The Faint is strobe-tastic

Well, I hope you like robots. Murderous robots with piercing eyes that are going to steal your soul. Because that's what I was met with at The Granada last night.

The entire stage was decorated with them. I was scared out of my mind. The tin-foil-ish statues were even dolled up in little jackets. It wasn't until the music started that I noticed their glowing eyes. Oh my....

My week of electronic music fun continued with The Faint at the Granada Tuesday night. Tuesday night = small crowd, but that didn't mean less enthusiasm. I've never seen the place so lit up. I knew an adventure was ahead of me when I saw a sign on the front door warning about the use of strobe lights.

The energy was high, and the crowd was excited. They constantly clapped, cheered, sang along and never stopped dancing.

Here's what The Faint opened the show with:

Dancing wasn't just limited to the crowd. If someone onstage didn't have a part to play, they boogied about the stage until it was time to rock out again. The show really brought out the best in everyone. Not one sour face in the house.

They had complete control over though the audience was their army, and they were ordering "Minions! Dance!" It didn't take much convincing. They happily obliged with much enthusiasm.

Earlier in the day I felt a little bad considering the weather. Flooded roads were abound, and the lightning was too close for comfort. What a nice Kansas welcome for The Faint. Or maybe they just brought that electricity with them to Lawrence. They probably did. Because that show was ELECTRIFYING!


blturner 12 years, 10 months ago

I saw them at Liberty Hall last year and they put on a great show, your description of last night sounds just like what I remember. I've yet to see a better light show in a venue the size of Liberty Hall.

Eric Holscher 12 years, 10 months ago

Yea, I saw the show there last night and it kicked ass. Loved their energy. Thanks for posting the videos, I love having a record of shows that I've seen.

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