That's Not Hot

You may have noticed that in the last two weeks, John McCain's attacks on Obama have become more pointed. And by pointed, I mean pathetic and well off the mark (Yaaay! Republicans are back to character assassination!). Just like Al Gore is a pathological liar and John Kerry is an effete disgrace to the military, Obama alone is responsible for high gas prices, the fact that people are drawn en masse to him as a leader makes him beyond ill-equipped to lead and we should never keep our tires properly inflated just cuz Nascar and the National Transportation Safety Board says so. Oh, and all Germans in large cheering masses are Nazis. Got it.But wait a sec... are those pigs I see up in the sky? What is headlining [][1] this morning? Something that makes me not totally hate Paris Hilton?

It ain't totally accurate, but hey, more on the mark than the McCain campaign picking Britney and Paris for that ad in the first place. WTF, they are like soooo 2005. [1]:"Drudge [2]: [3]:


joenormal 14 years, 10 months ago

yep, second thing i've seen by paris that i like as well....way better camera work than the first one and lighting is much better too.

alm77 14 years, 10 months ago

This is only the second thing I've watched with Paris Hilton in it and this is the second thing I've liked. shiver....

April Fleming 14 years, 10 months ago

Good lord. Another celebrity ad today:"Is the biggest celebrity in the world ready to help your family?" the ad asks, over ominous music and slow motion images of Obama appearing before an ecstatic crowd."Is this resonating or something?

alm77 14 years, 10 months ago

I came across it completely by accident and actually, I felt sorry for her. She did this show to demonstrate how the paparazzi takes everything out of context with little or no facts. She went out and was seen with this old hippie who was wrapped up in sheets. They went to a bookstore and then out to dinner. At dinner, Paris went up to a complete stranger and gave her a piece of costume jewelry. That was it. But, the story that came out was that she had a new spiritual advisor (I think they even named her new religion) and was giving away her earthly possessions (including real diamonds) and it just went on and on. I refuse to watch "The Simple Life" or anything else like that, but this show really made her seem human and likable and showed how very little you can believe what is being said about anyone in Hollywood.

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