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February 24th Final Friday Offers Music, Exhibitions and Performance for a Night of Free Family Fun

FINAL FRIDAY February 24th, 2012 exhibitions and performances all events are from 5 until 9 pm unless otherwise noted


Hong Chun Zhang ( 张 春 红 ) HAY WIRE: Solo Exhibition January 20 – March 8 “Hay Wire” is a site specific project made for the Lawrence Arts Center. This body of new work includes one large charcoal drawing, two oil paintings and three Chinese ink paintings as well as one installation piece. The idea for this series comes from my life experiences both in urban China and rural Kansas. I mix my Chinese heritage, aesthetics, and identity with my new home in the mid-west and in middle kingdom.

Jennifer Crupi THE ARTICULATE BODY: Solo Exhibition

The artwork in this exhibition addresses the ways we communicate with each other visually, through body language. Hand crafted of aluminum or sterling silver, these interactive objects become instruments for gestural behavior. Studies show that 85% of our communication is non-verbal. With the increasing use of e-mail, Internet social networks, and text messaging, true one-on-one interpersonal communication is fading and our more honest and authentic feelings are being overlooked. All of my pieces point out various gestures or postures and their associated meanings in the hope viewers will realize the importance of how our bodies speak for us. An old proverb rightfully claims, “Actions speak louder than words”. Although our body movements may be mute to the ears, they are inevitably far more revealing than the spoken word which often disguises.

Directed Visions Works from 1st and 2nd Year Graduate Students from the School of Art at the University of Kansas February 3 - March 14 "Directed Visions" represents a rich variety of fresh talent, innovative artistic practices, and conceptual approaches from the University Of Kansas Department Of Visual Art Graduate Students. The graduate studio experience encourages authentic artistic exploration. Ideas, forms, and materials are explored as part of the student's creative process. The works in this exhibition are responses to directed investigations. The Department of Visual Arts Graduate Studio Arts program is a comprehensive three-year program that gives students the opportunity to experiment with media, materials, and diverse artistic practices that support the development of artistic excellence.

Dannon Art Project January 23 – March 3 This project will be housed on the north end of the second floor of the Arts Center. Rex Hausmann created a painting on the second floor at the Lawrence Arts Center January 23 – 27. This temporary studio will handed over to a series of artists who will create new works, each leaving their works on display. Hausmann invited artists to work in this space in different mediums to create a community response to his painting. Audiences are encouraged to visit the space.

DOWNTOWN UPSTAIRS (824-1/2 Massachusetts) *6:30-10:30

Eclectic artwork mixed with the eclectic Downtown Upstairs Studio is eye candy for the soul and promises to please. Trip the light fantastic upstairs to view the artwork by Traci Bunkers, Mike Wallace, and Uncle Andy. This venue is open late to give everyone a chance to visit.

Traci Bunkers, mixed-media artist and published author, has a little something for everyone, including quirky pin-back buttons & pocket mirrors, ponytail dreadlocks, mixed-media paintings, photographs, and handmade books. She will also have both of her books "The Art Journal Workshop" and "Print & Stamp Lab" available. See her website at for more information.

Mike Wallace is a Lawrence area artist who is showing again after many years. He is currently producing portraits and animal portraits in oil, as well as mixed-media pieces. For more information, contact Mike at

Andy, fondly known as Uncle Andy, is a prolific artist who specializes in squished acrylics on found objects.

THE LAWRENCE PERCOLATOR (in the alley behind Lawrence Arts Center, look for the green awnings)

This Green Space (in process) 5-9 pm at the Percolator

Visitors are welcome to see "This Green Space" installation in process. Check out the scale model of the field and hear about how you can participate.

more info at


From the artist: Rehearsing the amorphous forms A river and a cloud My relatives I call them And think of them often They come to me in recovery rooms They come without handles or angles A true badge of the Real Indefinitely they are in the church of this-or-that The carpooled Saint and the chauffeured Prophet An experience here A nuance there Flirting the line Absorbed in the form A hardly found blur, the newest prescription Like a system of ethics Exposed to the air

Nicholas Ward received his BFA in 2007 from the University of South Dakota and his MFA in 2010 from the university of Kansas. In 2008, Nicholas was invited to study at the KID Puppet For Film Animation School in Prague CZ. There he studied under master puppet-makers and animators, many of whom worked directly under the father of Czech puppet animation, Jiri Trnka. Since 2010 Nicholas has been involved with Mid America Arts Alliances Mural Project, A six-state series of three-month community engaging residency projects designed to empower and ignite art in mid-western communities. He is also co-director, and cinematographer for the documentary film Called to Walls (currently in production). In 2011 Nicholas was an artist in residence at the Bemis Center for contemporary Art in Omaha, Nebraska. He currently resides in North Lawrence.

THE BOURGEOIS PIG (6 E. 9TH ST.) *6 until 9 pm

“Trash Lion” new works by Natale Collar

Natale Collar was born on the Kansas plains. Raised on gunpowder and game bird, she spent her childhood summers selling fireworks and her winters going on hunting trips with her father. This exposure to nature and culture helped shape her methods in creative expression.

She studied at the University of Kansas, getting her BFA in Sculpture with a minor in Psychology. She works mainly in metal, wood and living materials but is constantly searching for challenging and innovative mediums. She has shown in several University related exhibits but Trash Lion marks her first solo show.

