Nappy Headed Choad

Enough of this "serious journalism" crap...let's get back to the format of bloviating bitch fests from Punditocracies past! Aaron returns from sabbatical (aka, Thai brothel) to help Gavon (aka, Thai prostitute) opinionate on Gonzo-gate, Iraq supplemental squabbling, the tragi-comedy that is the presidential slate for '08, animate scrotum Don Imus' inappropriate ejaculation, and a waste of DNA named John Derbyshire who said awful things about the victims at Virginia Tech. It's a politics & culture return to fecal flinging form! [Stick it in your podcast hole!][1] [1]:


Snoop 16 years, 1 month ago

Hey you can't say nappy headed, Al Sharpton said so!! That is racist, I call for your removal!!

gavon 16 years, 1 month ago

Don't worry, Snoop...we already contacted Reverend Sharpton and apologized. Of course, he demanded a pound of flesh in return--literally. I'm a fairly skinny dude, so we mostly had to shave off buttock tissue. It's fairly gamy meat but I hear that Reverend Sharpton isn't too picky when it comes to eating ass.

As part of "Media Contrition 101," my apology regimen will next include entering rehab and finding Jesus. I'm very much looking forward to it...I hear you can score some pretty sweet meth from those bigoted Jesus freaks!

your_mileage_may_vary 16 years, 1 month ago

Editor: suggest changing the headline. Had to look up Choad: choad 2 sounds chode penis taint grundle cock dick gooch asshole balls bones doad durf fag fat perineum vagina douchebag wang ass bitch choader ejaculate ... - 26k - Apr 23, 2007 -

gavon 16 years, 1 month ago

your_mileage, are you concerned with the title because it's an obscure reference that's not immediately known, or because it's an obscure reference to cock? Just curious...

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