KJHK shows highlight the best of local music

One of the simplest and best ways to stay plugged into Lawrence’s local music scene while at home is by tuning into KJHK, KU’s student-run radio station. I’ve always been impressed by the work of student DJs at KJHK, and I especially think their four local-themed shows this semester are worth checking out. I asked a host from each show to answer a few quick questions about their shows and who they’ve been featuring.

Don’t forget to tune in!



7-8 p.m.: Live @ KJHK with hosts Michael Engelken and Kaitlin Brennan (answers provided by Kaitlin)

Describe the show in one sentence: "It's exactly like it sounds: a show focused on in-studio artist performances and interviews."

A few artists you've played host to on your show recently: "DJ vs. Drums; HRVRD; The Empty Spaces."

Why people should tune in: "It's your own, private concert—you hear live music instead of pre-recorded tracks."


7-8 p.m.: Plow the Fields with host Marit Ehmke

Describe the show in one sentence: "Plow the Fields is a local radio show hosted by me, DJ Dirty Shirley, and I play the latest and greatest in local music from Lawrence to KC and beyond."

A few artists you've played on your show recently: "The Harvey Girls; Appleseed Cast; Cloud Dog; Cowboy Indian Bear; The Empty Spaces." [Writer’s note: Ebony Tusks and Pale Hearts will also be playing in-studio performances at the show over the next couple of weeks.]

Why people should tune in: "It's important to keep an ear out for local acts—we have some quality music here in Lawrence that's current and relative to what it means to live here. When you listen to local music, you're learning more about the immediate culture you live in. Plus, it's a good time. I do my best to send out good vibes on the air."

8-9 p.m.: KC Jazz Connection with host Lucas Homer

Describe the show in one sentence: "KC Jazz Connection explores the Kansas City jazz tradition from its beginnings in the 1920s to the latest releases today."

A few artists you've played on your show recently: "The People's Liberation Big Band; Matt Otto; TJ Martley; The Project H; Jay McShann; Ahmad Alaadeen."

Why people should tune in: "Jazz is something as quintessential to the cultural tradition of KC as barbecue. I want to help preserve that tradition and turn on more people to something that's only a 40-minute drive from Lawrence."

9-10 p.m.: I-70 Independent with host Colin Wright

Describe the show in one sentence: "I-70 Independent is a show that highlights the greater Lawrence and Kansas City area hip-hop that has a unique sound that is different from the more popular West and East Coast hip-hop, but is catchy and upbeat."

A few artists you've played on your show recently: "Steddy P; Matt Easton; Brett Gretzky; Dallas; Spence; Stik Figa; and Approach."

Why people should tune in: "Because not all hip-hop is the stereotypical stuff you hear on the Top 40 charts. The Lawrence area has a very talented hip-hop scene that features artists that not only write and produce their own songs, but they also sing about relevant and important things that are easy to relate to and enjoyable to listen to."


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