Burger Stand lands on another nationwide 'best burger' list

Lawrence isn’t one of the 21 big cities the website Thrillist usually writes about, but somebody on their staff has been here — and been very impressed with one of our burgers.

The Burger Stand’s “Hamburg Burger” (which I'm pretty sure is one of their inventive specials, but not on the regular daily menu) made Thrillist’s list of “the 33 best burgers in the entire country,” published this week. Here’s what they said:

Originally started in the kitchen of an Irish pub in 2009, the burger stand has reached cult status in and around the college town thanks to their custom blend of tenderloin, strip steak, and ribeye; their housemade sauces (cherry pepper or chipotle cocoa ketchup, whole grain guinness mustard); and their duck fat fries. If you're feeling bold (and hell, you're in Kansas, why wouldn't you be?!?), get the Hamburg burger -- a German take with braised red cabbage, whole grain mustard, and homemade pickle relish.

Check out the Hamburg and the other 32 burgers — and find a printable PDF checklist if you have a wild hair to travel around the country and try them all — here. Burger Stand has been voted Lawrence's best burger three years running, and also got a shout out on Zagat's "best burgers in 25 cities" list earlier this year.

Tips welcome!

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Richard Heckler 9 years, 9 months ago

Very good. Too bad the smoked tofu fries got overlooked. Some of the veggie burgers are quite tasty as well.

All backed with good music and a fine array of brew what more anyone ask?

I know..... guacamole everyday.

Evan Ridenour 9 years, 9 months ago

I consider this place to be the most overrated burger in the greater KC area. Not once have I had a burger properly cooked there (and yet every time they ask me how I want it cooked?!). It always comes out RAW or BURNED.

The talked about fries are all Sysco pre-packaged affairs that are overly tossed in tons of flavored fat and the "homemade" dipping sauces are pre-made sauces that they add a couple of ingredients.

If they were charging $5-6 a burger, maybe. But for almost $10 (or more), complete rip-off.

FreddieLA 9 years, 9 months ago

In reponse to Eride's comment, it's incredibly clear you're being a petulant person in regards to The Burger Stand. It either comes from you eating a burger there once and just not liking it due to personal taste or even it being a bad burger that day or just the fact that you're a negative person that makes everyone else miserable anyway. Or even worse, someone that wants to tear down The Burger Stand in hopes of helping some other business. The fact that everything there is bad proves all this. If you'd just said, there burger is good but the fries were bad or it was decent but maybe a little overpriced.. but nope, of course EVERYTHING there sucks.

I've eaten at TBS maybe 50 times since it was first at Dempsey's and I've never had a bad burger. Odd that in 50 times I wouldn't get a burnt or under cooked one as you suggest. And I have to say it is a damn good burger. Truffle fries on the side and a nice beer.. that's a fantastic meal if you ask me.

flloyd 9 years, 9 months ago

FreddieLA...re-read Eride's post ("I had a burger properly cooked there (and yet every time they ask me how I want it cooked?!") and I believe you can safely conclude he has eaten there more than once.

I'll drink a beer (or two) there, but never, ever eat their food again. Last time my burger was swimming in grease and the fries were so oily none of us at the table could eat them.

"Burger Stand...also got a shout out on Zagat's "best burgers in 25 cities" list earlier this year."

Zagat writter must have scored some good weed before walking in the door of this joint.

gatekeeper 9 years, 9 months ago

I'm with Freddie. I've been to lots of burger places across the country and LOVE the Burger Stand. The only thing I've ever had that wasn't awesome was one time the fries were over cooked. Told them and got a new batch. The Kobe is to die for! Yes, the burgers are greasy. A good burger is! A good burger is also barely cooked and nice and pink inside and they have never once messed up how myself or anyone with me wanted it cooked. I like to sit at the bar and get great service and strong drinks. I work in KC and have lots of coworkers that now come to Lawrence just to get a burger there.

Think I'll have to go this weekend.

Katie Dennis 9 years, 9 months ago

Burger Stand was the best when they were small and at Dempsey's. Now their fries are either soggy/cold/too greasy, the burgers are average. Whoever is making the burgers at Dempsey's now is waaaaaaaaayyy better and their fries aren't frozen sysco fries. They also have some interesting combos and awesome meatless alternatives. I'll pick quality over trendy any day.

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