Lead-off hits: best rookie authors of 2016

Summertime is in full-swing, which means more time for some of our favorite things — baseball games, new books and popsicles (which are officially their own food group from May to September.) While we can't offer you any frozen treats, we can combine the other two to give you...

Lead-off Hits: The Best Rookie Authors of 2016

These first-timers have nailed it out of the park across various genres and age groups. They've entered the publishing world with a big hit. They've earned bragging rights for their RBIs (that's Readers Batted In). They'll be sure to give you a batch of HRs (Hours of Reading). They ... OK, you get it, let's just get to the books.

Click here to get on the holds list for one (or all!) of the books.

— Kate Gramlich is a Reader's Services Assistant at Lawrence Public Library.


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