It's the weekend. More thoughts

Thoughts for the weekend:¢ Did you know that Scott Bakula, who plays the captain on "Enterprise," attended KU in the late 1970s? I had no idea.¢ For that matter, did you realize there are a lot of people in Lawrence who have published "Star Trek" novels -- not fan fiction, but real novels published by Pocket Books? I'll have a story about this in the Journal-World this weekend. Because, yes, sometimes I get paid to follow my geeky whims. Nice work if you can get it.¢ Billy Thomas scored 13 points in a game this week for the New Jersey Nets. Jacque Vaughn, who's had a pretty forgettable career otherwise, scored 23 points in a game. I love to follow the ex-Jayhawks.¢ But Kirk Hinrich's scoring has dipped since I touted him as an All-Star. Mike Rigg wins.¢ Just finished ["Thick As Thieves,"][1] a mid-1990s novel written by my friend and blogging colleague Patrick Quinn. Not necessarily easy to find the book - sorry Quinn - but a quick, breezy and fun read if you do. And apparently made into [a movie][2] that you [can buy at][3] I don't think Quinno's getting any royalities from sales of the used copies, though. [1]: [2]:;fc=1;ft=20;fm=1 [3]:


Joel 17 years, 5 months ago

I'll be honest, there were a couple of spots in there that I suspected Quentin Tarantino might've lifted for "Jackie Brown." The old white guy's love of the Delfonics, for one. And I think there was a scene where one of the characters was talking about the characteristics of a certain machine gun pistol that reminded me of Samuel L. Jackson's soliloquy on the AK-47.

But that could all just be coincidence.

David Ryan 17 years, 5 months ago

Patrick's book is indeed an excellent read. The movie is very well done as well, and funny as hell.

There's a funny story about one major change between the novel and the movie -- which I'll not give. Patrick can tell it far, far better than I.

If you see the movie version in your local tv listings, definitely watch. And if you find a copy of the novel, grab it and read it.

Further proof that Mr. Quinn stands far above most of us on this lowly plane.

Bill Woodard 17 years, 5 months ago

"Thick As Thieves" is indeed a fine example of what Graham Greene categorized among his own work as "an entertainment." Lots of fun, and my own copy has made the rounds among several friends over the years. The movie adaptation, which is a combination of comedy and action, is also a good deal of fun----Alec Baldwin gives a terrific performance, and is well-supported. Still remember gathering at Quinno's downtown apartment to watch the premiere on HBO. Good times.

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