Wanted: Video Game Reviewers

As the huge fall rush approaches, Lawrence.com is in need of a couple knowledgable gamers who also happen to write well. No prior experience is necessary, but it is required to have most of the currently available consoles (Xbox 360, PS2, Gamecube, Xbox, DS, PSP). It would be extremely helpful to your chances if you intend on getting a PS3 and Wii at launch as well.This position does not offer a direct paycheck, but those who get brought onto the writing staff will get to keep the games they review. Don't take this as simply an easy way to get free games, however. We're looking for talented writers, preferably those who have an intention of getting into gaming journalism as a career. Casual gamers who only play Halo and Madden need not apply, we need very well-rounded, experienced videogame fans.The only direct requirements are that you must live in Lawrence and own most of the consoles. If you meet these and are serious about writing game reviews, send an email to ryckert@gmail.com.Things to include in the email:- One 1,200-1,300 word review of a high profile title released in the last two years (Metal Gear Solid 3, Call of Duty 2, Oblivion, etc)- One 600-700 word review of a smaller title released in the last two years (Warioware, Katamari Damacy, Rockstar Table Tennis, etc)- Name - Phone Number - Age - Systems Owned - Do you plan on getting a PS3/Wii at launch? - List of 10 favorite games - Preferred genres (action, RPG, sports, etc) - Any experience or other info you'd like to includeThe two or three applicants that are brought onto the staff will likely start reviewing around the beginning or middle of October. I'm looking forward to looking through the applications, and I'll make sure to reply to each email.


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