Parties for the end of the world

Kansas City Fox 4's weatherman Mike Thompson assures me that there will be a Saturday — look, his forecast even goes until Christmas! After hearing about this Mayan apocalypse nonsense for so long now, it's finally time. Will we pass drunkenly through a rousing celebration of life? Or will us skeptics be eating crow when Planet X/Nibiru comes crashing down to Earth or whatever doomsday scenario is offered up? Either way, there are many venues across the town planning End of the World parties, a unique, but tongue-in-cheek, celebration of this once in a lifetime nonevent.


What: Sobriquet's End of the World Party

Who: Lawrence favorites Sobriquet are headlining this last hurrah of civilization with Oils and

Middle Map Kids (provided the world ends at the beginning of 12/21/2012.

Where: The Jackpot Saloon

When: 9 p.m.

Apocalypse rating: Supervolcano


What: End of the World Formal

Who: You and some well-dressed friends.

Where: The Bourgeois Pig

When: 9 p.m.

Apocalypse rating: “Oh my, I do believe I shall miss you all. Well, good run then 'yeh?” (British dignity, y'know formal.)

What: End of the World Party!!!

Who: The Band That Saved The World, who may or may not end up actually saving the world

Where: The Jazzhaus

When: 10 p.m.

Apocalypse rating: Death by funk.

What: XXX End of the World Party

Who: DJ Shwasted, Hi-Boi, Pandah, Potter and DreadHeadSlut

Where: The Granada

When: Doors at 9 p.m., show at 9:30 p.m.

Apocalypse Rating: It was all a dream.


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