Get comfortable with Fourth of July

I love a good party. Especially when it comes in the form of a CD release show. On Friday, Downtown Lawrence was in full swing, and I headed out to Fourth of July's CD Release Party at the Jackpot.

What I liked about this show was the diverse lineup. You had hip hop/rap, hard rock, and then indie rock.

I caught just a little bit of the opener, Conchance (out of Omaha). Here he is with Black Johnny Quest.

After that, Mansion came out to surround you with noise. There was a lot of headbanging going on here, reminded me of the recent Russian Circles show I saw. The clip below isn't a complete song, because this band's entire set was just one big song. But they were pretty rockin. Imagine how much fun you'd have if you were this band's drummer. The stamina!

If you like them and want to see more, check out their Turnpike episode.

My old standbys Fourth of July were welcomed with open arms by a packed Jackpot. Scores of people came out to see them introduce the new album. If you didn't come with a friend, you probably ran into one at the show.

Here is a band that is very comfortable with each other, and (every time I've seen them) very comfortable with the crowd. It's like going to watch your little brother's band, but actually enjoying the music (no offense to my little brother and his musical adventures).

You can tell the band is well-liked. They continuously provide us with a consistent string of shows and feel-good lyrics. Also, I got the feeling half the audience wanted to throw their panties at the guys on stage.

This wasn't a bad way to welcome the students back to Lawrence. I hope the new album will bring us more shows.

Here's an extra bonus for you: the guys made a music video. Neat!


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