Watch CS Luxem debut a new song

Normally when a band debuts a new song, they're still working it out. It's (understandably) a bit nerve-wracking if you're onstage testing your new art on an audience. But this isn't the case with CS Luxem.

The king of relaxed onstage demeanor busted out — much to the delight of his fans who know the words of all his songs — a brand new number at the Replay Friday night. He beautifully crooned his way through it. This one is a bit more sway-worthy than his usual work, so it's nice to see him go outside his comfort zone. But there are still those signature Luxem wails, looping arpeggios, and (of course) his perfect, reverb-laced pitch.

Luxem consistently holds his reign as the person most likely to get the audience to close their eyes when they listen. This new song is only further proof of his royal highness' hold on his colony of adoring fans.

Note: This post originally appeared on I Heart Local Music.

— Fally Afani is a freelance writer and editor of I Heart Local Music. She enjoys long walks, photography and rock and roll. She does not like cats, but makes exceptions for the ones at Love Garden. For more local music coverage, visit


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