What books are on your to-read list this year?

Anna Luna, clerk at The Dusty Bookshelf, 708 Mass., sorts through the children's section of the store. The bookstore was voted best bookstore in the 2011 Best of Lawrence competition.

Anna Luna, clerk at The Dusty Bookshelf, 708 Mass., sorts through the children's section of the store. The bookstore was voted best bookstore in the 2011 Best of Lawrence competition. by Kevin Anderson

This week, I talked to book specialists in town for their lists of must-read books for 2012. And, afterward, I must admit, my reading wish list received a few additional pages.

Basically, I want to read nearly every book they mentioned, plus the ones I'd already lined up on my "to-read" list.

And that list is a long one and getting longer, as I've been moving slowly through the five published books of George R.R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" series (which begins with "A Game of Thrones"). I've finished the first three and am now taking a break to read three books I received for Christmas: "Aftertaste" by Meredeth Mileti, "Double Dexter" by Jeff Lindsay and "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks," by Rebecca Skloot. Then, it'll be back to books four and five of Martin's series before moving on to the laundry list of other books I can't wait to sink my teeth into.

What books are you looking forward to curling up to this winter?


skye 11 years ago

Looking forward reading Chuck Palahniuk's "Damned". Supposed to be his best work since "Fight Club".

cwrist 11 years ago

I'm starting to read "Skyjack: The hunt for D.B. Cooper." The author investigates Cooper's flight, and apparently also recreates the crime. It sounded like a fun read.

Terry Sexton 11 years ago

"Taken" by Robert Crais. Elvis Cole & Joe Pike are two if my all-time favorite characters. I'd rank them right up there with Spenser & Hawk.

Also, Ronda Miller has inspired me to read more poetry. Btw, where is Ronda? I thought she was gonna continue her blog right after Christmas.

Ron Holzwarth 11 years ago

Ronda is busy with writing poetry, and traveling to poetry readings in other locations. And, her regular employment keeps her rather busy.

She's still around town, and may get back to that in the future.

Ronda Miller 11 years ago

My bad, Rock!

I fell off the blog wagon. One of my New Year's resolutions is to stay on top of blogging and responding.

I do see a great deal of poetry reading in your near future, however. Say no more, say no more.....

I'll post the winners in a blog tomorrow, if not before. :)

Thanks, Ron.

Sarah Henning 11 years ago

Oooh, that sounds like a good one, Chris! Rockchalker, I am totally with you on that! I'm really looking forward to that book!

Ron Holzwarth 11 years ago

My to-read list is not only for this year, because I have a habit of buying books and then only skimming through them to read the more interesting parts. I do mean to read all of them someday, but that is certainly going to take a while. Certainly more than a year.

It's like when you have a huge buffet spread out in front of you. First you try the best things, and then by the time you've tried everything that's good you can't eat any more. That's the way I am with books, because there is so much excellent reading material available today to match anyone's interest that is it simply not possible to read them all.

We are fortunate to live in an age when there is so much reading material available. In antiquity, it was not at all difficult for a literate person to read every book that had ever been written in all of the languages that he knew.

But one of the top ones that I really want to read is 'Today is Tonight', by Jean Harlow, the well known film star from the 1930s. However, as Jean Harlow had no experience writing, she did have some help writing it.

It was not published until 1965. And I have a first printing!

She was a very talented woman, and her talents were certainly not limited to acting. There is no telling what all the world lost when she died at the terribly young age of 26.

Ron Holzwarth 11 years ago

P.S. Don't ask to borrow my copy of 'Today is Tonight'. I never loan out the first printing of the first edition of any of my books!

Besides, right now you can buy your own copy on ebay for $3.19 + $2.41 shipping. But it's a paperback book, and not a first edition.

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