Lawrence joint makes Zagat’s ‘Best Burgers’ list

The Burger Stand at the Casbah, 803 Mass., won Best Burger in the 2012 Best of Lawrence contest.

The Burger Stand at the Casbah, 803 Mass., won Best Burger in the 2012 Best of Lawrence contest.

Zagat has taken note of something we Lawrencians have known for a while, if the Best of Lawrence contest is a fair indication. Zagat released its “Best Burgers in 25 Cities” list this week, and the Burger Stand at the Casbah, 803 Massachusetts St., is on it.

In a recent Zagat survey, the Blog feature explains, diners revealed they eat burgers more than four times per month. Thus, Zagat compiled the list in honor of the American favorite.

The Burger Stand joins restaurants and dives from Honolulu to Boston. (While Burger Stand is listed as being in Kansas City, I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt and assuming they’re implying the Kansas City area.)

As far is the quotes in Zagat’s summary of our local favorite go, they don’t indicate who or what they’re quoting. Maybe reader reviews? Anyway, here’s what they have to say:

“Outstanding” “gourmet” burgers and the “best” sides (“you can’t beat the truffle or duck-fat fries”) make this “cool” Lawrence joint a “new classic” whose “bustling” vibe “feels vital without being obnoxious”; service is “quick”, the bar stays open late most nights, and even if it’s not the cheapest patty-slinger around, you get to “indulge without emptying the bank.”

Kevin Anderson/Journal-World Photo.The Burger Stand, 803 Mass., creates a variety of signature ketchups.  Truffle fries gets some chipotle cocoa ketchup added.

Kevin Anderson/Journal-World Photo.The Burger Stand, 803 Mass., creates a variety of signature ketchups. Truffle fries gets some chipotle cocoa ketchup added. by Kevin Anderson


msezdsit 5 years ago

a burger is a burger is a burger.this place makes a pretty good burger but the best thing they got going for them is a whole lotta hype. my bet is that this zagat is every bit as scientific as the best of lawrence is. stuff the ballot box and even you can be the best of lawrence

HawkitToEm 5 years ago

i agree with msezdsit.

another thing to point out is that the burger stand uses frozen french fries, and they then toss them in the duck fat, or the truffle oil. the fries are sub-par and are not the gourmet fries they pretend they are.

irvan moore 5 years ago

i like the burgers, the first few bites of the fries are like wow and then they kind of start to taste to rich but it beats the heck out of a lot of $10.00 dinners in lawrence

Ken Schmidt 5 years ago

I find it odd that the only three comments on this article all utilize the same (lack of) sentence structure or capitalization. Interestingly enough, they all take a very negative stance on this establishment. Things to make one go hmmm. Just sayin'...

irvan moore 5 years ago

you might want to reread my comment, i said nice things about the place and thought it was good value

HawkitToEm 5 years ago

conspiracy theory!!!!!! you figured it out! you win a free burger! just come into the burger stand and say "i won the conspiracy theory game, so i'll take a kobe burger, thank you"

msezdsit 5 years ago

this place makes a pretty good burger wizzo!! that is such a negative comment. I find your first post interesting. just sayin

Ken Schmidt 5 years ago

Actually, I enjoy the Burger Stand and a few other, similar places in town. All the same, my comment was the fist three posters could almost be attributed to the same author, perhaps. Even the minor compliments really add nothing to the observations of the article. And no, I did not just create this login. I have had it for years. I just rarely find something worth posting which has not already been said.

irvan moore 5 years ago

i would like to welcome you and encourage more participation

Meryl Carver 5 years ago

Are you kidding? I love the Burger Stand! My only wish is that they would offer a slider-sized burger. (Full burger + fries = food coma for rest of day.)

sturgen 5 years ago

I truly think that much of the hype they get is because people still think that Dempseys is Burger Stand. Dempseys uses much higher quality meat and is easily a better burger overall.

Rastaman 5 years ago

This place used to be very good when it first opened (or changed to Burger Stand). The last 2 times I've been there, I swore to myself it was my last time to be a customer there due to poor food.

I might give it another try sometime in the future to see if things have gotten to where they use to be.

I would consider it good "bar food" at best, as long as your main objective is drinking beer and having fun, but for a stand alone dinner or lunch, I'll pass.

Jean Robart 5 years ago

Duck fat for the fries? I knew there was a reason I never went there. Besides, I can find a great burger for a better price almost anywhere.

garyr 5 years ago

I ate there once, and never again. The food was sub-par. The other reason, pretty sure I got food poisining. I was sicker than a dog, for two days, after eating there. Maybe they overheard me talking about how stale their beer tasted, and they threw something in my food. I don't know. But, I for one, will not be returning. That is, unless, I want to miss a coupld of days of work.

riverdrifter 5 years ago

I'll put the burgers from The Short Branch Saloon in Utica, Kansas up against anybody's. A double burger of perfectly aged and never-frozen angus beef weighs a pound and costs $6.50. It's only 380 miles southwest of here and boots & dusters are optional; leave your spurs out front on the sidewalk.

Charles L. Bloss, Jr. 5 years ago

Best fries I ever ate at a burger joint is at Penelope's in Estes Park, CO. They leave the skin on just like it you were cutting them at home, and dropping them in the hot oil. The hamburgers were great there, too.

garyr 5 years ago

They have the best hot wings in Lawrence!!!!

sweettrue2 5 years ago

Nastiness. Point. Blank. Period.

George_Braziller 5 years ago

I've only been there twice but never had a burger there. Just been there with friends for beer and a big basket (or two) of fries. They aren't the best I've ever had but they're inexpensive and I'm a potato chip or french fry addict so it works for me even if they are frozen potatoes.

jhawk1998 5 years ago

I would not eat at such a filthy place. Dempsey's burgers are by far superior, as well as their fries.

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