For rockabilly riffs, turn to Kansas City

There really isn’t much in the way of rockabilly here in Lawrence (unless it’s worked into a bluegrass act). So when you want to see lively and deliriously fun rockabilly music, you have to rely on Kansas City bands.

The Thunderclaps and the Quivers are two of those gems. To our delight, both hit the Jackpot last weekend. This was the first Lawrence show for the Thunderclaps. They whooped, hollered and rocked the stage with surf-infused rock riffs. We always hold a fondness for two-piece acts, especially when they conjure up such a wild sound (one that positively thrills you). The drummer made it look easy, barely adjusting his posture while he beat away on the kit and sang along on the mic.

Even with a fairly hoarse voice and a cold, The Quivers’ frontwoman would end up slaying during their set. What a command she holds over everyone! With an unrivaled bass face, and a keyboard player that sports endless swagger, we were quickly reminded how much we miss seeing this group around these parts.

Note: This post originally appeared on I Heart Local Music.

— Fally Afani is a freelance writer and editor of I Heart Local Music. She enjoys long walks, photography and rock and roll. She does not like cats, but makes exceptions for the ones at Love Garden. For more local music coverage, visit


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