'Hear me talkin' hillbilly boy? '

The first time I saw "Pulp Fiction," it was with my parents.Not the wisest decision. ![][1]Hey, the film had been nominated for a Best Picture Oscar. There was quite a bit of buzz. And we happened to be in the mood for a movie while visiting Wichita in spring 1995.I loved it. Loved the music, loved the dark humor, loved it.My mom, I think, nearly fainted when John Travolta plunged the hypodermic into Uma Thurman's chest.I saw it again a few months later, in Tulsa. I've owned it on VHS and DVD since then, but I haven't seen it on the big screen since.Now's my chance. Liberty Hall got its hands on a print and will be showing the film late late late Friday night. And you get a discount if you show up as a character from a Quentin Tarantino film.Here's my three options: Put on a jeri-curl wig, show up as Jules. Slap a band-aid on the back o' my bald head, show up as Marcellus Wallace.* Somehow, some way, come costumed as Jules' wallet.You remember the wallet, don't you?Jules: Hand me my wallet. Pumpkin: Which one is it? Jules: It's the one with "bad motherf-----" written on it. Describes me to a T, I think. See you there. [1]: http://www.lawrence.com/blogs/cupojoel/pulpfiction.jpg


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