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My credit card went over the limit two months ago, unbeknownst to me, for two reasons: 1. has been charging me $12.95 without my consent for months to send me emails that get filtered into my trash.2. My credit card company enrolled me in a voluntary credit protection program, designed to keep me safe from unauthorized charges, without my permission. These unauthorized charges (totaling about $500) put me over my limit, barely. Then came the service charges. $105 for each payment cycle I was over. $35 for each charge over. $ARM here. $LEG there.In other words, my credit account has been totally f-ed by companies with services that are supposedly aimed at helping consumers protect, manage and pay off their credit. How much has this debacle cost me in just 90 business days? Well, the afore mentioned $500 in bogus shit, a whopping $980 in fees and many points on my FICA score. Funny thing is though. Despite apparently being a paying member at I couldn't log in to check my credit report there. At least not without paying an additional $25. To make things more interesting I can't pay this credit card over the phone without a $15 service fee. I can't pay it online because it is from a bank I no longer have a checking account at and I can't pay it by mail because I enrolled in electronic statements after I called the bank in November to inform them I was moving back to Kansas, a friendly, goodwill notice from a debtee to a debtor which they promptly ignored when they continued to send all of my notices to my old addy, including the one that notified all customers that there was a security breach and that all checkcards were being replaced. They sent the replacement to the old addy too. I had no idea any of this was happening and all my automatic payments got rejected resulting in hundreds of dollars in late fees. That is when I stopped using that checking account. Who is going to pay for all these late fees? Me, of course. See I have to pay them in order to get my account into good standing so it isn't reported to the credit check company that has been ripping me off for months. Go figure. I will be taking donations on the street corner near my house all week. $100 bills welcome, $1000 bills encouraged.


thetomdotdot 15 years, 9 months ago

Reach your heart across the seven seas and celebrate globilization by calling the 800 number on the back of the card.

Todd 15 years, 9 months ago

Going all cash seems like a better idea with each passing day.

Will Babbit 15 years, 9 months ago

Anyone that doesnt know, go to, it is a federal program that requires each credit tracking company to give you one free report per year. It is the program talked about in small print at the bottom of the commercials. I encourage everyone to check it out to keep the companies in check. I've done it for 3 years now, and I assure you, it truly is free.

Aufbrezeln Eschaton 15 years, 9 months ago

Billy---this is bullshit. And if you make a big, nasty, loud enough stink about it, you can get some of that shit written off. Not all, probably, but any is better than none.

We got scammed on that "free" credit report, too--when we noticed the charges showing up, a few months later, I called and put all my customer-service experience to use. One hour and two supervisors later, we had a refund.

And call your bank. Have all of your information, including the date you requested an address change, and preferably proof of when you changed addresses.

(PS--if you tend to lose your cool from frustration when dealing with these asshole corporations, get someone who doesn't, put the phone on speaker, and let them talk for you.)

I'm sending LadyLaw this way---she has mucho experience with and contacts in state government, she can tell you who to contact in the state banking commission, or whatever it's called, or at least the right names to drop in your conversation with the bank to make them more apt to cooperate.

Terry Bush 15 years, 9 months ago

Thanks for the heads up Misty.

Billy, this is a major pain for you b/c no one else is going to stay on it like you will. So you are going to have to be real organized and persistent for quite awhile if you want to (a) get it straightned out and (b) get the bad guys in trouble (and your $$ back!). The good news is that there ARE some agencies that may be able to help you get it straightened out.

In no particular order, try the following if you do not get this straightened out RIGHT AWAY by all concerned.

Contact the Kansas Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division and file a complaint. Consumers are not required to pay for things that they did not agree to buy. And there are laws that can be used to punish providers of consumer services who make bad things happen to consumers simply b/c they did not pay for something they did not order.
Go to the AG's web site at to fill in a complaint form (you can file a consumer complaint on-line.). Not all transactions or situations qualify as a consumer protection act situation. But if you file a complaint, they'll let you know pretty fast (by government standards) whether or not they think they can assist you.

Contact the State Banking Commissioner's office to complain about your bank's conduct. They don't actually have a consumer protection division in that office, and they don't have power over every bank operating in Kansas (some are under federal authorities). However, that agency may be able to (a) get you to the right authorities who do in fact control this particular bank and (b) give you some ideas as to how to best go about getting things straightened out. is their web site and their general counsel (Sonya Allen) is one smart lady. If nothing else, filing a complaint with the right regulatory body about how your bank handled this situation will go into their "permanent record"!

For credit issues you may also want to contact the Federal Trace Commission (FTC) see

Good luck!

slowburn 15 years, 9 months ago

<p> clearly states that, if you do not cancel your membership in 30 days, they will charge $12.95 a month.

billy 15 years, 9 months ago

Yeah, thing is, I went on the website and canceled it.

Asphericview 15 years, 9 months ago

Sorry, Billy, this is happening, but there are some double faults here.

All the consumer protection laws, rules and programs don't work unless everyone READS THEM. People will sign up for any program and not read the required notices and disclosures they are provided. Anyone here read the 12 page, 8 point type agreement you got with your credit card? No. If you did, you'd understand your rights and responsibilities and the credit card companies responsibilities.

You cannot be charged for something you did not agree to. Check with these providers and demand documented proof of enrollment and a copy of the agreement. They HAVE TO provide it to you. They must keep copies of all past agreements on file.

If you did not enroll in some/all of these programs, you might be able to recoup some if not all costs to you. Where you are going to get into problems is timely inspection of the monthly statement they are required to send to you and your timely reporting of errors.

You normally have 60 days after your discovery of unauthorized transactions or errors to report them to your credit card company.
If you do not, you can loose your chargeback rights. You can also loose your chargeback rights if you did not report errors that resulted in other errors that could have been prevented by timely reporting. You cannot be charged fees from errors.

Since you did not inspect your monthly statement, you could be responsible. It's a big mistake to expect any business to care about you. You are responsible for your own finances. These large credit card companies are doing what they are required to do. They are federally examined annually and highly regulated. We the consumer have to do our due diligence as well, and most people don't.

billy 15 years, 9 months ago

Thanks for weighing in Asphericview. I recognize my own culpability, I will be disputing the stuff that has happened int he past 60 days. I'm just frustrated. And I know it is going to take several hours of phone conversations to fix anything.

I was looking closely at all my spend because my mom, the midwife, just got pushed out of her contract at her job for failure to be able to perform her duties because her arm was left partially paralyzed after a spinal injury she suffered while delivering one of her little beloved rugrats. I was really hoping to be able to help out. Then I saw this stuff and I was like, "woe." Then I realized it was going to take me a month or so to sort all this out and get things back on track. In other words, it will be a month before I could do anything fiscally to help my mom.

That makes me feel like poop.

James Bennett 15 years, 9 months ago

You managed to cancel on their site?I got roped into that when I was getting ready to move here (wanted to check my report to know what kind of luck I'd have with landlords/real estate folks doing checks on me), and ended up getting hit for the monthly fee. Which was one reason why my old account with a bank that doesn't have a branch within 500 miles of here stayed open, with money periodically transferred into it.Try as I might, I couldn't cancel the credit reporting online, and finally spent 45 minutes on the phone with them to get the thing shut down (much of which was repeating, with increasing loudness and firmness, that I really did want to cancel the "service").

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