About "Trash Lion"

This series explores nature, create-ure, and culture and the labored union of the aforementioned items. The works aim to expose the usefully discarded and overlooked without putting anything on a pedestal. It is as much influenced by trenching oddities as it is regular forest dwellers. While it's perhaps more about gathering acorns than getting lost in a monstrous city, both parts have relevance.


Rachel Scribner ~ Settle Down Opens Tuesday, February 21st 6-8pm Runs through Monday, March 26th

From the Artist:

Once, when I was twelve, my grandma pulled out a century old braid of hair from a shoebox in her closet. It was my great-great aunt's, and it was perfectly preserved, as if had been cut from my own head. In that moment, I became obsessed with the tie that every person has to the past, through the people who lived before us, and the stories that they left behind. This deep interest in the wealth of history that lies around me, whether in the evidence of buildings, objects or memory continues to inspire me to create works of art that are tied to the past, and also compels me to explore current life experiences. As I've grown older, I have come to use art as a way to explore these themes of dimension, time, narrative, legacy and cycling of human life. I start with contour drawings from my imagination and then work back in with paint and more drawing in order to nurture the space with no specific ideas of an outcome. I like to let the acts of drawing and painting inform the space through discovery and dialogue of the mediums. The most important element of art making for me now is the allowance of discovery and intuitive response without limitations of reference, reality or logic so I can see deeper relationships between my imagery, materials and ideas.

Artist Statement: My work contains drawn and painted imagery of forms made by the earth and forms made by man. Natural forms speak of the unending cycle of life and shifting of situation and circumstances. Manmade structures echo the need for order and logic along with the very human attempt at control of our lives as we deal with life changes. Death, loss, pain, relief, and joy alter our emotional conditions similar to the effects of the elements like wind, rain, erosion, etc. The skeleton-like structures and architecture reference human life and its fragile state. Nature shifts, buries and allows growth within space even during trauma. Emotions, dreams, fears and expectations settle in the process. This work is a meditation on the shifting of life and how we move through those periods over and over, constantly adjusting and finding new ways to settle into our circumstances.


The Eldridge presents an evening of live music with Irish trio, DORIAN'S WHEEL, featuring Kelly Bohling

In the Lobby for Final Friday, February 24th


Knowledge Grows: Student Experiences in the Smart Choices Garden with Americana Music Academy students and teachers

On Friday, February 24, the Watkins Museum will open the exhibition Knowledge Grows: Student Experiences in the Smart Choices Garden, celebrating the Liberty Memorial Central Middle School's garden project. The family-friendly event will run from 6:00-8:00 PM. Students and teachers from the Americana Music Academy will present musical selections throughout the evening. Hands-on activities and refreshments will be provided. The event is free and open to the public.

On view on the second floor of the Watkins Museum, Knowledge Grows features photos and recollections by students and volunteers that participated in the Central Smart Choices Garden. The exhibition explores the growth of the project and its role as an educational experience. Historic artifacts and photographs reveal how agricultural activities shaped the lives of young people in Douglas County in the past.

For more information on the exhibition, contact the Watkins Museum at 785-841-4109.


A Final Friday staple, The Lawrence Art Party continues this month with a group show of local and regional artists as well as Van Go! Mobile Arts


Chop Chop with Lee Piechocki and Matt Jacobs

Chop chop, get to work. Chop chop, make some art. For many talented artists “chop chop” is both an internal mantra and an incessant external fact. Moreover it describes the way in which art is often made, in chops: a second stolen during a commute, an inspiration set in motion at an inopportune moment captured as note to self in one’s sketchbook. Beginning Final Friday, February 24th, Wonder Fair presents Chop Chop, an exhibition of momentary pauses in modern man’s hectic schedule. The show pairs former Wonder-Fairian Lee Piechocki with Kansas City Art Institute grad Matt Jacobs. Art brothers from different art mothers, their work is united by an obvious delight in materials and pop- toned banality. As if they shopped for art imagery from the same neon-colored aisle at the dollar store, Jacobs’ sculptures juxtapose bright pool floats and rainbow-hued household cleaning supplies, while Piechocki’s imaginary interiors are filled with beach balls, kitsch dolphin posters, and stray fluorescent marks. Chop Chop promises to be a bright spot in the deep of winter-- so Chop chop, go to the Wonder Fair! Chop Chop opens Final Friday, with a special opening event from 6-10pm. During this time, the Wonder Fair will host a live printing demonstration and fundraiser for the KU Printmaking Club. Ten specially designed t-shirt and poster screenprints will be available, priced $10--$20, featuring such crowd-pleasing images as Pizza, Storm Troopers on Bikes, and (for the minimalist) bold geometric patterns. Help a printmaker, and help yourself to a hand-made tee! The Wonder Fair is open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday 12-6, and Saturday 10-7, with completely random extended hours when we happen to be there. Please visit frequently for news, information, and to skew our Google analytics data.


The South Mass Art Guild (SMAG) a Kansas Arts Not for Profit will be celebrating it's fourth anniversary! Join us for drinks and Hors d' oeuvers. Visual art will be for sale.


