Banned From TV

Or at least our TV. The list of shows I'll no longer allow my kid to watch is growing daily. The latest program to get the boot (and the block, I heart my DVR) is "Max and Ruby".Those of you out there with small children may have seen it, I'm pretty sure it airs on PBS Sprout, which blows my mind. It's a quaintly-drawn animation, very sweet and old-fashioned, starring cute little anthromorphic bunny rabbits. Max is the younger brother, and Ruby, his older sister, was apparently left in charge of him that one day when Mommy went out for smokes and never came back--like many, many children's shows, these tots don't seem to have parents.Anyway, if you actually watch a few episodes, you come to the conclusion that you'd rather have your kid watching pay-per-view porn. Or maybe that's just me. Every episode revolves around the "aw, isn't that cute?!" glorification of the younger child's selfish, deceptive, and destructive behavior, while mocking the older child's responsibility and quiet, constructive play. Max lies, sneaks, and busts his way through each show while the ever-patient Ruby tries to keep him from breaking his fool head off, only to end up with all of the supporting characters praising Max's inadvertent creativity and chuckling condescendingly at his bumbling sister's efforts to keep him in check.Also, the sly little look on Max's face just makes me want to beat him to a pulp and then fry him up. Mmmmm, rabbit gravy.I know that children's TV isn't perfect, but I'll be damned if my three-year-old gets to watch a show where some sneaky little shit breaks into his sister's room, destroys all her stuff, lies about it, and then gets rewarded at the end. And I'll be damned if I want her viewing a program that sends the message that the kind, patient care-takers of the world are to be vilified and mocked.At least when Trey lets her watch a UFC match, it teaches her that actions have consequences, dammit.


Will Babbit 14 years, 6 months ago

Who's her favorite UFC fighter? (I bet Matt Hughes, he's dreamy)

blahblahblah 14 years, 6 months ago

But if we don't raise our kids on shows like this, how can we blame all the stuff they see on TV when they act out and grow up to be complete tools thanks to a lack of parenting? I mean, we couldn't blame the parents, could we???

alm77 14 years, 6 months ago

Thanks for the heads up. I'd been slacking on my parental duties on this particular show and I KNOW my kids (three year old included) have watched this one. I love the little theme jingle, but never watched it enough (obviously not the ending) to realize that was what was going on. whoops.

My list is growing daily as well.... After March Madness, I'm considering canceling the satellite.

littlelody 14 years, 6 months ago

My mom gave me a book called Max's Valentine last year, and I know that look you're talking 19 month old son has learned that look too. Ruby was making valentines, and wouldn't let Max have any of the candy. "I'm using all the candy for MY valentine's, Max", she says. (Yes, I know it by heart). "Eat your lunch, Max, says Ruby. "But Max did not want his lunch, he wanted candy cupids"...and this is where the look comes in. In the end, Max gets a valentine from Grandma with chocolate ants. So you see, persistence pays off! Who needs lunch? Eventually you will get your candy!!!

And this is coming from my MOM! HA! No wonder I have a terrible sweet tooth =)

I often times want to write my own children's books for my son, with lessons that aren't so ambiguous, and "cute". If only I could draw...

Terry Bush 14 years, 6 months ago

Consequences. Behave like Max and get punished, not rewarded. Behave like wrestlers and get.... Paid a lot of money (?) to smash up other people?

Aileen Dingus 14 years, 6 months ago

This is why I don't like "Cat in the Hat" either. Seriously. He broke rules, he made a mess, he didn't listen to the fish, but for some reason, since he cleaned it all up and Mom didn't find out it's all ok. WTF. Teaching the kids to be sneaky?

(not like it took. My two are terrible at sneaky thank GOD)

Aufbrezeln Eschaton 14 years, 6 months ago

UFC is her dad's decision, they watch it like my mom used to watch Jane Fonda videos with me when I was little---they get down on the floor and he teaches her arm locks and the like. I guess my point was at least what she's learning there is that when you hit someone, they hit you back, possibly much harder, and if you're going to be a violent asshat, at least do it in a regulated setting. Mostly, though, I think she's just learning how to dislocate someone's shoulder. Her dad made that call; he can pay for her lawyer someday ;) Seriously, though, I don't have nearly as much of a problem with her watching real, referee'd fights as I would her seeing some show where the violence is stylized and glorified. She sees guys hit each other, she sees them get hurt, for real. Then she sees them shake hands and leave the ring. In that vein, she is absolutely not allowed to watch professional wrestling. I've put my foot down on that.

And besides, it's not like she pays attention for more than a minute or two anyway before she's off again pretending to be a horse.

DOTDOT 14 years, 6 months ago

Aaahhh. I see scenebooster's difficulty with the breadcrumbs. Makes me proud to be an American.

UKept 14 years, 6 months ago

Back in my day, when kids named Max were naughty, they were sent to their rooms with no supper, and forced to become Kings of the Wild Things.

But that was a long time ago...

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