L.A. four-piece Eyes Lips Eyes will light up Jackpot tonight

On the surface Los Angeles four-piece Eyes Lips Eyes toe the line when it comes to dance-punk—their music is immediately reminiscent of early 2000s acts like The Rapture or LCD Soundsytem. While the band lacks some of the patent artfulness of their predecessors and contemporaries, Eyes Lips Eyes doesn't forget that music is supposed to be fun. Eyes Lips Eyes may go down too smooth and poppy (especially for angsty cynics like me that need abrasion with my music) but the band displays a cool command of their genre. Listening to their recently released EP What You Want (If You Want) it is remarkable how unforced and fluid the band is. Elements of their sound are particularly impressive--take for instance the shimmery guitarwork that pours through catchy single “Tickle.”

Eyes Lips Eyes w/ Fossils tonight at the Jackpot Lounge

Below watch the video for "Tickle"


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