Featured Artist: Marty Olson

Final Friday, February 24th, the 1109 Gallery presents "Contemporaries" with more than 50 pieces of artwork from area artists. Our featured artist in the large gallery is Marty Olson whose pieces range from inspirations of the Southwest, personal symbolic lexicons and the spirit of the Flint Hills. Each painting and piece represent the dance of creative process as he experiences it. Our opening reception will be held on Final Friday from 7:00-9:00pm with great art, great food and libations! 1109 Gallery is located at 1109 Massachusetts in beautiful downtown Lawrence, Kansas. The show runs from February 21, 2012 - April 22, 2012. Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 11am-5pm and Sunday 1-5pm.


New Works by Justin Marable

Justin Marable was raised in Robinson, a northeastern Kansas farm town. Throughout his life, Justin has learned and wandered within the boundaries of his Midwestern homeland, observing the landscape and landmarks of the surrounding region. Printmaking, drawing, and music have become his main methods of artistic expression. Justin graduated from the University of Kansas in May 2005 with a B.F.A. in printmaking. He currently resides in the Kenwood neighborhood of Topeka with his wife and daughters. He works full time at his home as an artist, husband, and father.

TRAILRIDGE AND GRAYSTONE APARTMENTS (2512 W. 6th St.) *5:30 until 8 pm

Works by Kevin Kinkaid and live music by Kaelum Hasler

Trailridge and Graystone Apartments and Townhomes will be hosting our monthly final Friday show above our office located at 2512 W. 6th St. This Month's artist will be Graystone resident Kevin Kinkaid with live music performed by Kaelum Hasler on the cello. There will be free food and champagne 5:30-8


Backroads, Images of Rural Kansas

Photography by Kansascapes Photo Alliance

Entrances, Media Room and Gallery

Native Kansans Brad Neff, Scott Bean and Roger Spohn have banded together to form the Kansascapes Photo Alliance. Their collective and individual goals are to capture and share the subtle beauty of Kansas through their photography. Each member has had work published in Kansas Magazine and other regional publications, and the group strives to inspire others with their images as well as to document, preserve and protect the fragile and vanishing lands.

Eclectic Muses: Photography by Constance Whiston

Lower Level

Constance Whiston has a background in sculpture, painting, drawing and calligraphy. This continuously informs her photography. She began photographing with a “Brownie,” then proceeded to employ an instamatic, waterproof 35 MM Pentax, digital Pentax, 35 MM Canon FTB, Nikon SLR and Canon SLR.

Exhibits: Texas, Missouri, Nebraska and Kansas

Influences: Everyone that expresses art, whether with brush, typewriter, clay, camera, computer, voice, feet, or simply in breathing.


"A Trunk Show of Makenna Bartel Jewelry" Come by and celebrate the return of one of our most beloved artists, Makenna Bartel. Makenna will be on hand to present her latest jewelry designs with a large selection for fans of her work to choose from.


"THE GREY AREA"- The Lost Art Space studio/gallery features a show built around the processes and environments that externally shape the inner urge to construct and create. The lines between gallery and studio become blurred as the six resident artists expand into the main gallery with individual site-specific installations focused on conceptual ideas & the interplay of layers that develop into a finished work of art. This show attempts to illuminate the grey areas between thinking and making, material and artifact, creator and creation and the underlying threads between us all.

Along with the work of studio artists Paul Flinders, Jeromy Morris, Jason Barr, Erok Johanssen, Jesse Gray, and Jeremy Rockwell, multimedia projects from New Zealand and Colorado will be displayed, as well as new microchip paintings by Yuri Zupancic, jewelry from Wayne Propst and KANVAS Co., work by Matt Ridgway, Robert Gandy and other local favorites.

Opening reception 5-9, February 24th, and runs until the end of the month. Lost Art is located at 845 Massachussetts (formerly Pennie Annie's Sweet Shoppe).


Join Margo Holland of Smiling Mad Designs and Christy Schneider of Inkello Letterpress for Final Fridays on February 24, 2012. Located above Esquina in a playful studio space, the two women create a variety of handmade items. Margo, an arts-inspired mother of three, creates colorful, eclectic jewelry, textiles and home decor objects. Christy designs and prints on an antique letterpress, making a variety of paper goods, including greeting cards, journals, bookplates, and more. She is also a mother and a children’s illustrator, who owns Yellow Pencil Studio, Inc.


Join us for the Final Friday Art Walk on February 24th. Not only will there be a demonstrating artist here, but there will also be live music from Wes Samms and FREE massages from Janette and Kate of Images Salon. This is a Final Friday at Phoenix Gallery that you don't want to miss! Our demonstrating artist will be Dawn Kent of Interlace. From Dawn: “I have always searched for a creative outlet which would also inspire others. This is how Interlace was born. As a self-taught artist, my pieces began with simple stringing techniques and blossomed into the intricate pieces you see today. The design of each piece starts with selection of colorful, focus beads and unfolds as each bead is added. There is no planning of the designs, but an understanding of each component and its relation to the next. I was born and raised in the Midwest, and currently live in Lawrence, Kansas. In addition to being a jewelry artist, I am the mother of two lovely daughters, and have been happily married for 15 years.”

Come in to meet Dawn and while you are here have some of Sue's birthday cake! That's right, February 24th also happens to be Sue's birthday, so we will have cake to share with you.


