Cowboy Indian Bear releases music video for 'I Want a Stranger's Heart'

Cowboy Indian Bear, recently voted best local band in our Best of Lawrence awards, is keeping busy. Following a series of album release shows and expansive touring over the past two months, the band has released a music video for their latest single "I Want a Stranger's Heart" from their full-length album "Live Old, Die Young" (available now via The Record Machine)

promotional still from "I Want a Stranger's Heart" by Cowboy Indian Bear (photo credit: Micki Hadley)

promotional still from "I Want a Stranger's Heart" by Cowboy Indian Bear (photo credit: Micki Hadley) by Peter Lyrene

The video, directed by Micki Hadley, shows intimate scenes of a young family (that of local artist Jason Barr and his wife, Elyse, along with their two daughters). Shot in slow-motion, and bathed in warm filters, "I Want a Strangers Heart" captures distinctly summer images of swing sets and kissing under fireworks — a perfect fit for this short and sweet song.

I Want A Stranger's Heart // Cowboy Indian Bear from Micki Hadley on Vimeo.


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