Major hip-hop show to bring together Stik Figa, Approach, Barrel Maker

One of the most celebrated rappers in the state is finally going to perform Lawrence.

Stik Figa is a wizard with words, a magnetic performer, and knows exactly how to make the locals get emotional. The Topeka rapper, who has been cited as a major influence on locals such as Ebony Tusks, will finally be coming out of hiding to play the Bottleneck this Friday. He'll be joined by two of the most admired hip-hop heads around: Approach and Barrel Maker. In between, the audience will also be treated to DJ Johnny Quest and D/Will.

There are a few reasons this event is so celebrated, but it's important to note that Stik Figa is from Topeka, Approach is from Lawrence, and Barrel Maker is from Kansas City. That means this performance could attract music fans from all three cities along I-70 together for one night. Nobody is better at singing about where you come from than rappers, and this will surely be a show that will leave audiences swelling with hometown pride.

These three performers tend to be close, and Barrel Maker is a celebrated video artist who has directed a fair share of music videos for both Stik Figa and Approach's other project, Lincoln Marshall.

The Bottleneck show starts at 8 p.m. Friday. In the meantime, enjoy one of Stik Figa's many music videos below (directed by Barrel Maker).

Some classic Approach (also directed by Barrel Maker):

And here's a taste of Barrel Maker's own music video:


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