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Whatever happened to Men Without Hats, anyway?


Aileen Dingus 15 years, 9 months ago

Strange. Good word. The strangeness comes in to sharp focus when one attempts to explain the video and the song to a child.

child: "Is that a dog?" me: "no, that's a, um, dwarf in harlequin tights." child: "oh."

me: "Oh look! That's it- that's the safety dance. Ooh you missed it." child: "yeah."

child: "Why isn't he smiling like the rest of the people?" me: "I don't know." child: "Why is everyone dancing around that pole except him?" me: "I don't know." child: "Why..." me: "go do your puzzle."

chrisgladfelter 15 years, 9 months ago


Safety Dance

I just realized how much the lead singer looks like Sandra Bernhardt.

leslie 15 years, 9 months ago

I think the most cumbersome, anemic dance-craze attempt is exactly what happened to Men Without Hats.

lori 15 years, 9 months ago


"Ivan lives in Montreal, Stefan lives in a small town in the Laurentian mountains of Quebec about an hour north of Montreal, Colin lives in Victoria on Vancouver island, teaches voice and sings with the Victoria Opera Company, Lenny lives in Montreal and works in computers, Marika lives in southern California, Heidi lives in New Jersey, Allan died of AIDS about 6 years ago, Jerry Arrobas is in telemarketing and living in Mtl, John Gurin is a university professor, Jean-Marc writes jingles in Mtl, the still Famous Al Gunn hasn't left the island of Montreal since the tour in 1985, Bruce Murphy's a dentist in Ottawa, and Tracy Howe lives in Ontario and recently retired from music."

Man, I loved that song when it came out. Remember those little LPs? In 5-6th grade it used to be cool to collect all those singles. I know I had this in my collection. The 80s were, uh, strange.

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