Kansas City emcee D/WILL releases new instrumental album

Maverick Kansas City-based producer and emcee D/WILL has released the latest entry in his cartoon-inspired beat series, entitled Beat Emporium: Cartoon Chapter 2. The instrumental LP was borne out of revisiting his first chapter. If you aren’t familiar with the project, D/WILL takes inspiration from cartoon snippets and drops his slow-nodding beats to mix, creating a sound that is nostalgic, fluid, and mysteriously cool. Developed originally as accompaniment to cartoons that D/WILL cut and posted on his website, these beats are charming and effortlessly smart. As D/WILL explains:

"All I’m doin is choppin old cartoon videos, muting the volume and adding my beats as back drop music. The cartoon really has nothing to do with the beat."

While the project might seem like sketches, rather than full-blooded production, BE: Cartoon Chapter 2, beyond showcasing D/WILL’s ace production, coheres wonderfully as an album. You can get the album at http://dwillbeats.com/ --first 200 downloads free.


fatfred 6 years, 7 months ago

boring. esp. the ren and stimpy. did not compute.

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