Signs of Life Gallery is located at 722 Massachusetts St. in the heart of historic Lawrence, Kansas. We feature work by dozens of artists to suit a variety of tastes. Many are local, but we also represent artists of national and even international reputation. Our beautiful gallery overlooks picturesque downtown Lawrence and we are convinced you will find it a satisfying place to experience art and cultivate your own creativity. Come in and let us help you find artwork that is a perfect fit for your life and space. Open on Final Fridays.

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Ring in the New Year with “Final” Final Friday of 2011

Final Friday Events for Friday, December 30th, 2011 All events are from 5 until 9 pm unless otherwise noted

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1109 GALLERY (1109 MASS.)

The 1109 Gallery is having a New Year's Eve Party on December 30th, Final Friday (One Day Early) from 7:00pm until ? featuring the music of LA Fahy. Come enjoy the "Wintry Mix" exhibit, food and fun!

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Dave DeHetre will exhibit glass pieces in the lobby of the Watkins Museum, and musician, Gwyneth of Feral Flute will perform from 5:00 until 8:00 pm for the Final Friday Art Walk.

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Don’t miss the Final Final Friday Lawrence Art Party! The Final Lawrence Art Party of the year will have music, dance, paintings, sculpture, photography, and more.

We’ll have music the always popular Heebie Jeebies, dance by the Lawrence Ballet Theatre, a group show by the KU Drawing II students, and art by these amazing artists:

Alexandria Browne Matt Burke Scott Burr John Clayton Raechel Cook Matthew Dominic Farley Sandra Griffin Hannah Jensen Emily Johnson Brad Levy Jim Luhning Amy Meya Lori Norwood Pam Renovato George Paley Thomas Richmond Trae D. Rickford Kyle Rogers Gregory Thomas KT Walsh Tom Weso Jewell Willhite Jessica Windholz Susan P. Wilson

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ART FOR SKATE'S SAKE, a group benefit show for Centennial Skate Park

Live music by E100 and Stiff Middle Fingers

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Adam Lott: Excuse me, this is private. Opens Tuesday, December 27th from 6 until 8 pm, open on Final Friday for viewing

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Jeremy Rockwell: Intersection

Opens Final Friday December 30th 6-9pm

From the artist:

Inspired by the process of using found and re-purposed materials, Jeremy Rockwell is at home in many mediums, be it painting, drawing, photography, fashion, or sculpture. Regardless of the delivery, Rockwell's work shares a common thread or language - of order and chaos, of personal and shared history - the layers and lines becoming the point where all the explorations of his art intersect. This January at the Invisible Hand gallery, Rockwell will open “Intersection,” a show featuring a collection of new and never before shown older works from several of his ongoing series, including the “keyboard/pixel” series, “interference”, and his 'Paris journal' series.

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Wapána: “balanced good life”; Photography by Brett Ramey

For Indigenous communities food has never been just about food. It is interwoven with language, art, songs, ceremonies, family relationships, and often creation stories. This reflects a worldview that directly confronts the notion that life is divided neatly into academic disciplines, occupational tracks, and political ideologies.

In a world increasingly characterized by climate change, record-breaking droughts, floods, earthquakes, crumbling economies, and emergent social revolutions, communities throughout the world are responding by working to protect, respect, and reinvigorate their local environments, economies, and food systems. The success of these responses will depend on recognizing the interdependence among ALL aspects of healthy and whole communities- a concept that has always been central to the resilience of Indigenous and other land-based peoples.

This show offers a few examples of Indigenous communities working to maintain and reclaim our traditional lifeways. These images are not a result of passive visitation or tourism, nor are they a romanticization of the past or a call to “going back” to some better time. Instead, they offer a way forward by highlighting examples of people throughout the world creatively exercising their ability to feed, clothe, and express themselves artistically on their own terms- all while acknowledging the necessity of building balanced, interconnected relationships in these time of transition.


For the past decade Brett Ramey has been working with young people around the world to reconnect to land-based knowledge while living in urban areas. This work includes building traditional food and medicine gardens with schools and in vacant city lots, facilitating community-based garden design and mural trainings, and serving on numerous local, regional, and National advisory boards.

His photos have been exhibited in the U.S. Senate Rotunda as part of the National Wildlife Federation’s Fair Climate Project and at the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) in New York City. Brett now lives in Lawrence, Kansas and on his reservation (Ioway) near White Cloud, Kansas where he works with the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Kansas Medical Center to promote health and reduce cancer in urban and rural Native communities.

For additional writings and photo essays:

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Demonstrating artist: Charles Gabel Recycled Parts Jewelry

Charles, a life-long Kansas resident, has lived and worked in Lawrence for over 25 years. His jewelry is created using recycled metals and parts which he transforms into contemporary, one-of-a-kind pieces. Charles, who has worked with metals for more than 20 years, finds joy in the material and the freedom it gives him to create what is in his mind's eye. He will be demonstrating his work and will also have many pieces on hand to see.

We will have snacks and hot cider for you to try.

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Telling the artwork from what is just part of the organic, long-time evolution of this magical space makes a visit to the Downtown Upstairs Studio definitely worth the trip upstairs. Artists and friends Traci Bunkers, Mike Wallace, and Andy will be showing their work, joined by Wes McCauley and Chris and Sara Teasley. This venue is open late to give everyone a chance to visit.

