Off the Beaten Plate: Cajun Corn Dog at Terrebonne Cafe

If Terrebonne’s Cajun twist on this classic summertime treat were a person, she’d be the corndog’s sassy, tell-it-like-it-is cousin from down South. (I’ve very sincerely thought of my cat as my own hairy, clawed “problem child” for a while now, so personifying food just seems like a natural progression at this point, OK?)

The Cajun Corn Dog is greasy and gluttonous as all hell and totally unapologetic about it. One bite into its crispy, golden hushpuppy shell reveals where this corn dog differs most prominently from its relatives — instead of a hot dog is a spicy smoked andouille sausage, glistening like New Orleans city lights upon the mighty Mississippi. Or, like, meat grease.

Gird yourself with napkins and enjoy.

The Cajun Corn Dog at Terrebonne Cafe, 805 Vermont St.

The Cajun Corn Dog at Terrebonne Cafe, 805 Vermont St. by Joanna Hlavacek

Where to get it: Terrebonne Cafe, 805 Vermont St.

What you'll pay: $3.50

Try it with: The corn dog already comes with a side of honey-mustard sauce, but if you're still hungry for more (no judgement here), Terrebonne makes a nice, vinegary cole slaw that would help ameliorate some of the sausage's spiciness.

Also on the menu: Other Cajun favorites like the po' boy (Terrebonne offers the Louisiana sub with shrimp, gator, crawdad and andouille sausage, among other protein options), muffaletta, gumbo, fried okra and hushpuppies.

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