Au Revoir, (Old) Love Garden

With all due respect to Lawrence's other music retailers (I do enjoy a trip to Kief's downtown), the Love Garden has always held the top spot in my heart.

It's always a pleasure to walk up the creaky stairs, past the hundreds of album covers posted on the walls and into its space. It's a little bit like the coolest attic ever, complete with resident kitties and the most knowledgeable staff I've ever encountered in a record store. For 19 years, Love Garden has occupied its current space. This Monday, they're packing their bags and moving on up the street. I do not envy whoever will be carting all that shit out of there... even if it is just Ninth Street. Records, like books, are some of the most insanely, irritatingly heavy things to deal with on any moving day.

The new location will be at 822 Mass, ground level. I'll miss the walk up those stairs - but I probably won't really miss wondering if all of us attendees for the in-house shows are about to plummet to all of our deaths when the floor collapses under the weight of a full house moving to a beat.

The new shop opens September 7th. I should have hopped on this sooner but they're having a bit of a fire sale over there this weekend, so vinyl nerds get on it:

15% off ALL NEW CDs, LPs, 7" SINGLES & DVDs excluding consignment items.
20% off USED CDs.
50% off USED DVDs.
50% off Country, Classical, Comedy & Soundtrack USED LPs.
25% off USED 7" SINGLES, including the high end 45s from the "Valuable" boxes.
30% off All USED LPs with a red dot on the price tag.
50% off all SHOTGUN (bargain) room LPs & 45s.
25% off POSTERS.

It seems that the location at 936 1/2 Mass will stay open until the new location is ready, and any stock they're not wanting to move down the street will be progressively more discounted as the days go on.

It would be a seriously sad day to see the store close, so while I'll miss the old location I'm just happy Love Garden will be sticking around. I trust that we will continue spending money that should be spent feeding ourselves in one of Lawrence's finest shops. Curious to see the new one!


throat_baby 12 years, 8 months ago

Think we can get the sound of those stairs to play when we open the door at the new place? That will make it easier for me.

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