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Something and the Whatevers loves local bands, will cover their songs at upcoming show

We know what it's like to "heart local music," but Something and the Whatevers may have outdone us this time.

Something and the Whatevers has never kept their love for local bands a secret. The band's guitarist even hosts KJHK's local music show "Plow the Fields" on 90.7 FM. But this Thursday, they're putting that local love in the spotlight with a set consisting entirely of songs by other local bands.

Their set is part of a covers show at the Replay. Me Like Bees will cover The White Stripes, which makes perfect sense seeing as how the frontman's voice is a dead ringer for Jack White's. The show will be headlined by an LCD Soundsystem Tribute featuring members of The Noise FM, Bonzo Madrid, and Blane Fonda.

But it's Something and the Whatevers' set that grabbed our attention. Songs by beloved Lawrence and Kansas City bands — including Major Games, Your Friend, and The ACBs — will make an appearance. They've covered local bands before, including The Sluts, Dean Monkey and the Dropouts, and La Guerre. Their La Guerre cover was particularly impressive because it required one of the singers' voice to reach heights only attainable by Katlyn Conroy.

That's something folks tend to forget about Something and the Whatevers. They may seem like a silly, loud band on the surface. But underneath is some highly impressive musical skill. Instead of hearing obnoxious shouting from the keyboard player, look down at his hands and see how swiftly they fly up and down the keys while messing with settings on the laptop. He also had to program "Tiny G," the robot they tout at all their shows now. The guitarist should also grab your attention. Look past the comical lyrics and you'll see a proficient guitarist with pitch perfect vocals.

You can watch these accomplished musicians in action when they play songs written by other Lawrence bands starting at 9 p.m. Thursday at the Replay


Watch: Something and the Whatevers cover La Guerre

This might be the best thing you see on the Internet today.

Something and the Whatevers aren't just a local band, they're a band that loves all things local. That includes other local musicians. On Saturday, they proved their love for Lawrence with an outstanding set at Middle of the Map Fest. In the past, we've seen them bust out covers of other local bands, including Dean Monkey and the Dropouts and The Sluts. But on Saturday, they introduced a cover of La Guerre's "Any Other."

La Guerre makes really beautiful, soothing, and ethereal-sounding music. But on this day, Something and the Whatevers applied everything they know about making loud, obnoxious noises to the song. What erupted was a spunky little pop-punk melody with blasting vocals. It was pretty impressive.

Something and the Whatevers may come off as a goofy little band, but in actuality they're fairly talented and dynamic. They can tackle any song, add their own flavor, and produce tunes that are catchy as all heck. On this particular cover, you may hear someone screaming at the mic as hard as he can, but he's actually hitting all those notes perfectly… something we've only seen the amazing songstress behind La Guerre do. If anything, this just reinforces what we already knew. La Guerre writes really amazing, perfect, and wonderful songs.

Words and photos by Fally Afani

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