduate of the University of Kansas' Fine Art Program with an emphasis in painting, Marie McKenzie's range of work encompasses painting, sculpture and design. Observations of nature are the driving force in all of her work. This new series of paintings highlights the earth's ever changing surface through the exploration of erosion, sediment and landmass. Marie has exhibited in numerous galleries, non-profit venues and flash spaces in Missouri, Kansas and Colorado. Her creative process in centered at SeedCo Studios, a shared artist residency and event space in Lawrence, KS. So come be inspired by Marie's interpretations of our ever-changing home, Earth. What a great way to welcome the spring season and all the changes to come. While you are here, enjoy the best tasting local chocolate milk and ice cream from the Iwig Family Dairy. Kids will have a chance to paint, so bring them with you and treat the family to ice cream cones! The store will be open until 9:00pm, featuring the best dairy products available and other healthy local foods from local farmers.


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