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Beach Slang bringing raw, nostalgic rock sound to the Jackpot

The Jackpot is one of those places to see bands right before they take off, and we have a feeling Wednesday's show will follow the pattern.

That's where Beach Slang, a rapidly rising band out of Philadelphia, is set to draw out anyone who loves guitar rock and wears nostalgia on their sleeve. The current rock scene is littered with punk bands bands trying to pander to everyone's nostalgic woes, but most of kind of blow it (oof). Beach Slang is not one of those bands.

James Snyder and his bandmates are propelled by an authentic, raw and emotional fuel that appeals to both their mature and younger listeners. If you come to the Jackpot on Wednesday, there's a good chance there will be a few KU students thrashing at the front of the stage, while the older folk find that familiar "sweet spot" at the venue that allows them to take in all of the perfectly resonating and explosive guitars saturated with '90s wistfulness.

Beach Slang's appeal to a wide audience is a blessing because it could be the band that puts the final nail in the coffin on poorly constructed pop punk. It's allowing listeners to let their guard down and replant their rock roots into something organic and authentic.

Photo courtesy: Craig Scheihing

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