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Off the Beaten Plate: Heart Attack at Yokohama

The Heart Attack at Yokohama, 811 New Hampshire St. and 1730 W. 23rd St.

The Heart Attack at Yokohama, 811 New Hampshire St. and 1730 W. 23rd St. by Joanna Hlavacek

You wouldn’t expect to find jalapeño poppers (cousin of such bar-food delicacies as mozzarella sticks and chicken wings) at a restaurant that deals primarily in sushi and other Japanese dishes.

And yet, there they are at Yokohama, arranged artfully on an oblong plate and sprinkled with a mysterious, burnt-orange dressing (we’re talking color here, not the fruit) that gave the hefty poppers a little extra heat.

Yokohama’s Japanese-skewed version is spicy — in addition to cream cheese, the jalapeños are stuffed with spicy tuna and lightly fried — but needless to say, the name “Heart Attack” might be a tad hyperbolic in this case.

Where to get it: Yokohama, 811 New Hampshire St. (It’s also available at Yokohama’s south Lawrence location, 1730 W. 23rd St.)

What you’ll pay: $7.50

Try it with: Your meal and a cold drink

Also on the menu: Sushi galore, plus a variety of Japanese and other Asian entrees, including Korean specialties such as bibimbap and jajangmyeon. If you’re looking for more fried concoctions, Yokohama’s got plenty — tempuras of all sorts and fried ice cream and cheesecake, to name a few.

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