What system do you play?

I am a freak and own all systems. I have to own them all because there are games exclusive to each system that are incredulous (my word).The PS2 has the Devil May Cry's and Gran Turismo's. Xbox has Halo and the super-underrated Gunvalkyrie. Gamecube has Mario, Zelda, Metroid and the new Resident Evil's. Great reasons to own each system. But each system still has their ups and downs.PS2Pros: Huge game library, can play Playstation One games, pays local stores to display more games than Xbox or Gamecube, plays DVDs, strong exclusives.Cons: DVD playback worse than a $50 Apex player, many accessories are hard to find, only two controller ports standard, if a game is made for all consoles, the PS2 version is almost always technically (graphics and framerates) inferior to Xbox and Gamecube, the system will eventually break down a lot due to poor design and ventilation, Sony doesn't have to care about hardware customer service since they dominate the console market.XboxPros: Limited bundle comes with two games, powerful graphics processor, plays DVDs (with optional remote), hard drive for endless memory saves, only console to support true HDTV signal (720p/1080i). Strong online gaming via "Xbox Live."Cons: Lack of strong exclusive games hurts, Halo 2 major delay with not much on the Horizon besides Brute Force and Fable.GamecubePros: Cheaper, better exclusive software, widest audience range, fastest load times, powerful graphics processor based on original IBM and ATI technology, intuitive controller, has the only wireless controller worth buying, linking up with the Game Boy Advance.Cons: Doesn't play DVDs, discs can only hold 1.5 gigs versus 4 for PS2 and Xbox (is that really a con?) cheaper price may give a wrong impression, purple only encourages the "kiddie" image, frat boy gamer will tell you it sucks when he hasn't played it.So what else can you think of? What are your favorite games on any system? Which is YOUR favorite system and why?


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