Ana Sia: One Of EDM's Leading Ladies @ The Bottleneck This Sat. Sept.29

When it comes to women who are highly regarded in electronic music the list of names is not exactly long to say the least, usually Bjork's name comes up as one of the frontrunners maybe Tokimonsta but needless to say the field of electronic producers/djs is not exactly diverse in gender. However over roughly the past half decade Ana Sia has been becoming more recognized as one of the leading ladies in EDM. Initially starting off a strictly a dj she has recently been creating her own productions and showing them off to audiences that seem nothing less than receptive and when it comes to spinning tracks created by others her knowledge of party rockers you've never heard is expansive,don't be surprised if she plays your next favorite song to wild out to when you see her. So if your a fan of electronic dance music and wanna see one of the better DJs doing it today or even if your just looking for a super hyphy time than make sure to check out Ana Sia @ The Bottleneck this Saturday and as always if you wanna get more familiar with Ana Sia peep the videos below.


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