Tonight's Show: Up the Academy at Eighth Street Taproom

Something something Up the Academy something something. I can flower my language all you want, mention that band released an awesome 7-inch earlier this year (the second release for Replay Records, who put of the fine compilation Cheap Beer), have quickly earned its place in local bar roster, toss out adjectives like “alternative,” “punk,” or “alternapunk” --what have you. But really when it comes down to it Up the Academy rocks—pure and simple, and the band is quickly becoming emblematic of Lawrence's music scene. Not to say Up the Academy represents all of the fine musical flavor our city has to offer—but rather the band is part of constellation of like-minded outfits eking out a DIY-existence, and what's more is it is damn good at what it does.

Also good is Arkansas' Pagiins—a garage-rock group that combines ebullient vocals with tight-rocking surf and alternative rock, simultaneously sounding clean and appropriately fuzzy. For a good idea what I am talking about, check out the band's free EP Good Things Take Time, particularly the brief track “I Don't Feel Anything.”

Up the Academy w / Pagiins and 69 Noses at The Taproom.

Below check out a video for Pagiiin's "Open Up Your Mind" from the forthcoming Bad Things Don't EP.


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