Kawehi releases video for 'Anthem,' announces show at Bottleneck

Attention all Kawehi fans: I just got word that the one-woman band who stole our hearts and received national attention for her cover of Nirvana's "Heart-Shaped Box" will be playing Aug. 30 at The Bottleneck. Finally, a Lawrence appearance!

The expert loop pedal artist based in Lawrence also just released a new video for a track on her latest EP “Robot.” The artist tweeted out the video for “Anthem” this morning and made a point to warn viewers first: “If you don't like chicks who dance like a robot, my new vid is not for you yo.”

In the video, Kawehi sits at a table and places a box over her head for every new vocal sound she makes. Then she takes the box still containing the sound — and her head — and puts it on the table, layering the track with each new sound until it's just her singing along with her heads. “Anthem,” which was made using only vocals, is a song with a positive message about our potential, as human beings, to make a difference.

Get tickets for the Aug. 30 show here. Quick, before it sells out.


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