Lawrence band Panda Circus to play final show

This is the final article in a series looking back at past winners of KJHK Farmer's Ball, retelling the artists' memories of winning and their musical endeavors since. This year's Farmer's Ball will take place April 20 and 27 at the Bottleneck.

In the words of a Panda Circus fan, according to lead singer Quinton Cheney: This band sounds as "if They Might Be Giants were a Doors cover band."

And according to Panda Circus' Facebook page: "if Elvis Costello, Ben Folds and Frank Black got stuck paying off their debts in a middle-of-nowhere bar band."

The Lawrence band formed in 2007 and went on to win KJHK's annual battle of the bands, Farmer's Ball, four years later. Now, they're finishing their second album and preparing to play their final show before they go on hibernation.

Of the lineup — Travis Arey, Ben Barthell, Quinton Cheney, Caroline Lohrenz, Erin Zingré — three of them will be working on separate music projects. Arey, Barthell, and Cheney have started a punk project called Something and the Whatevers; Arey also plays with Stiff Middle Fingers.

See Panda Circus at its final show May 21 at the Bottleneck, with Kansas City band Not a Planet.


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