Is Brownback really shooting for veep role?

¢ Allan Cigler, a KU political science professor, says Sen. Sam Brownback's bid for the White House - to be announced Saturday - may be more about setting himself up to be a pick for vice president, the [New York Times][1] reports today. "He hasn't really been able to bring his own party together within the state," said Cigler, who compared him with state Republican leaders he believes had widespread support -including former Sens. Bob Dole, the 1996 Republican presidential nominee and longtime occupant of the seat Brownback now holds, and Nancy Landon Kassebaum._"He doesn't have that personal charisma to make people like him in any deep way. If he can't do it here, you wonder whether he can do it externally," said Cigler.¢ A KU graduate is featured in a [][2] story about the emotional changes of retirement. Sally Jennings, the third woman to earn a chemical engineering degree from the university, retired in 1989 after a long career with Texaco Chemical._The transition from the work force to retirement is often measured in financial and career-centric terms: When is the time right? How big is the nest egg? How to spend it? [1]: [2]:


15 years, 5 months ago

On the other hand, what does he offer anyone as a Veep candidate? He can deliver Kansas' 5 electoral votes, which have gone to Republicans for decades anyway. And no one outside Kansas has heard of him.

As little as he offers as Presidential material, he offers an order of magnitude less as a Veep candidate. He's John Edwards with bad hair.

My guess is that he's simply working on building a database for some future endeavor.

Chris Tackett 15 years, 5 months ago


You ask: "what does he offer anyone as a Veep candidate?"

Keep in mind that the front-runners for The Right aren't very "right" at all. McCain, Guiliani, Romney all have issues with the conservatives. The Brownback for VP theory is that he can help balance out some of that, or at least add the perception that the ticket is more conservative. It's all a GOTV move. Just a way to to throw them a bone, much like Lieberman was meant to "moderate" the Gore ticket.

"And no one outside Kansas has heard of him"

You'd be surprised, i think. I don't have numbers to back this up, but I think the voters he appeals to know him well-enough. Plus, that's not a hard obstacle for evangelical leaders to fix. And it's a moot point when you consider that McCain is well-known enough for the both of them. BBack's just gonna be on there to GOTV with those on The Right that won't vote for a McCain/Guiliani or McCain/Romney ticket.

And really, BBack has no chance winning on his own, so he's either wasting his time or posturing for the VP role. If it's not him, look for Huckabee to fill that role - that is, if Huckabee doesn't become the front-runner.

lazz 15 years, 5 months ago

El B, I think I agree with Shakedown -- I think he has the national ear by now, especially among those who are searching for a conservative/religious candidate. I also have long had a feeling he's going to do better in this thing than most people expect. I think he ends up being a power broker in this thing -- not as a veep, but as someone who delivers a block of voters in exchange for influence over the platforms ... Also lurking out there is Newt ... how wild would it be if Newt and Sam pop up as a ticket a week after the convention ...

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