Complicated and classic Dan Deacon plays Granada tonight

Dan Deacon's DJ set on NPR's All Songs Considered podcast is particularly revealing for a couple of reasons. For one, listeners learn just how much of a music nerd the electronic artist is—speaking lovingly about his obscure influences, his formative years, and his omnivorous approach to music making. But the most revealing aspect is that Deacon, the artist responsible for glitter bombs like Spiderman of the Rings, has a background in a music composition.

So while Deacon is notorious for kaleidoscopic, nauseating, bleeps and bloops heavy music, there has always been an undercurrent of a classical appreciation in his work. (Deacon was even tapped by director Francis Ford Coppola to score a film project). Deacon's latest album, America, is as expansive as that all-encompassing yet simple title would suggest and brings to focus the artist's more compositional leanings.

It's still a banger but ushers an incredible sense of clarity, focus, and maturity for an artist whose previous work was marked by flippant whimsy and disregard for orientation. For a young artist that takes as much serious joy to the craft of making music, Deacon never fails to rile of up crowds with his uproarious, celebratory and wild performances.

Dan Deacon w / Height with Friends, Chester Edersby, and Alan Resnick

All Ages

Doors: 8:30PM, show starts 9:00PM

Below check out video for America cut "True Thrush"


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