Traci Bunkers, mixed-media artist and published author, has a little something for everyone, including quirky pin-back buttons & pocket mirrors, ponytail dreadlocks, mixed-media paintings, photographs, and handmade books. She will also have both of her books "The Art Journal Workshop" and "Print & Stamp Lab" available. See her website at for more information.

Andy, fondly known as Uncle Andy, is a prolific artist who specializes in squished acrylics on found objects.

Mike Wallace is a Lawrence area artist who is starting to show again after many years. He is currently producing portraits and animal portraits in oil, as well as mixed-media pieces. For more information, contact Mike at

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THE LAWRENCE PERCOLATOR (in the alley behind the Lawrence Arts Center)

  1. Join local high school and college young artists as they speak their minds -- sharing original stories and short pieces about the ins and outs, ups and downs, good, bad and otherwise...about Belonging.

FINAL FRIDAY December 30th -- 3:00 to 4:30 at The Percolator. an UnderStory Project, hosted by StormDoor Productions' Christie Scanlin Dobson. also joining us, Shannon White!

YOUNG ARTISTS and writers and actors! If you or someone you know would like to join us, let us know. come, share your story. The UnderStory...planting seeds. questions?: contact christie:


Opening - Wednesday, December 21st 6 - 9 pm Show continues through January 15th

The show, curated by poet Peter Wright, is a collection of collaborations between visual artists, writers and musicians exploring the core moment of eternal peace and that which is born of it into conscious play. It is a celebration of the winter solstice, a time when we begin again. Writers & musicians will perform their works starting at 7 pm.

As the year makes its round approaching that longest night when she is reborn in darkness we speed toward the exchange of our bounty while just beneath

it is her secret that fuels our every move. -Peter A Wright

Participants include: Lisa Grossman, Kelly Barth, Ashley Laird, Leah Sewell, Nicholas Ward, Michael Hennecke, Stella Robbins, Lee Robins, Rachael Perry, Michael Bradley, Kyle McKenzie, Cody White, Jenny Cook, Katie Nichols, Peter Wright among others.

  • Final Friday, the 30th of December @ the Percolator there will be a reading of Begin Again starting @ 6pm. The anthology, edited by Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg and published by Woodley Press, features the work of over 90 writers, including the poems published on, a website Mirriam-Goldberg developed to celebrate Kansas' 150th anniversary of statehood. Poets attending include: Rick Nichols, KL Barron, Nancy Hubble, Ronda Miller, Iris Wilkinson, & Peter Wright among others. Books will be available for purchase , Lawrence Percolator :: LAWRENCE PUBLIC LIBRARY RECENT WORKS by STEPHEN SWEIGART Stephen Sweigart has been attracted to impressionism since he first learned about it in his early teens. Over the years, his artistic style has evolved from impressionism to post-impressionism and French and German expressionism. But in the past few years, he's gone back to the fundamentals of painting and returned to impressionism -- which is essentially the style of these works. Sweigart asserts that he doesn't paint in an exclusively impressionist style, but that this exhibit is a response to these anxious times. ACRYLIC PAINTINGS by JEWELL WILLHITE When paintings pile up, Jewell Willhite thinks: "Why do this?" But going outdoors and seeing blue sky, deep green foliage, water shimmering with reflections or a meadow of wildflowers, she thinks: "How could I not paint?" To Willhite, painting is an expression of joy in the natural world, a resounding "Yes!"
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COPT/FEIDEN GALLERY (815 MASS.) Kansas paintings and photography by Louis Copt and Mark Feiden. Please visit us as part of "Final Fridays"--a celebration of the arts that includes special exhibits, performances and demonstrations in Downtown Lawrence.

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THE BOURGEOIS PIG (6 E. 9TH ST.) “Te Parti” Atomic Photography featuring Foxy By Proxy Revue Atomic is a team of photographers with passions for feminine grace and beauty. Through these images, we strive to intrigue. This series features the ladies of Lawrence-based burlesque troupe Foxy By Proxy Revue.

Te Parti:

"A tale of beautiful and grotesque wanton waifs, lost is the forest of mischief, they are children of the woods. They stumble upon the remains of a mad man's tea party, eager to indulge in the pleasures of this peculiar scene."

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FANCIFUL PORTRAITURE IN OIL by LIBERTY HOLLIS 6 until 9 pm Sweets and treats by Sam Wardy and myself and a limited donation bar will be available. Pretty things and good company!

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"lost art" At the old Penny Annie's. 845 Massachusetts Artist: Jesse Gray Jeromy Morris Yuri Zupancic Jeremy Rockwell and more 5-9pm


September 30th Final Friday proves more diverse than ever

On September 30th, Final Fridays in Downtown Lawrence will have one of the most diverse line-ups of offerings since its inception: a "bank robbery" running between The Eldridge and Tellers Restaurant, an internationally renowned paper cut artist, an outdoor concert and DJs, a show benefiting and raising awareness of cancer survivors, all-day performance art and installations at The Percolator, dance and music performances, a mobile gallery, the expansion of The Lawrence Art Party from one to two venues and much much more! Combine all of this with Homecoming Weekend, and Lawrence is THE place to be this month. Events are free and open to the public on Final Fridays.

