Sports Buddaye 75: "MLB Draft Special"

The MLB Draft is here, and we examine who the Kansas City Royals will select at pick No. 5. The Royals have a desperate need for starting pitching. Scooter Jones tells us which college pitchers will be available, and we also take a look at a couple of position players that garner consideration with the fifth overall pick. For further episodes of "Sports Buddaye" stay tuned to this blog or visit our YouTube channel.


Steve Jacob 6 years ago

Kyle Zimmer was a fine pick, but I don't know why they say him only pitching two years is such a big positive. Projecting injuries to minor league pitchers is impossible. The Royals passing Mark Appel might be a big mistake.

SportsBuddaye 6 years ago

At hindsight, six other teams passed on him too. I was confused at first, but what an advantage to sign a kid right out of the blocks instead of delaying and hindering his potential development like last year with Bubba. I don't know how all the new cap rules work, but Boras is a douche, that much is certain.

Shelby 6 years ago

Can't beLEEEEEVE they passed on Mark Appel.

SportsBuddaye 6 years ago

That's what I thought at first too, but Zimmer is gonna be great, and new collective bargaining agreement is confusing. I think it's hilarious Appel went to the Pirates. you know that's the last place he wanted to go, which is perfect.

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