The Lied Center Hearts iTunes

Are you into South African gospel, Brazilian guitar or baroque orchestration, perhaps? Well, me neither, but the Lied Center intends to change some of our perceptions and give us a taste of what we're missing by offering us free crack... in the form of iTunes download cards. With each FREE card available to anyone (they even suggest taking one to give a friend!) you can download 20 tracks from artists featured in the Center's 2008-2009 season - check out their schedule [here][1]. I can't say I'm familiar with much besides Sweeney Todd (which is a very strange thing to see live - I saw it once with my parents, which, though they are musical aficionados and used to the genre, made it all the weirder), but surely it's all good stuff. _Cover your ears every time the red lights go on or you might know what it's like to be a cat when thunder strikes. Trust me._They still have plenty left, so go get 'em, sweet chickens. Their office is open Monday-Friday, 12pm - 5:30pm until August 22 and Monday-Friday, 11 am 6pm after that date. But if you can't make it during those hours, according to our insiders when the ticket office is closed there ought to be some cards in the lobby for the taking. [1]:


Bill Woodard 14 years ago

We also have these cards available at the Spencer Museum of Art; just check the visitor information desk in the lobby.

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