For information on Final Fridays, or how to get involved, contact Molly Murphy (

September 30th, Final Fridays Listings (

LAWRENCE ARTS CENTER (940 NEW HAMPSHIRE) Outdoor Concert: 5:30 Love Garden Sounds 7:00 Kansas City Bearfighters 8:00 The Spook Lights

Inside: THE CUTTING EDGE OF MOBY-DICK: Qiao Xiaoguang’s Papercuts

Baron Wolman – Every Picture Tells a Story, The Rolling Stone Years. August 26 through October 1

THE PERCOLATOR (in the alley behind Lawrence Arts Center, look for the green awnings) Janata (The Masses) new work by Priti Cox Sept. 24 - Oct 29

Performance from noon until 6 pm Done in the style of Rangoli (Indian floor designs), this performance/installation using powdered and whole grains and seeds attempts to show the intricate and versatile biodiversity of India, which is under threat in the age of economic globalization and monoculture.

Opening Reception Final Friday, September 30th 6 - 9 pm, Artist talk 7 pm

Priti Cox: Encroachment: Manufacturing Revolution Saturday, October 1st, 10 am - 4 pm Massachusetts Street

Priti Cox: Bija (the seed) Saturday, October 15th TBD

THE LAWRENCE ART PARTY 2 LOCATIONS THIS MONTH**** (716 NEW HAMPSHIRE-HOBBS TAYLOR LOFTS & 739 MASSACHUSETTS) Please make plans on this Final Friday, September 30, from 5-9 PM for two free art events, both with music, fun, and wonderful art by talented artists! The Lawrence Art Party has been held every month since the beginning of Lawrence Final Fridays. Our goals have been to host a free, fun party for the community; provide a venue for both the performing and visual arts, and provide visual artists an opportunity to show, share, and sell their art. We have been more successful than we imagined was possible. For example, last month, we had an estimated 600-800 guests during this five hour event, and our artists sold a lot of wonderful art. To meet increasing demand by artists and the public, and to ensure a solid foundation for the future, we are making two major improvements to our program.
First, effective immediately, we are expanding our support for the arts from one to two events. We will have entertainment and refreshments at both events.

The Lawrence Art Party will continue as a regular Lawrence Final Friday event, this month on September 30. It will take place at the Hobbs Taylor Gallery at 716 New Hampshire Street, with participation by visual and performing artists from throughout the region. We will showcase a wide variety of visual and performing artists, including dancers and musicians.

In addition, beginning this month, we will also sponsor the Lawrence Art Invitational. This event, hosted this month at 739 Massachusetts Street, will be an opportunity for established artists and advanced KU students to show their work in a gallery setting. This event will feature jazz, classical, and other music.

Second, both events will soon move under the umbrella of a non-profit organization provisionally called the Science, Art, and Technology (STArt) Alliance. This organization will be dedicated to increasing the Lawrence and regional focus on creativity, innovation, and the arts; and contributing to local economic and community development.

WONDER FAIR Gallery/Shoppe/Studio (803 1/2 MASSACHUSETTS)

The Return of Wonder Fair: The Third Age of Wonder Fair begins with new ownership and a new exhibition of prints,drawings, and sculpture by local artists Yoonmi Nam and Eric Conrad.

After a two-month hiatus, the Wonder Fair will reopen Final Friday, September 30; fanfare,celebration, and hijinks will ensue. A torch passing ceremony will be held at 6:30pm to consecrate the transference of ownership from founder, legend, Eric Dobbins to new stewards Meredith Moore and Paul DeGeorge. From 6:00 to 10:00pm, Wonder Fair Gallery presents the opening festivities for Me + You + Me, with work by KU professor Yoonmi Nam (printmaking) and Emporia State University professor Eric Conrad (sculpture).

In Me + You + Me, Nam and Conrad present works that explore the permanence of bonds—bonds between humans, our environment, and our perception of the same. In Nam’s prints and drawings, toppled walls and sagging houses are suspended over simple washes of color—the structures seem to defy gravity even as they succumb to the ravages of time, misuse, or neglect. In a similar vein, Eric Conrad’s drawings and sculptures present “heaps of figures” whose bodies are “mixed-up, entangled, disfigured, and forced into co-dependent communities-- fragile structures where there is potential for both reconciliation and for collapse.”

Me + You + Me will open September 30 and continue through October 23, 2011. The Wonder Fair is open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday 12-6, and Saturday 10-7. Please visit frequently for news, information, and to skew our Google analytics data.

About Yoonmi Nam: Yoonmi Nam was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, spending part of her youth in Canada. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Printmaking from Hongik University in Seoul, Korea. She moved to America to study at the Rhode Island School of Design, where she received a Master of Fine Arts degree in Painting and Printmaking in 2000. Her work considers the cross-cultural experience and sense of transience through prints, installations and drawings. Her recent research interests include the study of traditional ink paintings and woodblock prints from East Asia, including those from Japan, Korea, China, and Tibet. To this end, Yoonmi has traveled and lectured in China, and lived and worked in Japan, Korea and Tibet. Her work has been shown both nationally and internationally including countries such as Japan, New Zealand, Scotland, Korea, Bulgaria and Paraguay. Currently, she teaches printmaking and drawing at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas, where she has been a faculty member since 2001." Bio courtesy of the Artist. About Eric Conrad: Eric Conrad (b. 1972 Toronto, Ontario) lives and works in Lawrence, Kansas. He completed a BA in Mathematics and Fine Art from Kalamazoo College in Michigan and did his graduate study at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the Rhode Island School of Design were he received an MFA in Painting/Printmaking in 2000. His interest in traditional figurative painting, dramatic settings, and psychologically charged spaces manifest themselves in sculptures, drawings and mixed-media installations that deal with power and relationships, tension and sensuality, intimacy and aloneness, violence and exuberance. He has exhibited his work in regionally, nationally, and internationally including venues in New York, Colorado, Massachusetts, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, California, Hungary, and New Zealand. The recipient of several grants, awards and fellowships, he has received a Pollock-Krasner grant, and has been an artist in residence at The Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, Massachusetts, The Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in Omaha, Nebraska, and Anderson Ranch in Snowmass, Colorado. Eric is an Assistant Professor of Art and the Foundation Studies Coordinator in the Department of Art at Emporia State University in Emporia, Kansas. Bio courtesy of the Artist.

