Many great things about living in Lawrence. And one not-so-much.

I love my friends. Yeah, yeah, I know, we all do. I'm not any different from anybody else in that respect. But I'm realizing this spring that my friendships in Lawrence, while being one of the great things about this town for me, are also a reason for pain. Simply put: Everybody's graduating. Everybody's leaving. And that's the way things are. In a university town, you have great numbers of people who come, do their thing for a few years, and leave. It's really hitting this year, for me. In a few days, my friends Steve and Angela will head off to Rhode Island. After that, Andy and Kim take off for Pennsyvlania. And then Marie heads to California. That's a lot of friends to leave in a short time. I'm already planning a trip to the East Coast in the fall. I know that the friendships will endure. And I've still got lots of friends here. In the meantime, we've got a few more hours to spend on the Free State porch, a few more coffees at La Prima Tazza to gab over, and (if I'm lucky) one last meal of beef curry to share. Better enjoy the moments while they're here. More reasons Enough of the sappy stuff. There's still LOTS of reasons to love Lawrence. You faithful readers continue to add to the list. First, let me add one of my own: * Reason 103: Sunday night trivia with Andy and Alan. Usually at the Bottleneck, sometimes at Kaspar's. Pay $5 to get in and a chance at winning money if your team comes in first or second. A great way to fight off the Sunday-night-oh-crap-I'm-going-back-to-work-tomorrow-what-is-the- meaning-of-life blahs that hit sensitive souls such as myself. And there's beer. On to your reasons: * Reason 104: (Posted by anonymous) Waxman candles. They're made right on Mass. St., and they're hard to beat for quality. * Reason 105: (Posted by anonymous) Where else in the world can you can pull up next to a car full of teenagers at a stoplight and hear them jamming out to the Hy-Vee song? (Joel's interjection: Well, anyplace, probably. But I won't quibble.) * Reason 106: (Posted by anonymous) Scholarship halls. * Reason 107: (Also posted by anonymous) The micronautz,slackjaw,kill whitey,donkey show, the arkansas white trash review,...and Neil hamburger playing at the Replay. (Joel interjection: How many times can Micronautz appear on this list?) Reason No. 108: (E-mailed by Chris Lazzarino): Thursday's chicken-fried-steak lunch special at The Wheel. Friday's all-you-can-eat buffet at The Flamingo. Saturday's long levee bike-rides to burn through Thursday and Friday lunches. Reason No. 109: (also from Chris) Finding a new best friend at the Lawrence Humane Society. And reason 110: (from Benedict Kemmerer, my new best friend for actually E-MAILING A PHOTO!) The alleys.... ![][1] [1]:


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