Radio, part deux

Well. [That was fun.][1]I was honestly shocked at the number of comments about my radio post -- and also shocked at how many of them were vitriolic. But I thought that was the end of that.Until I found out that the Kansas Blogosphere is also making fun of me for listening to "The Buzz."Enter [J.D.][2]:The radio station KRBZ-FM, broadcasting at 96.5MHz out of Mission and known as "The Buzz", sucks. There's nothing like tuning in to a radio station to hear "new music" I heard three months ago on my Sirius satellite radio. Their DJs have the same faux-hipster affectation that those at nearly all radio stations that claim membership in this hipster club.As a radio station, it's okay, I suppose. But as a source for music hipness, "The Buzz" sucks.I think that's what Joel was saying in his post, but the hipster hordes descended on his blog all the same._That led to a response from the godfather, [Tony's Kansas City:][3]_Lawrence blogger and journalist Joel Mathis was lit up today for admitting that he listened to The Buzz.![][4]Sadly, the guy didn't even get a bit of hipster cred given that popular, lefty DJ Lazlo is back on the air.__Yeah, it's pretty easy to have your hipster cred dispelled by the mere fact you have a blog and this small Kansas dust up is yet another example of why I neither brag nor lament the fact that I only listen to cRap music made before '95 or the smooth sounds of the 70's. Rock on, stay smooooooth._So, to bring this whole sad affair to a conclusion: I never thought I had any hipster cred. None. I'm from _Hillsboro for pete's sake. I use the phrase "pete's sake" in conversation! I wear ties and khaki pants to work every day. And they're not skinny ties, either.I'm lucky enough to have friends that have hipness spilling over -- Caterina Benalcazar, I'm looking at you -- and sometimes I benefit musically from that association.But I never, ever was hip.Now if you'll excuse me, my Neil Diamond "Jazz Singer" soundtrack is begging to be played. [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]:


Aileen Dingus 15 years, 8 months ago

My car radio will actually switch to the Buzz whenever I restart the car.

It's possessed.

I like it sometimes though, because it tells me what songs and artists are currently playing.

thetomdotdot 15 years, 8 months ago

I used to ask my dad how he could be unaware of who Robert Plant is even though he despised Led Zeppelin (that guy is an idiot) and the rest of all rock and roll.

Well, now that m&m is back in the news, I've been racking my brain and can say that to my knowledge I have never heard even a snippet of an m&m track.

The fact that I am becoming my father is besides the point. The point is that there is nothing in the music that provides the cool. There's 12 tones and about 12 different instruments to blat them with. The illusion of cool or hip comes from the petty coercion inflicted by one upon the other about the music. If you don't believe me, ask me, but there is nothing less cool than giving people shit for not being cool.

Hip is illusive. The moment you strive for it, you become another thing.

A poser.

j_d 15 years, 8 months ago

Sometimes you get the gibbering morons; sometimes the gibbering morons get you.

And nowhere will you find a greater horde of gibbering morons than in comments sections of the blogosphere (into which you, my friend, have been sucked).

j_d 15 years, 8 months ago

And thetomdotdot's comment above was brilliant.

Chris Tackett 15 years, 8 months ago

hmmm, just re-reading some of the comments from yesterday and it doesn't seem to me that you were "lit up" at all, at least not because of your musical tastes. Me thinks the poster making the more negative comments would have been negative no matter what your topic was about. He/She certainly had time on their hands. (not that there's anything wrong with that...)

The rest of the comments came across as either neutral or in polite disagreement on musical tastes.

I think instead of being a "blogospheric flame war" about music, radio or hipness, it was just a case of new readers/posters - possibly used to posting on blogs with different styles of discourse - not knowing how the online convo's usually go-down.

Not to say that anyone was in the wrong, per se. Just different strokes...sotospeak.

Althea Schnacke 15 years, 8 months ago

You complain when no one makes comments, you complain when you get tons of comments. Is there no pleasing you, Joel?

Chris Tackett 15 years, 8 months ago

and also, not to say the online convos are better or worse than others or there's a right or wrong way to contribute here, just that the frequent readers/commenters are used to one thing and the new readers (which we're happy to have) may be used to something else.

am i clear as mud?

Joel 15 years, 8 months ago

Althea: I wasn't complaining about LOTS of comments. I like lots of comments. I was just grumping about the mean ones.

But no. No pleasing me. ; )

thetomdotdot 15 years, 8 months ago

Moronic gibbering darken ones roast in the way a glass of red wine per day roses ones cheeks and rhythms the heart.

Shelby 15 years, 8 months ago

thetom: add me to the "brilliant post" list.

bloozman 15 years, 8 months ago

Firesign Theater was right: I think we're all bozos on this bus.

Will Babbit 15 years, 8 months ago

I used to hate the damn things...

Then I got one for Christmas one year and now I love it...

...My name is Will and I am a dillhole...

Jill Ensley 15 years, 8 months ago

Will, don't post and Bluetooth at the same time.