Since 2008 the Wonder Fair ( has been a purveyor of fine hand-made and feel-good prints, books, zines, and jewelry. In conjunction with downtown Lawrence Final Fridays, each month the Wonder Fair presents a new exhibition of work by local or national artists. Everything bought, sold, or traded by the Wonder Fair is guaranteed to make you smile (unless you suffer from over-developed frowning muscles).

ACME (847 MASSACHUSETTS) Sculpture and Jewelery by Andre Sitting Up Limited edition T-shirts also available from artist. The ACME staff will press the shirt while you enjoy great art and refreshments September 30th, 20115p-8p

THE DUSTY BOOKSHELF (708 MASSACHUSETTS) Beaded Hall Acoustic Music by Luke Underwood and Andrew Frederick Stop in for music and refreshments! September 30, 2011 from 7-8pm.

SOCIAL SERVICE LEAGUE (905 RHODE ISLAND) Fall into Art Join us at the start of fall for September Final Fridays.

Drinks: PBR Cans Apple Cider

Art: Cindy Oliver (mixed media sculpture) Charles Cornelius (wood carving) Paul Punzo (linoleum block prints) Caitlin Reed (photography) Josie Wrath (paint/collage)

As the weather turns more and more people in the community are in need of blankets, coats, sweaters, gloves, hats and scarves. The money raised from Final Fridays at The League helps to support those in need. If you'd like to donate your used goods please come by during regular business hours:Wed - Fri, 9am to 4pm/Saturday, 9am to 2pm

PHOENIX GALLERY (825 MASSACHUSETTS) Demonstrating artist: Creative Grafix

Mike and Nancy Ford of Iola, KS, along with their daughters, Madison, McKinley, and Reagan, have traveled the country photographing the alphabet. Whether it be a crumbling sign on an old brick building or an object that has the potential to look like a letter, they have captured it. The photographs have been taken in both small rural towns and big bustling cities. What started out as a one time project for a gift for some friends has blossomed into a thriving family business.

And back by popular demand for the September Final Friday, Wheatfields and breads and spreads will be at Phoenix Gallery. Come in to try their artisan breads and fabulios spreads!

LAWRENCE PUBLIC LIBRARY (707 VERMONT) Photography by the Lawrence Photo Alliance, featuring "Random Expressions" by Marciana Vequist

Because Marciana Vequist's professional work as a psychologist can sometimes be intense, her photography provides her with an escape. She uses a High Dynamic Range (HDR) processing technique to make ordinary scenes look more interesting. Her processing ranges from painterly to surreal. Much of her work depicts urban and rural landscapes and railscapes. Vequist's installation is being shown with additional works by the Lawrence Photo Alliance (LPA); for more information, please go to

LOVE GARDEN SOUNDS (822 MASSACHUSETTS) New and Used works by Jeromy Morris at Love Garden Sounds Come enjoy live music and drinks as you make your rounds for Final Fridays. Show will be up through the month of October.

TELLERS ARTSPACE (746 MASSACHUSETTS) Whitney Mahoney: Borrowed Histories Opens Tuesday September 27th from 6-8pm Open for viewing on Final Friday Runs through Saturday October 22nd

THE INVISIBLE HAND GALLERY (801 1/2 MASSACHUSETTS) Mark Luce: Notional Topography Opens Final Friday September 30th from 6-9 Runs through Saturday October 22nd

DIANE'S ARTISAN GALLERY (4 E. 7TH ST.) Lawrence artist, David Hamby, presents his hand-turned fountain and ballpoint pens. David Hamby, a Lawrence wood-turner, will be on hand to discuss his latest collection of beautifully crafted hand-turned fountain and ballpoint pens.

1109 GALLERY (1109 MASSACHUSETTS) SELF-EXAMINATION: This month is a very special month at 1109 Gallery! Our show "Self-Examination" features the artwork of Constance Ehrlich in our large gallery. This exhibit and sale will also benefit a cancer survivor through the sale of the 21 decorated busts that will be featured in our small gallery as well as the artwork of over 25 area artists. On Final Friday we will have great artwork, food and libations. Open until 9pm on Final Friday!

