Motherland. Madretierra?

_Aerial view of my hometown, Los Alamos, NM_Sometimes I get really homesick for New Mexico. Part of it right now is that my parents just visited - they brought a mass of food too, including green and red chile (the good kinds are impossible to get here), homemade salsa and chex mix (random?). Then there's stuff like these pictures from yesterday's Obama rally (in the closest town to Los Alamos), which makes me miss all of the interesting and strange people that live there.New Mexico is a magnet for weirdos, hippies and new-age fanatics, as well as people from religions less well-known in the US, that find a home in the ultra-Catholic northern part of the state. There is a huge Sikh Dharma in Española, where the Obama pics are from and about 15 miles from that, a really beautiful desert mosque in Abiquiu, which I once visited on a high school field trip. There are Indian Reservations all over the state (I think more than any other state except maybe Oklahoma), including around 16 pueblos in the Rio Grande valley. The most accessible is Taos pueblo, but others are sometimes opened up for special occasions and art shows. Los Alamos has an interesting history too (yay A-Bombs) but mostly I miss the mountains and the food. This is my home now, but my parents are officially not allowed to move.And, unrelated but funny:


Terry Bush 13 years, 8 months ago

I WAS BORN IN NEW MEXICO!!!! They (my parents) took me away very young. And I did not go back until about 9 years ago. Now I have been back 3 times. And I love it. I would have a home there if I could afford to live in two places... The state is beautiful. And there is NOTHING like the air of that land. Nothing. I could eat it, giant chunks, in big handfuls. No air has ever tasted or smelled or seemed as good to me. And the landscape! Oh my. There are not proper words for how moving it is. I love trees and forests and things that are wet. So how do I relate that to New Mexico. Little secret here - they have trees and forrests and water in New Mexico. Amidst the cactus, the adobe, the flat bad lands and the sand...there are also mountains, and trees, and deep canyons with water. And that air. Did I mention the sky the air is in? There's a reason it's big sky country.For those who have never been, it is worth the trip.Take a camera. You will want it. If you want to skip the tourist traps (Sante Fe ahem) be my guest. Just hit places like Madrid (hippy artist types abound). Or wander around just breathing. Your lungs will thank you!

frankt 13 years, 8 months ago

Come on, hasn't everybody lived in New Mexico at one time another? I lived there from 3 to 10.

Terry Bush 13 years, 8 months ago

I don't know...maybe we're all aliens (Mars, Venus, not Mexico type)? Sandia AFB was the site of my birth...

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