Sports Buddaye 16: "Harbaugh Rock City"

KU might already have a new head football coach. Jim Harbaugh will prove to be a miraculous hire if indeed this is the case. Scooter goes backstage at the KISS concert. The Sprint Center is awesome, but KC cannot afford another pro team. We mini preview Chiefs vs. Bills. For further episodes of "Sports Buddaye" stay tuned to this blog or visit our YouTube channel.


Kelly Corcoran 12 years, 9 months ago

Kansas City CAN afford a pro team. Just not a BASKETBALL team. So, throw out some names for the KC HOCKEY franchise.

One. KC KILLERS: A Simple Friday the 13th style hockey mask as the logo. Maybe a little blood on the mask.

Two. KC QUEENS: Keeps with the Royalty/Important Native American theme. Pink Unis.

Three. KC SCOUTS: Already got a logo from the mid-70s.

Maybe you don't pay attention to Hockey. You should. Its easily the BEST Pro sport. You players HIT one another and the action doesn't stop (like football), there aren't one bazillion 2 minute timeouts in a game (see football & basketball) and sometimes the players just FIGHT, and its legal. Lets add that players move faster than both football and basketball, the element of skill can be muted by toughness, and all the players suited up on any given night for your team play in that game (less the backup goalie). Its the most TEAM oriented sport, its the FASTEST sport, and it the TOUGHEST sport. KC would go BATSHIT for a hockey franchise. SPORTS BUDDAYE needs to look into hockey.

I'm INVITING the Buddaye posse to watch some hockey with me this season. Once the dull days of KU B-Ball mopping up Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa State, Baylor, Texas Tech, KSU & OSU by 30 starts in January, lets talk. SPORTS BUDDAYE needs a game with some COMPETITION! HITTING! FIGHTING!

SportsBuddaye 12 years, 9 months ago

O.K. Kelly, you're on. I've been impressed by LIVE hockey in the past, after watching St. Louis Blues and K.C. Blades games. It's hard for me to get up even for the Stanley Cup. However, we DID have a great one this year. I would be all about a KC hockey team. We already have an NBA team with the Jayhawks, so hockey might be a better fit for Kansas City. With little to no scoring, the hits and fights seem to be THE key redeeming factors of the sport. As spring approaches, I would be down to watch a pivotal game in the NHL. Maybe that could be an opportunity for the Sports Buddaye to dabble in the NHL for a super special episode. Go Royals.

Kelly Corcoran 12 years, 9 months ago

OK. Its on. Sports Bar or in a home? We should watch a few regular season games and film during a playoff game. It takes a few TV games to understand the pacing and how to follow the puck. Lets talk.

SportsBuddaye 12 years, 9 months ago

Both! High flying video tricks could work better at home, and the HD flip could rock the bar silly! I'll see if I can watch a couple games here and there. Twitter rules. We'll talk soon. Rock Chalk!

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