Gallery Hours: 11-5pm Tuesday through Saturday 1-5pm Sundays

MOBILE GALLERY Mobile Art Gallery on Massachusetts Street Mark Hennessy and Karen Matheis Small works of art for sale all under $40.00

DOWNTOWN UPSTAIRS (824 1/2 MASSACHUSETTS) NEW FF VENUE**** Friends since almost forever, Mike Wallace, Andy Timmons, & Traci Bunkers, have come together for a unique show at a venue of eternal visual stimulation. In this artistic powerhouse trio, each one brings their own distinctive creative super powers to the proverbial table.

Andy Timmons, fondly known as Uncle Andy, is a prolific artist who specializes in squished acrylics on found objects.

Mike Wallace is a Lawrence area artist who will be showing for the first time in years. He is currently producing portraits and animal portraits in oil, as well as mixed-media pieces. For more information, contact Mike at

Traci Bunkers, mixed-media artist and published author, has a little something for everyone, ranging from mixed-media paintings, to photographs, to handmade books. She will also have both of her books "The Art Journal Workshop" and "Print & Stamp Lab" available. See her website at for more information.

THE ELDRIDGE AND TELLER'S RESTAURANT Will history repeat itself?

It will ….on September 30th from 5:45-7:00p at Teller’s Restaurant and the historic Eldridge hotel in downtown Lawrence, Kansas. In 1932 Clyde Barrow, from the infamous “Bonnie and Clyde”, and his buddies Ralph Fults and Ray Hamilton checked into The Eldridge hotel and spent the remainder of the day observing the First National Bank at the corner of 8th and Massachusetts which is now Teller’s Restaurant.

The following morning at 8:35am the bandits noticed the bank president stroll quietly up the street and let himself into the building. For nearly ten minutes he was alone inside. Eventually the other employees began to arrive. The next morning the same thing happened. Barrow, Fults and Hamilton knew what to do. “Let’s do it tomorrow,” said Barrow. Fults and Hamilton nodded in agreement.

This led to Clyde Barrow’s FIRST bank robbery which took place in Lawrence, Kansas, and the beginning of the notorious Barrow Gang which included “Bonnie & Clyde”. In 1932 the estimated cash stolen from the bank was round $33,000. In today’s terms Barrow and his boys got away with around $544,000+ (according to the Consumer Price Index Calculator).

On September 30th Teller’s and The Eldridge will be holding a re-enactment of this infamous robbery. Events begin with a cocktail party at The Eldridge at 7th & Mass St. beginning at 5:45pm complete with various 1930’s cocktails including a Sidecar, Whiskey Sour, Gibson, Mint Julep and Manhattan. Guests will be able to meet “Clyde Barrows”, “Bonnie Parker”, “Ralph Fults” and various other members of the staged re-enactment robbery. Teller’s will be taking dinner reservations for the evening. Guests at Teller’s will be able to watch the robbery happening from the inside of the restaurant. Dinner will be served during this event giving guests an eye-witness advantage to the robbery. At 6:30pm those people on the street will be able to see the event unfold on downtown Massachusetts Street which will include “Clyde”, “Ralph” and “Ray” walking south on Mass St. from The Eldridge at 7th St. to Teller’s at 8th St. Action will also take place in front of Teller’s as the gang shuffles the “bank president” played by Lawrence’s Mayor Aron Cromwell and two actors playing the “tellers” into Teller’s Restaurant. A 1933 Ford 4 door Deluxe Sedan with a 221 cubic inch Flathead V8 engine owned by Bill, Tina & Ed Crocker, of Berryton, Kansas will be showcased as the “getaway” car. The car has approximately 90,000 original miles, has been repainted, but still has its original mohair interior. The car was seen in the 1996 Robert Altman movie "Kansas City" and driven by George Clooney in the 2000 movie "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" The 1933 “getaway” car will be parked in front of Teller’s from noon until 7pm on September 30th which is KU’s Homecoming Weekend and Final Fridays-Lawrence’s Gallery Art Walk evening. Barrow and his gang will make their car escape from in front of Teller’s going north on Mass St. and across the river bridge. The City of Lawrence and the Lawrence Police Department are cooperating with Teller’s and The Eldridge for this event. Theatre Lawrence will be casting and providing the costumes for this event.
For dinner reservations call Teller’s 785-843-4111. No reservations are required for The Eldridge “Bonnie & Clyde” cocktail party. For dinner reservations at The Eldridge call 785-749-1005. For additional information about the event contact Patti McCormick, Director of Media and Special Events for The Olivia Collection 785-766-4570 or Tom Wilson, owner/manager of Teller’s Restaurant 785-843-4111

THE BOURGEOIS PIG (6 E. 9TH ST.) The Sensual World: drawings Lee Chapman Bio: Lee Chapman was born in Tampa, Florida, in 1946. She has lived in, left and returned to Lawrence three different times, most recently from 1996 to the present. Work has appeared at 6 Gallery, LOYO exhibitions, and various venues in the 1960s and 70s. She has created cover art for a number of small-press books, most notably Barry Giffords’ book of poems, Flaubert At Key West. As a student at San Francisco Art Institute, she learned she was a “sit-down artist,” and has been sitting down to draw ever since. Her medium is ink and colored pencil exclusively.

PACHAMAMA'S RESTAURANT (800 NEW HAMPSHIRE) ASTEROID HEAD IN A NEW AGE An Exhibition & Celebration of their New Signature Cocktail – The Asteroid Head Closing reception and cocktail release: September 30th 6 until 9 pm