And Joel, OMG, writing a blog about you writing a blog about music is sooooo lame, OMG. (kidding)

Music is a personal issue. It gets people all riled up.

lazz 15 years, 8 months ago

godjilla's right, joel. let's keep this going, see how far you can take it. Tomorrow, write a blog about writing a blog about writing a blog.

After all, YOU are Time Magazine's Man of the Year ...

Joel 15 years, 8 months ago

Jill: I meant to tell you that I'm in complete agreement on the Bluetooth thing. I've given my wife permission to actually kill me dead if I ever start using one o' them things.

You make a good point about music, though. I'm not sure why, but music taste is one of the central ways a lot of people define themselves. I am guilty, in my younger years, of using the phrase "I'm a music buff" - I think I also have said (and I cringe in retrospect) that "I'm a bit of a coffee connoisseur." Which, as Dotdot correctly points out, makes me a bit of a poser.

And, of course, if we use our entertainment to define us ... well.

Joel 15 years, 8 months ago

Lazz: Actually, I'm going to write a blog about your comment about me writing a blog about my previous blog.

And at some point, the universe will simply swallow itself up. There's such a thing as TOO much meta.

Jill Ensley 15 years, 8 months ago

True, Joel, but music is more than entertainment....or at least it can be, so I give people a little room when they get all uppity/defensive about music. It's like religion, sometimes it's better just to nod and smile.

I know, me....not picking a fight, it's weird.

Soooo, if I see you talking to yourself at any point, I can kick you in the shins, right?

Jill Ensley 15 years, 8 months ago

Now watch, I'll immediately turn around and give someone shit for the music they in, whoever said the 70's were coming back deserves a punch in the face.

thetomdotdot 15 years, 8 months ago

Did the 70's go somewhere? I wished somebody told me.

April Fleming 15 years, 8 months ago

Dag - if I knew all I had to do to rile readers was mention the Buzz I would have skipped bagging Moses.

The vast, vast majority of landlocked radio is awful - try or If you don't go for that kind of music, keep looking - the internet is the only place to find just what you want.

Jill Ensley 15 years, 8 months ago

It's true, there are a lot of internet-only stations out there that are "worthy". I used to listen to a long time ago. Not sure what it's like now.

bloozman 15 years, 8 months ago

I miss WHB. No, not that one. The original, at 710 am. Seventy-wonderful W-H-B. It played what today are overplayed on the "oldies" stations plus a lot more. Of course, it was all new then. 40-plus years ago. I still remember the first time I heard "Little Town Flirt." And "Satisfaction." And "Do-Wah-Diddy." You know -- real music.

Jill Ensley 15 years, 8 months ago

trainstoop, I'm so glad you bred. I hope you're teaching your offspring to be just as awesome as you are.

Joel 15 years, 8 months ago

"Soooo, if I see you talking to yourself at any point, I can kick you in the shins, right?"

Higher, in fact.

As for cool radio stations through the Web, I'm a fan of KCRW out of LA. They're the ones that have the "Morning Becomes Eclectic" show, which they basically loop the archive of shows on one of their feeds. Very enjoyable.

Chris Tackett 15 years, 8 months ago

as far as internet radio goes, i can think of nothing cooler than

you pick a song, artist or genre you like and it creates a radio station for you..your custom station will play that artist or other artists in the same genre. then, if it messes up and plays an artist that doesn't fit the vibe you're going for w/ a click of the mouse you give it a thumbs-down and it will remember you don't like it and skips to the next song.

thetomdotdot 15 years, 8 months ago

No shit. I clicked on 3wk and they were playing Strawbs. Craptastic.

Jill Ensley 15 years, 8 months ago

I second that Joel. I love me some Nic Harcourt. Though...I must say, since it's on NPR, some of the stuff tends to be a do I say it....neutered. But on the whole, an awesome program.

Shelby 15 years, 8 months ago

Pandora has some serious problems. I set up a Pavement/Captain Beefheart/Crooked Fingers station and it started giving me R. Kelly, Kenny Rogers and Earth, Wind & Fire.

Joel 15 years, 8 months ago

You've just got to know how to sweet-talk Pandora, Shelby.

My early mistake was creating one station and adding everything I liked into it -- which ended up getting me a lot of music that left me indifferent at best, contemptuous at worst.

So I made a LOT of little stations, and added only ONE artist or song to each.

Then I hit "quick mix."

That worked a lot better, I can tell you. Plus, you can always hit the "thumbs-down" feature on any song, and it'll get the boot.

Jill: I'm always thrilled when we agree on something. Poopyhead. But you're right that "Morning Becomes Eclectic" can lean a little too Coldplay.

thetomdotdot 15 years, 8 months ago

Of course, embracing your posery is pretty hip these days. So there's really no way to lose.

Unless you like the B-52s.


Joel 15 years, 8 months ago

Damn you Dotdot: "Love Shack" remains the greatest pop song of the modern era!

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